As The World Turns Update Monday 8/13/01



As The World Turns Update Monday 8/13/01

By Glynis

Bryant is preparing the house for Jennifer and he blindfolds her to put on the final touches. He removes the blindfold and she loves what she sees. She feels like she is a million miles away. He was right about this place. She feels the magic already.

Jack is waiting for Carly and she is finally ready to go to court. He puts a necklace on her. Carly is scared because when she is asked questions by authority figures, it makes her nervous. He tells her that all she has to do is be honest. She is sure that she can do it. She will just go in and say that Craig can’t possibly be the one that tried to kill Barbara. Jack shouts at her that she absolutely can’t say that.

Hal comes to see Barbara and he offers her something to eat, but she wants nothing. She wants to rest, but Hal has to talk to her. He tells her that Craig is going to be facing a prison term that day, but Carly is going to be a surprise witness and spoil the whole thing. Barbara tells him that the DA has evidence that will refute Carly’s testimony. Hal hates Craig and would like to see him rot in hell, but honestly, he tells her that he doesn’t think that Craig was the one that tried to kill her. She turns to him unbelieving. She keeps seeing herself going into that boathouse and it was dark and quiet, then there was that flash of light. Then there was nothing. Hal asks what she remembers first. She remembers the light… Or maybe it was the noise. Then she saw Craig. Hal feels that it is natural that she feels that it is Craig. He is trying to help her. She doesn’t want his help. She wants to be left alone. She wants to save her energy for her health. She doesn’t want him hounding her. Hal tells her that she is still in danger. This guy is psychotic and smart and roaming free and he is going to return for her. He is not the only one that believes this. Margo buys the story too. Hal knows that he is starting to convince Barbara of the same thing. She tries to deny that. He is sorry for everything that has happened. She is crying now. She begs him to leave her there. She doesn’t want to talk anymore. Hal has all the information now and all she needs to do is get better. He promises not to let anyone hurt her again. She hopes that Craig and Carly rot in hell.

Margo and Tom arrive at the courtroom and Craig goes to see his sister who hugs and kisses him… Margo goes to Jessica and thinks that she has another incident that relates to the case that they are in court for now. Margo is sure that Craig is not a killer. The DA laughs at that. Bad girls don’t make good alibis.

Molly is covering the trial and she stops Sierra to talk. Sierra believes in Craig’s innocence. Her children couldn’t be there that day because they are busy. Kim is watching Molly and liking what she sees. Nick is talking with Kim at the time of the broadcast and she wants to know why Nick didn’t reveal that he had a friendship with Molly. Kim is concerned for Molly’s privacy. Someone put her mugshot on the Internet and sent her some crap in the mail. Nick promotes that he wouldn’t do anything like that to her. He made some mistakes in the past and has been to jail and he has paid for his mistakes. Kim tells him that if Nick does anything to get Molly in any trouble, he will be fired. Nick tells her that he is not going to do anything to ruin his job opportunity.

Court is starting and Carly is on the stand answering questions. Carly is having trouble keeping her eyes on the DA. Carly starts answering questions about meeting Craig in Hong Kong. She hasn’t been employed for a while but lived it seems in a glorious penthouse apartment with a place that Craig paid for. In Hong Kong, her husband supported her there. she got to the states because of Craig’s help. She didn’t look for work when she got to town and she had no money. That was when she moved into a room with Craig. It was a business arrangement and it lasted 6 months. She explains the arrangement that she had with Craig. She supported herself due to Craig paying her bills. Her son was hurt and no one would speak to her. The nature of her relationship with Craig was just a friendship. Craig required her to be his dinner companion for payment for staying with him. She didn’t cook the dinners, she just ate them. That sure must have been a dream job. She was helping Craig out because he was trying to help her and save the company at the same time. Craig did come and see her after she moved out. She wasn’t a friend with Barbara but that didn’t stop Carly from seeing Craig after that. She met with Craig once in his car and they were parked in the hospital parking lot where Barbara is staying. They were talking in the car and she was telling Craig that she wasn’t going to be seeing him anymore because she wanted to be with her boyfriend. The DA is able to twist everything because of the way that things happened with Craig and Carly. Carly denies that she was in an affair with Craig. She is asked point blank if she had a sexual or romantic relationship and Carly says no. Jessica enters photos into evidence and Cass and Craig are not privy to these photos. The evidence is new and it proves that Carly has perjured herself. The judge wants to see the information. Carly looks at Molly and knows ahead of time what it is.


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