As The World Turns Update Friday 8/10/01



As The World Turns Update Friday 8/10/01

Paul comes to be with his mother. He tells her that she shouldn’t be avoiding Jennifer. She doesn’t want to discuss this with her son. She has enough to deal with. Paul knew that this would be difficult for her. She is sure that her scars will rid the world of Craig and Carly who will be taking the stand the following day. Craig’s motive will be clear soon and he will go to jail. Barbara wants to be there. she wants to see Carly under fire. Barbara wouldn’t miss that for the world. Paul tells her that there is a photograph of Craig and Carly together. He tells her so that she won’t be hearing the news for the first time the next day. Barbara wants to see the photograph that night.

Lily comes to the church where her son and husband are and she knows that her family is there. She talks out loud as Holden and Luke are restrained and hidden. Lily feels that she is not alone. She calls out, "Hello! Is somebody here?" She knows that they were there. There is evidence of that in the room. She is crying out loud for them. "Luke! Holden!" Holden and Luke are still being held and soon they are ushered out of their hiding places. Luke bites his assailant and he shouts for his mother. She hears him calling to his mother, "Mommy, I’m here." Lily hears his little voice and shouts out that she is there and that she will come and get him. He is not to worry. She goes to the trap door and tries to pull it open to get down the hole to her son. Danté gets to her and gives her another warning about her son. Lily realizes that Danté has her in a corner and she will have to do anything he tells her before she can see her son and husband again. He leaves her in the church and Lily kneels before the altar and prays for forgiveness for what she is going to do.

Molly talks with Jake telling him that she thinks that Nick is in their midst.

Adam is with Abigail and he thinks that she is very experienced. To her, he must seem backward. She finds him sweet, open and honest and when she calls him, he just comes to her. He thanks her for the compliment and kisses her hand.

Carly is speaking with Jack and she is worried about testifying the next day. She wants to know if there is a chance that she could be made to do some jail time. He tries to make her feel better and show her that there is nothing to be worried about. She is worried about her son and getting caught up in this whole thing. Jack can’t understand her anxiety. She wants him to promise that nothing is going to go wrong. She knows that they are going to twist her words. To Jack this is no problem. He hugs her. She thinks that he shouldn’t go to see her testify at all. It would be easier for him. Jack tells her to tell him whatever it is that she is trying to hide from him. She admits that there is something that she would like to say with him. She confesses that she is horribly in love with him. That reassures him and he tells her she has nothing to worry about then.

Cass is talking with Craig and he knows that Craig is holding something back from him. The DA obviously has something on Craig and Cass wants to know what it is.

The DA comes to see Barbara and Paul and she does have the evidence about Carly and Craig. The DA shows her the folder with the photograph in it. Paul takes the folder. Barbara has been ready for this for a long time. She looks at the photograph and she wishes that they could be sealed in a tomb. Paul wants to go to court in her place. The DA agrees with Paul that she shouldn’t be going there. The DA has to go and tells Paul that she will see him the following day. Barbara knows that the next day, Craig and Carly are going to get what is coming to them. She grabs the picture and crumples it up into a ball in her hands.

The sitter is with Jake when he finds the T-shirt with Molly’s face on it. The sitter found the T-shirt and thought that it was a joke of some kind. Jake wants her to keep quiet about the T-shirt and the sitter agrees to his wishes.



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