As The World Turns Update Thursday 8/9/01



As the World Turns Update Thursday 8/9/01

By Lisa


At the Java Underground, Lien tells Isaac that she called off the wedding and is going to move to D. C.  Curtis overhears them, and she ends up telling him as well.  He is taken aback by the news, and doesn’t quite understand why Ben and Lien can’t even be friends anymore.  Angry at what he has learned, Curtis gets up to leave, but Ben stops him.  Ben tries to explain why Lien is leaving.  Curtis and Isaac talk him into stopping Lien before she leaves.  He and Lien sit down, and begin to talk about what went wrong with them as a couple.  Lien asks if they can still be friends, after all that they’ve been through.  Ben agrees to that, and tells her to call him once she gets to D. C.  Lisa comes up to Lien later on, and tells her of a “tradition” that the last dance must be done before you go away.  She has Ben right behind her, so Lien caves in and she and Ben begin to dance together.

Molly is at the news station, and has several flashbacks of the time she was, unbeknownst to her, involved in a store robbery with her ex-boyfriend, Nick.  She thinks that she sees him in another room, through a window, but tells herself that she’s seeing things.  Once the news is done, Molly goes into a break room where she runs into the very Nick she was thinking about.  He tells her that he’s the new editor at the station, and he thought that she knew.  Molly is stunned at what she’s hearing.  Nick tries to explain how everything happened, and how it’s “no big deal.”  She starts to rant to him about all he’s done to her; that he hung her out to dry for the robbery that she was convicted of.  Nick tries to stop her to explain, but she continues on.  Finally telling him that he had the nerve to put her mug shot on the Internet, and sell t-shirts with her mug shot on them.

Abigail goes up to Jake’s apartment and sees the t-shirt with Molly’s mug shot on it.  She asks him why Molly has it, and Jake tells her that it’s Molly’s way of dealing with things.  He then tries to explain that to her, and Abigail ends up telling him that she’s so glad that Molly’s marrying him.  Jake says that he is, too.  Abigail then leaves.

In Malta, in the hotel room, Lily is relieved to see Katie and Simon return alive.  They notice one of Dante’s men guarding a room, and realize that Luke and Holden are probably down there.  Simon makes Lily promise that she won’t go in there alone; she does.  Simon and Katie are dead tired, so they go to sleep on the bed.  Lily breaks her promise and goes down to search for Luke and Holden anyway, without any help.  Once Katie wakes up, she hears Simon say “love” in his sleep.  She thinks that he’s dreaming of Lily, and obviously dislikes the idea of that.  But the next thing out of his mouth is “Katie.”  Katie smiles, and lies down next to him.

In Malta, Holden dresses as a friar and gets Dante so that he holds a broken bottle to his neck.  Holden says that he’ll let Dante live if he brings both himself and Luke back home, safely.  But just as Dante is about to agree, Luke comes down into the room and Dante’s men go to grab him.  Holden is forced to let Dante go free.  Just then, a guard warns Dante that Lily is coming there to search for Luke and Holden.  Dante forces them to hide in a corner, just as Lily rushes in frantically calling out to both her son and husband.

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