As The World Turns Update Wednesday 8/8/01



As The World Turns Update Wednesday 8/8/01

By Glynis

Bryant welcomes Jennifer to his place. They have made a decision and want to be together. She is a little scared. Everything is going to be different now. She wants to get a job, but he tells her that she should only relax for a couple of weeks. He is going to take care of everything else. She has to tell her father and she wants to do that on her own. He will pick her up later so that they can start their new life.

Lily talks with Danté and she tells him that she wants him to stop playing games with her family. She wants her son and husband. She might be mistaken, maybe he doesn’t know where they are. Danté tells her that when Luke and Holden die, it will be fast and quick. He can’t let Luke grow up and get curious about the Grimaldi Empire. Danté wants the right to his own family’s name. He says that he is trying to find Luke but Lily will not let him find Luke first. He reminds her that she is in Malta now and he can do more damage than she can. She knows that there must be something that she can give him to make him leave her son alone. He finds her very brave. She is only a woman that loves her son. Danté must have had a mother and felt for her. He thinks that his mother was a whore. She knows nothing of his life. Her life will be worth nothing if he kills her son. Danté’s own mother fed him bread and water so he never experienced the love that she talks about. He was denied his right to life

Simon and Katie are still being held captive and Simon is trying to figure out a way out of there. He might have to leave her and she wants him to feel guilty about that. She can’t believe that they are risking their lives for his ex-girlfriend instead of being alone together. He grabs her face and kisses her madly. She loves it and kisses him back. Simon hears screaming and knows that he has just heard Lily’s voice. He makes a special effort to get out of the prison that they are in and he makes it. He tells Katie to stay close to him as they run out and she agrees to do as she is told. He has a gun and that is the safest place for her to be. Simon kicks the door open and they both run out of the prison together. Gunshots are heard and then nothing.

Lily offers her life to him for Luke’s. Danté wants nothing from her. She promises him that Luke will sign over the Grimaldi fortune to him if he wants it. Danté grabs her and puts a knife to her throat thinking that instead, he should make an example of her. She screams…She talks her way out of being killed and Danté decides to give her a week to help him get what he wants. She will either give up Luke’s life, or Damien’s. The decision is up to her. She smoothes out the details. She is to bring Damien to a café in one week and then her family will be saved. He walks away from her.

Jennifer gets home and finds her father moping the floor. He is worried about her state of mind. He tells her that her mother is a proud woman and didn’t want her daughter to see her face. She needs time to heal and one day she will be the mother that Jennifer used to know. Jennifer is sure that she is okay. Hal thinks that she was right before, she should be tired for being the grownup. Jennifer thinks that maybe the changes are good. Emily living there for instance is good Jennifer thinks all she knows is that she has been fighting everything and actually change is everything and should be looked at as an opportunity. She wants to strike out on her own. Hal guesses that she wants to move out. Hal tells her that this is really big. She tells him that she is not moving by herself. She will be moving in with Bryant. She said yes. He wants her to wait, but she tells him that she has been waiting. She has been Barbara’s substitute and now she needs more. She needs to be loved. He tells her that she is loved, but she needs to be loved as a woman. She is not going to throw away the most important thing that she has. Bryant loves her. Hal tells her that being on her own is more than she thinks. She is willing to learn with Bryant. He was right about something. Her life has been so dark, but moving in with Bryant is like someone opening the shades and she deserves a little light in her life. Hal can’t stop her from leaving.



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