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As The World Turns Update Monday 7/30/01

Craig comes out of his cell to talk to Margo and Jack. Carly is there too. Jack asks Craig where he was when Barbara was attacked in the hospital room. Carly says that she told Jack he was with her. Craig says she is lying.

Hal and Emily talk about his visit with Barbara. He says that he told her that he loved her, but she was asleep. Emily tells Hal that someone broke into her car. He says that it must be the same person who attacked Barbara at the hospital. He must know that they are onto him.

Simon finally gets the necklace out of Katie's bra. They hope that Dante doesn't come back soon. Katie says that he is scary. They try to use the cross to get the handcuffs off.

Lily holds the gun on the Senora. She says that Dante is jealous of Damien. She says that when Damien disappeared, Dante took over the business. Dante cannot afford to allow Luke to take over the business when Damien passes away.

Holden and Luke are hiding in the church and someone comes in. Holden tells the person to hold it right there and aims his gun on him.

Lily tells her to put Damien on the phone and she wants to talk to Damien now. The Senora says that it may take much time. Lily says that she doesn't have time. The Senora leaves the room and the door locks. Lily is locked in.

Holden asks the man who it is. He is dressed like a Monk. Holden doesn't know who it is. The monk says he knows who they are.

Katie and Simon struggle to get out of the handcuffs. He says that he knows how to do it, from an old magician friend. Katie gets the cross in the keyhole and unlocks Simon's cuffs. He starts to get Katie's cuffs off and then he says he might change his mind.

Hal says that the guy who broke into her car, might be the same guy who blew Barbara up. She says she can take care of herself. Hal says she is off the case. There is someone at his door. He tells Emily to hide. Hal gets served for Craig's case. He says that he keeps thinking that Craig is innocent.

Carly says that she is not lying. Margo says that he is not protecting Carly, he is only making it worse. Craig finally says ok and says that they were talking in his car in the parking lot. Margo says their stories match. Jack says that they must have something to hide. Craig says that Carly told him that Carly is scared of Jack and he always makes her feel guilty. Craig says that Jack is the reason why she is always sneaking around to see him. Carly tells him that is enough and slaps him. Margo comes back in and tells Carly to leave. Jack offers to go with her, Carly says no. Margo tells Craig that he is free to go on bail and not to leave town. Margo leaves. Craig tells Jack that he didn't know that he and Carly has truth issues. Craig says that Carly deserves more than the life that Jack can offer. Jack says that Carly still loves him.

Emily says that Craig has an alibi. He was with Carly. Emily says that the attacker is still out there. Hal says that maybe Craig hired someone to do it. Emily says that Hal is scared and is afraid that when he gets on the witness stand, he will look like a fool.

Katie says that he better undo the handcuffs. He finally gets hers undone and she falls on top of him and kisses him.

Lily is pleading with the Senora to open the door. She screams and tries to shoot the door open. But, there are no bullets. She yells at the air and says that she is sorry for letting Holden and Luke down. She cries.

Holden asks the monk how he knows who they are. He says that he has heard about it. He tells them that he will help them and get them something to eat. The church bells ring.

Lily says that she will help them somehow and that she has faith. She hears the church bells and then she hears someone trying to get into her room. She holds the gun out in front of her. The person on the other side of the door leaves. Lily tells them to come back. She tries the door and it is unlocked. She goes out and yells for the Senora. She finds Luke's passport outside her door.

Holden tells the monk that he needs the gun for protection. The monk says that they can trust him and Holden gives him the gun.

Katie and Simon wait for the guards to come back. Katie hears the church bells and says that they should go to church. Simon says that Holden and Luke must be in the church, because it is the safest place to be.

Emily says that Hal needs to prepare for the court hearing and all the dirty laundry being aired. She says that he is going to tell the judge, jury and the press that he lost his wife to another man. Emily says that she called it. It will bother him what everyone with think of him. Emily says that who is the jury going to believe? They will believe Hal, not Craig. Hal asks how his life became such a mess. Emily tells him to let her help him solve the case before the trial.

Margo says that there is no way he could have been Barbara's second attacker, maybe he wasn't her first attacker either. She asks him why he would risk jail time for Carly. He says that she lent him a lot of money at one time. Margo says that Carly is trouble. Craig says that he like the trouble.

Carly is watching a movie and the movie gets shut off and everyone leaves. She sits still and Jack comes up. He talks to her about how her kisses still have power over him and she says that all the kisses in the world won't help her. Carly says that the prosecution will make her look bad. She says that everyone will think that she slept with Craig. She says that she is worried about Jack and how he will take all the criticism. She says she just wants a normal life. Jack laughs. Jack says that Craig is just one man who is trying to steal her away from him, but he is not worried about it. He asks her to tell him a story. She says ok. They kiss.

Margo says that she knew that Craig had a thing for Carly. Craig admits it. Margo pleads with him to stay away from Carly. She says that Carly is nothing but trouble. Craig says that Carly will be his.

Hal and Emily talk over dishes. Emily says that next time he falls in love to be smarter about it. he says that there won't be a next time. She gets ready to leave. He offers to follow her home. She says she will be fine.

Katie and Simon think that Holden and Luke went to the church. The guard comes back and tells them that there is too much noise and to shut up or else they won't see tomorrow. The guard leaves and Simon tells her to stand up and help him.

Holden and Luke wait for the Friar to come back. Holden says that he hopes he does. Holden tells Luke to say a prayer.

Lily holds Luke's passport and says that she promises she will find him. She sees another piece of paper and reads it. It's a note from Damien.

~the end


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