As The World Turns Update Wednesday 8/15/01



As The World Turns Update Wednesday 8/15/01

Cass tells Craig that he lied to him about the kiss. He says that he cannot lie anymore. He has lied too many times to him. Cass says that he can't keep being blind-sided by Craig. Cass doesn't want to look bad. Craig says that he will tell him the whole truth. Craig says that he will go up on the stand to testify on his own behalf. Cass agrees.

Carly is at the jail. Jack wants to know why she is being arrested. Jack says that he won't help her out of it. She asks for help and he says he can't. She is being arrested for accessory to attempted murder. He doesn't know if he can believe her.

Emily and Hal go over who the real attacker is. Hal says that they need to keep it between them only. The phone rings. It's the station to tell him to pick up Parker because Carly was arrested for accessory. Emily is mad and says that Carly did not try to kill her, it was someone else and they need to find out. Hal leaves and Emily is alone. There is a man outside and he is looking in at Emily. She doesn't see him and he leaves when he hears someone come up. It's Margo. She is looking for Hal. Emily says that he is not home. Margo is surprised that Emily is still staying there. Margo tells Emily that she better not hurt Hal.

Lucinda and Sierra clearly disagree that Craig is guilty. Lucinda says that Craig tried to kill her to gain her company. Sierra says that he didn't. Lucinda reminds her that she gave Craig money and hid him once in Montega. Sierra says that she gave Craig an alibi. She thinks he is innocent. They continue to argue over Craig. Lucinda tells Sierra that she is spoiled and only thinks of herself. Lucinda says that she is fooling her kids and should tell them the truth about what he is all about.

Cass goes over Craig testimony to make him look innocent about the kiss. He needs to say that it was a mistake and that he never tried to do it again. Cass says that now they need a witness who can tell the jury that he is a kind man. Cass suggests Sierra. Craig says no. Craig then says not to pressure into it. She may not want to now. He gets a call, it's the press. He says that he doesn't want to hear anything. The man tells him that Carly was arrested. Craig hangs up and leaves.

Carly tries to tell Jack that she didn't help Craig attempt to murder Barbara. Carly asks for help. Jack explains the charges to her and she swears that she has nothing to do with it. Jack suggests she get a lawyer. She says she doesn't need one and is talking to him. Carly wonders if he believes the charges. He says that all the secrets she kept from him, he can't help her.

Bryant comes to visit Lucinda. He asks her what is wrong. She says that his Mom and she had an argument. He guesses it is about the trial. She says yes. She says that even with the new evidence, Sierra still believes him. She tells him about the pictures of the kiss. Bryant can't believe that Craig cheated on his own wedding day. Lucinda says that Sierra believes that someone else attacked Barbara. Bryant doesn't understand why Sierra believes in Craig so much. Bryant says that Sierra always made excuses for Craig all his life. Lucinda feels for him and hugs him.

Cass goes to talk to Sierra. Cass tells her that she can testify on Craig's behalf.

Hal comes in and Margo says that she needs to talk to Hal alone. Hal says that Emily has been on it all along and Emily won't go to the newspaper. Margo says that she has a list of people who were on the same psychotic drug as the man who attacked Emily. She hands him the list.

Jack says that he can't believe Carly because she never told him about the kiss before. Jack says that if she is put in jail, it makes a good case against Craig. He has to fingerprint her and book her. Craig walks in. Jack looks at Carly. Craig says that Carly didn't do anything. Jack says that Carly perjured herself to protect him. Jack thinks that he is only wanted to get back at Carly for kissing him. Carly says that she wants him to leave. Jack says that he needs to go. Craig says that he will get Cass to bail her out in the morning and he leaves.

Cass tells Sierra that she can convince the jury that he is a loving man and is a great father. She says that he is a great father and he has never put her in harm. Cass wants to know why she came all this way to go to Craig's court case. She says because she knows Craig is not a killer and she knows that he could never do anything to hurt anyone. She agrees to go to court in the morning. He thanks her. he says that Craig may have a chance.

Emily says that they can cross two guys off the list because they were not in town. Hal says that three others have been on Thorozine for a long time and wouldn't be in their system. Emily says that it leaves Owen. They don't think that Owen could get in and out of the psych ward. They found out that Owen was released before Barbara's attack.

Jack gets off the phone and Carly wonders if it was the DA. he says no. It had nothing to do with Craig's case. She says it is not Craig's case anymore. It is Craig and Carly's case now. She can't believe how bad her day is. She won't let him fingerprint her. She says that he has to get someone else. He says there is no one else.

Lucinda wonders why Sierra doesn't see Craig for who he is. They think that she is just very loyal. Sierra comes in and says that she is taking the stand as a character witness and she doesn't want to hear anything about it.

Margo says that Owen has been turned down by every federal place for a job. He was turned down by the CIA earlier this year and he had a breakdown and put into Memorial. He checked out books how to make bombs. They want to know why he wanted to go after Barbara. Emily wants him behind bars before he goes after her again.

Lucinda wants to know why Sierra is going to take the stand. She says that Craig needs the help and she doesn't want to hear anything about it. No public arguments. Lucinda says OK but she disagrees with her, but she loves her.

Craig calls Cass and tells him that he needs to meet him at the jail and they need to bail Carly out.

Carly is booked and put in a cell. Jack says that dinner will be served soon. Carly says she is scared. She asks Jack if he believes her that her and Craig never had an affair. He says that he can't talk to her now. She calls out for him, but he walks away. She is alone in the cell.

Margo says to Emily not to tell her how to do her job. Emily says that she needs to do something. Margo says she will get an arrest order. Emily says that Owen was released in June and Julia was still there. Hal says that Julia is still there and maybe she has an idea what is going on.

~The End




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