As The World Turns Update Tuesday 8/7/01



As The World Turns Update Tuesday 8/7/01

By  Glynis

Lien gets a visit from Ben and he has a picnic basket with him. He tells her that they are going to a spot where she might want to go swimming. Later on they will plan the wedding. She tells him that she canít go with him. Earlier he asked her if she wanted to reconsider the marriage. She said that she didnít want to change anything then. He wants her to trust him. He adopted Curtis because life is about family and being together. She agrees with him, but she has to be honest with him. She almost died and she doesnít know how others would deal with a thing like that, but she canít ignore what she is feeling anymore. This isnít right for her. She canít marry him. Ben is a wonderful man and she enjoys spending time with him. She canít marry him because she should or he wants her to because that wonít work. Ben is not buying what she is saying. Everything happened so fast for her. He doesnít want her to explain anything. No one put a gun to her head, he father talked to her that is all. She tells him that she only feels friendship for him and that is not enough for her. He ambushed her at the party and asked her to marry him in front of everyone. He feels that this is not his fault. She would still like to be friends with Curtis and Ben tells her that he will talk to him for her. Tom comes downstairs just as Ben is gone and Lien tells him that it is over now. She is crying and her father holds her as she cries.

Barbara is on the stand testifying about her murder attempt. Craig and Barbara agreed that one not be able to touch the money of the other in the event of them ending their marriage. She was worried that her family would be unhappy if she didnít get a prenuptial agreement. She didnít think that she had a happy marriage. Everyone was right. She gave him money and a checking account but that wasnít enough for him. He bilked her company and her son called to warn her that they were running low on funds. Craig was proud that he had stolen her money to buy stock. When she realized that everyoneís fears were justified she told him that he would have to get the money back and then the marriage was over. Craig knew that the divorce was going to end everything because of the prenuptial that he signed. She was very upset and confused and she knew that she wanted to do the right thing so she called Jack Snyder who testified earlier. She wanted to see him and he told her that she should meet him at the boathouse. She was embarrassed and wanted privacy. After her confrontation with Craig, she wondered to herself, "What kind of person takes everything and shows no remorse?" She knew that he would do everything to escape being brought to justice. She was scared. When she went to meet Jack at the boathouse, she was early and Jack had not arrived yet, so she stood outside and thought about the mess that she had made of her life. She went into the boathouse and Craig was there waiting for her.

Emily and Hal are outside the courtroom trying to convince Margo that Craig is innocent of all charges. Margo canít believe her ears. Hal has overstepped the lines. He shouldnít have been working on the case while he is suspended from his job. Margo walks off and Hal is happy because that means that Margo is going to think about what they have told her. They follow Margo into the courtroom. Barbara is still on the stand and she describes the sound of the explosion and the roof caving in. She felt the glass and she was in flames. She couldnít get out and she thought that she was going to die there. It was dark then forever. She heard a voice, it was her sonís voice. She knew that he was there and she couldnít speak but she heard him there. She heard Jenniferís voice and Halís and she woke up finally. The prosecutor thanks her and offers Barbara a break, but Barbara wants to finish this. Since she has recovered and has been in a coma, Craig took over her company. He even gave his whore a job. She found out that Carly was going to be a big part of his company and he even seemed to have some feelings for CarlyÖ Cass tells Craig that he has to go after Barbara now because she has done a lot of damage. Craig is more concerned that Barbara is telling upset and has been through enough. Cass approaches Barbara and reminds her that Craig tripled her money, but she says that she didnít give him permission to do that. Cass hints that she may have had some psychological problems. She denies that. He asks her what she was wearing the night of the accident. She canít seem to remember. Cass asks her how she got to the boathouse that night. She is forced to answer the question and she answers that she took the highway. She has been through a terrible trauma and it is understandable that she canít remember some things. Barbara stands up and shouts out, "He was there. It doesnít matter what route I took all that matters is what he did to me!" She is standing in her chair now and the judge tries to get her to sit down. She refuses. While standing, thunder lights up the windows of the room and she turns to the crowd and removes her hat and veil to reveal the hideous scars that she believes Craig left her with. Jennifer shouts at her to stop and she runs to her mother. Barbara shouts for her daughter to be removed from the courtroom so that she canít see her scars. Hal rushes to the front and takes his daughter from the room. Bryant is with her and offers to take her to his house. Hal will see them laterÖ Carly comes out of the courtroom with Jack and she is worried that Jack will not believe that she didnít have anything private to do with Craig. Jack assures her that he believes everything that she says. Jack leaves and Molly comes up telling Carly that she is worried about the kiss that Carly shared with Craig. It may come out.

Bryant gets Jennifer to his place and again asks her to move in with him. He really wants to take care of her.

Court is now in session again and Barbara is back with her veil and hat. Craig is unhappy with the way that Cass had to handle things. Craig asks Cass to please let her go. Cass rises and tells the crowd that they have no other questions at this time due to the stress of the witness. Barbara is excused from the stand. The judge wants the remarks of the witness earlier to be stricken from the record. Barbara is placed in her wheelchair and pushed down the aisle. Craig leans over to tell her that he is sorry that she had to go through that painful questioning earlier. Without turning her head, she tells him to go to hell. She is brought back to the hospital and she is with her son Paul. He tells her that she doesnít have to see anyone that she doesnít want to see anymore.



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