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As The World Turns Update Tuesday 8/7/01

By  Glynis

Carly is still on the stand and she is having a hard time on the stand. The kiss is revealed and Carly could just die… Craig whispers over to Cass that he wants everyone to know that he was the one that kissed Carly and not the other way around. Cass is asked if he would like to address the court and he says that he would not like to do that. Craig is stunned at Cass’ disobedience.

Emily is telling Hal that he needs to make the DA understand that the killer is still out there and that her life as well as Barbara’s is in danger. Hal can’t do that. Emily is upset with him for saying that. She really believed in him, but she feels now that she was wrong.

The proceedings are over for the day and Lucinda, Rose and Paul are really digging into Craig for his ‘crimes’. Lucinda invites Paul and Rose over to her house for drinks and they all gladly go out together. Craig is feeling down. he can understand them wanting to see him fail, he knows that they are happy knowing that soon he is going to jail for a long time. Sierra is the next to talk to Craig. Hal told Craig that he thinks that someone else is responsible for the accident. Sierra hates all the things that he has done. Craig is happy for her support. She walks quickly away and outside the courtroom she sees Hal and tells him that Craig needs him and this may be his last chance.

Carly gets home in time to find Jack leaving with his bags packed. She tells him that she wasn’t kissing Craig like he thinks. Jack is ready for her story and he puts down his bags to hear it. She tells him that he stomped on Craig’s foot and pushed him away. She still let Craig put his arm around her and he can’t understand that. It was a weird night. He was still with Julia and she was a wreck. She was wondering what Julia’s next move was going to be and she had a moment of panic. She was crying and scared and mad and Craig was there to help her out. Finally, she got her bearings and pushed him away. Jack still doesn’t’ believe her. The point is that what hurts is that she didn’t come and tell him what happened with Craig. She was shocked and horrified but she couldn’t mention it to him. She was afraid to tell him the truth. He is upset and he has a right to be upset. The worst part of being in court was knowing what the DA was doing to Jack. He has been humiliated before by her. He has been taunted by Craig every time that he told Craig that she was going to be with him. Jack has to wonder if she slept with him too. She can’t believe that he is saying that. She looked him in the eyes and said that she told him everything. She thinks that she lied for him. This is like every other time that she never told the truth. Now, he has stopped trusting her. This leaves them nowhere. What she did was stupid but she wasn’t trying to do anything to outsmart him. She wants to work this out. She doesn’t want Craig to win. Jack knows that Craig has already won. He was sharing secrets with Carly for a long time. He never cheated on her or kept anything away from her. She begs him not to leave her. Craig walks out while she is begging and he slams the door. She watches him from the window.

Paul and Rose are over at Lucinda’s having drinks and Rose is really making a pig of herself. Lucinda tells Paul that next week is Rose’s birthday. Rose doesn’t hear, but thinks that they are up to something. Paul has to leave and the ladies are disappointed. At least he will have good news for his mother. After he leaves, Rose tries to find out what Lucinda was talking about to Paul. She says that she was only telling Paul what a good girl she is. Rose has to leave and goes running out. Lucinda finds Paul to be a nice and useful boy.

Carly gets a visit from Margo who wants her to go down to the police station to have a little talk. Carly doesn’t want to go. Margo takes out her cuffs and places Carly under arrest for her part in the attempted murder of Barbara. Carly is stunned and can only see the picture of her son before her as she hears the rights being read to her.





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