As The World Turns Update Monday 8/6/01



As The World Turns Update Monday 8/6/01

By Glynis

Tom hears Lien on the phone and she is breaking a date on the phone. Her father is listening and Margo follows him down the stairs after Lien goes into the other room. She can tell that he was staring off into space. He admits that he was eavesdropping. He knows that he has to talk to Lien about her future now that she has one. Later when Tom is alone, Lien tells her father that she has been asked by her law firm to do some work that is very honorable, but she refused the job. She has other reasons for staying in town now. She is not going to tell Ben about the offer and Tom finds that strange. Tom doesn’t believe that she is putting the brakes on her career at this stage.

Molly is on television and she is reporting that this is the day of Craig’s trial. They are waiting for Craig to arrive so that they can continue the broadcasting. After her little stint, Jake arrives and greets her. Craig and his lawyer walk in and Craig tells the media that he is innocent of all charges. Craig and Cass go to a corner and Cass tells him that he is to lose the cocky attitude from now on. He is to act very seriously when he is in the courtroom. Carly enters the courthouse and she is wearing red nonetheless. The cameramen run to her to take her picture.

Ben visits with Barbara and she is ready to go to court. Ben wants to give her something for the pain, but she refuses to take it. She wants to be clearheaded when she goes to court. The guard moves to push her out of the room, but Barbara shouts, "No… only Paul stands behind me." She tells Paul that she wants to stop and see Julia before they go to court. She wants Julia to know what she is planning to do. She gets to Julia’s hospital and they start talking. Julia talks about how it might have been if she wasn’t in the hospital. Barbara tells her that Craig’s trial is that day. She has to testify, she has to do that for the both of them. Julia doesn’t get it. Barbara tells her that they both know who is really responsible. Carly is responsible. Craig is on trial, but Barbara is going to expose Carly as the slut that she really is. Julia is starting to understand. Barbara is sure that they are going to get their revenge that day.

Jennifer is thinking of the court proceedings later that day… Bryant has gotten a note from his father asking him to come to court for him… Margo kisses Tom and leaves for court… Hal reads the paper thinking of the proceedings. At that moment, the prosecutor continues her introductory speech to the jury. She shows a picture of Barbara before her accident and then introduces Barbara now. Slowly the door of the courtroom is opened and Barbara is slowly wheeled in dressed in black and covered from head to foot. She is wearing a black veil and when she gets up near Craig at the front of the courtroom, she seems struck with fear.

Ben has come to see Lien and he is not having second thoughts, but he knows that she is having second thoughts and wants to leave the door open for her to back out of marrying him.

Cass stands and questions Jack. It is clear that Jack doesn’t like Craig. Cass asks about his fiancée. Jack points Carly out. Cass asks Jack if he is going to marry Carly after he divorces his present wife. The prosecutor is on that question like a flash. Jack denies that anything is going on with his fiancée and Craig. Jack tells everyone that Craig offered his fiancée a job. There was an incident when Jack rushed off to help Barbara because he thought that he would get a chance to nail Craig. Jack tries to deny these charges. He was only doing his job. Jack steps down from the stand and goes to sit with Carly. Barbara watches in fear as everything goes down.



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