As The World Turns Update Thursday 8/16/01



As the World Turns Update Thursday 8/16/01

By Glynis

Carly is in jail and Jack and Craig are there. Cass comes and provides papers to get Carly out of jail. He walks away. Craig is glad to have her out. Cass apologizes for not being able to get her out sooner. He hopes that the judge with set a reasonable bail. She hates that Craig is helping her out. He has thought of everything, but still Jack thinks that she is having an affair with Carly.

Hal is trying to find out more about the name that he has come up with. They are at the mental hospital looking for the person that tried to kill Barbara. The doctor that runs the hospital is not cooperating with them. Emily is getting really antsy with her. She will not give any information regarding the patient that they are asking about. The doctor leaves and talks to the Julia. Julia is acting very strange today and the doctor instructs a nurse to watch Julia and make sure that she does nothing else really strange that day. The nurse is a woman that is in cahoots with Julia and once the doctor leaves, Julia instructs her to go into another room with her because they have some things to discuss.

Craig takes Carly home and she is feeling really sorry for herself. Craig knows what he has done to her. He knows that she is hurting but the smartest thing for her to do is to walk into the courtroom with her head held high. Carly doesn’t think that the truth is going to be enough to keep her from getting convicted. Craig takes the stand that day and he is going to deny the allegations of the pictures. He will make everything right for her. He will make sure the jury knows that they were never an item. He wants her to come with him. She wants nothing more from him. She is in enough trouble as it is. She opens the door for him and he walks out. She will not change her mind and go with him. He thinks that this might be it for the both of them.

Sierra takes the stand in Craig’s trial. She tells the court that she was the one that supported the family. When they separated, he took nothing. He never took her money when they were married. He is a very proud man. Craig was the trustee for Bryant’s trust fund and he borrowed 7 million dollars from his son’s trust fund. Maybe that was why he didn’t need Sierra’s money. He had already taken large sums of money from the trust fund because he needed the money for a business venture. He paid the money back on time. It was July 11th of 2001. Craig takes the stand next. HE tells how Barbara was angry for him using money without her permission. Craig made her money and yet he wasn’t allowed to touch it. Barbara threatened to turn him into the police unless Craig paid the money back to the company. Craig left town because she wanted to end the marriage and it was over. Craig says the pictures of him kissing Carly were not as scandalous as everyone thinks. The pictures don’t show how Carly pushed him away from her and stepped on his foot. She told him repeatedly that she was in love with Jack Snyder. Craig has been faithful to Barbara the whole time that they were married. Next, Jessica approaches Craig on the stand.

Molly is looking for Carly at the station and she finds Jack. She tries to explain to Jack Carly’s point of view. She explains about the insurance for the horse and how Craig had a claim on the money as well. Carly didn’t tell him because she didn’t want to flaunt it. HE can’t believe that Carly gave 1 million dollars to Craig because he needed it. He is having a hard time dealing with this thing… Hal and Emily are there asking for Margo, but she is not there. Jack is angry that they are still trying to free Craig. Jack will not cooperate. He walks away. Hal and Emily have an address for the person that they feel is the real criminal and they want the police to check it out, but they can’t get anyone to help them with their cause. Hal and Emily go over to the address to check it out and they end up getting chased out of there by some old woman who doesn’t want to help them out. Emily and Hal come back later when no one is around and they break into the apartment. They look around and find a whole wall covered with pictures of Julia. It is like a shrine. They know that they have busted the bomber. Jack was the real target. This guy was trying to get with Julia. He doesn’t care about Barbara. They turn to leave the room and Owen returns with groceries and wearing headphones. Hal addresses him, "Owen…We finally meet." Owen is so shocked that he drops his groceries on the ground.

Carly is relaxing at home when there is a knock at the door. She opens it to find Julia standing there before her. Julia steps into the house and she smiles, slowly. Then she quietly says, "I’m back…" Carly is too dumbfounded to speak.


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