As The World Turns Update Wednesday 08/01/01



As The World Turns Update Wednesday 8/1/01

By Laurie

Ben asks Lien to marry him. Everyone waits for an answer. Lien says she doesn't know what to say and sits down. He tells her that it is right. She says she is shocked. Lisa encourages her for an answer.

Cass meet with Craig. Cass says that Craig didn't attack Barbara in the hospital, but the prosecution may says that Craig and Carly hired someone. Cass tells Craig that Barbara is taking the stand. He says that Craig should accept a plea bargain.

Jen wants to know how Bryant can join a country club. He says that Lucinda gave him a bonus. She accepts the answer and agrees to go only after she visits her mother.

Carly goes to visit Barbara. She tells the guard not to go far. She is half the reason why Barbara is there in the first place. Carly comes in and Barbara has her back turned to her. Barbara wants to know why she is there. Carly says that she wants to tell her the truth about everything. Barbara says that she doesn't know the truth. She tells Carly that she was trying to take over her company and Carly says that she only did a few sketches. Barbara doesn't believe her. Carly pleads with her and tells her that she is wrong. She says she doesn't want her job or her husband. Jack is the only man for her. Carly asks Barbara to take her off the witness list. Barbara says that she won't do it and she wants everyone including Jack to know what kind of woman she really is. Carly says that she didn't have anything to do with the explosion, but Barbara says that she will drag her name in the mud if she can't send her to jail.

Lien says that a proposal was the last thing she expected. Lisa wants an answer. Ben gets back on this knee with the ring. He tells her he loves her and asks her to be his wife. Lien says yes. Tom and Isaac are not too thrilled.

Craig says that the plea bargain for 5 years in prison is not fair. He says that he is innocent. Cass says that he can try to discredit Barbara on the witness stand.

Carly wants to know why she wants to drag her name down. Barbara says that once Jack hears about what Carly did, he won't want her anymore. Carly says she didn't do anything wrong. Barbara says that Carly has been trying to take Craig from her from day one. Barbara says that it will be her mission to make sure that she never will get her hands on Jack again. She turns to face Carly, and Carly sees her disfigured face. Carly is shocked by what she sees. Carly says again that she is sorry what happened to her, but she didn't do it. Barbara asks her if she lost everything. If she lost Jack. Carly says that it won't happen, because they love each other. She says she will die before she lets that happen. Barbara says she will see what happens when she gets on the witness stand. Barbara starts to breath funny. Carly leans over to see if she was OK, Barbara grabs her by the neck and then Paul comes in and tells Carly to leave his mother alone. He calls the guard to take Carly away. Paul asks Barbara if she is OK. Barbara says that she has plans for Carly.

Lien says she is surprised. Tom ask Lien what she is doing. A little while ago, she says that she couldn't define her relationship with Ben. She says that she has changed her mind. Lien says that it is her decision and her life. She says that she will love him and she can.

Paul tells Barbara that Jen is there. Barbara says that she doesn't want to see her. Paul says that Jen wants to see her. Barbara says to tell her that she is asleep. Paul goes out and tells Jen that their Mom is sleeping. Jen says that she will sit by her bed until she wakes up. Paul convinces her that she needs to leave Barbara alone and to come back later. Jen is not happy about it, but agrees. She and Bryant leave.

Cass says that he will have to convince the jury that Barbara is lying. He will say that she over heard things about Carly and Craig from Paul. He says it can get ugly. Craig says to do what he has to do.

Carly goes to visit Molly for lunch. Carly tells Molly that she has to testify. She says that she wishes she never met Barbara or Craig. Molly just sits there and looks over Carly's shoulder. Craig is sitting behind her. Craig looks at her and Cass tells him that if he continues to look at Carly that way, he will definitely go to jail. Carly tries to ignore Craig. She tells Molly about her visit with Barbara. Carly says that if she has to testify, then it will make her look bad. Especially if the kiss is brought up. She says that she has to be careful or else Jack will leave her. Craig looks over at her again. Cass says to quit looking at her long enough to talk to him about the case. He tells him to avoid Carly. Cass leaves. Carly tells Molly that their kiss meant nothing to her. She says that she doesn't want to talk about Craig. Molly's phone rings and it's for Carly. It's Craig.

Jen and Bryant go to the country club. She is not that excited to be there. She doesn't want to go horse back riding or swimming. She is upset that her mother won't see her. She says that her Mom remembers all the horrible things she did before and after the wedding. She thinks she doesn't want to see her because she is still angry. Bryant says that Barbara is just tired and she loves her. Bryant tells her that he loves her and she kisses him. He tells her to move in with him. He says he wants to live with her. She says that it is a huge step. She says that she can't leave her family. Bryant wants to take care of her. She says that her family still needs her. He says that she has done so much for her, let him take care of her.

Tom says that he is worried and that Lien knows about what they did. She know that Ben saved her life. Tom says that she accepted the proposal knowing.

Carly says that Craig shouldn't call her. He says that is why he called on Molly's phone, so it can't be traced. Craig tells Carly about the plea bargain. Carly wants to know if he is going to take it. He says that they are going to trial. He says that they need to get their stories straight. Carly agrees.

Bryant says that they should live for themselves. She says that it would be easy, but it feels like she is running away. She tells him to ask her again a little later.

Ben is outraged that Tom told Lien. Tom says he has to, because she almost called John about changing doctors. Ben says that Lien only accepted out of gratitude. Lisa comes up and welcomes Ben to the family. Lien looks at her ring and smiles at Ben.

Paul says that Jen and Will need to see Barbara. She says that they are doing well without seeing her. Paul says that Jen thinks that this is all her fault. Barbara says it's not, and she will see Jen when she feels better. She says that she can't hide her face from her children. Paul says that her kids love her and will understand. They only want to see her. She says that when she feels better, and after the trial she will see them. He tries to convince her again and she says that he is the only family she needs right now.

Molly tells Carly to get off the phone. Carly says that she needs to talk to him. Molly leaves for a minute. Carly tells Craig that she doesn't want to make a plan with him, but she wants them both to stay out of jail. He says to lie under oath. He asks her if she has feeling for him. She says no. He says that if she can convince a jury that she doesn't desire him then she is good. He asks her about the kiss. She says that she doesn't want him and never will. She says that she has to go. He says that she needs to get acting tips. He doesn't believe her. She hangs up and he laughs.

~The end


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