As The World Turns Update Wednesday 7/18/01



As The World Turns Update Wednesday 7/18/01

By  Laurie

Ben is at the Java underground talking to Isaac. He tells him about Lien and the medicine he gave her. He says that only he, Tom and Margo know. Isaac is happy that Lien is doing so well, but is scared that Ben will get into trouble and lose his job.

Luke and Holden are moving things around so they can escape. Holden shows Luke the magic path to get away. Luke says that they will disappear and the guards won't find them. Holden tells Luke that they will escape to the church and they will win their game.

Katie yells out the window at the church bells. Lily looks sad and Katie apologizes again for coming all the way to Malta. Lily says things were a mess before she even got there. Katie says she is sorry for last summer when she went after Holden. She explains that she didn't know what love was and she thought she loved him, but she didn't. It was just a crush. Katie goes to check on Simon and he isn't there. She is worried that he got kidnapped. The Senora comes in and she brings breakfast. Katie goes to drink the orange juice and Simon comes in tells her not to take anything the Senora gives them.

Lien is trying to walk with a walker and Tom watches. She asks for help. He tells her that she doesn't have to prove anything. She says she knows, but she has always been a survivor and she likes to compete. She then tells him that she wants Ben as a friend, not a doctor and she doesn't want to burden him. She says that she doesn't want him to give her the shots anymore. She says she called John and wants him to give them to her. Tom says no. The phone rings and it's John. Tom tells her not to answer it. She wants to know why. She demands to know why Ben must give her the shot. Tom tells her that the shot Ben gives her is a cure. Lien doesn't understand. Tom says that John doesn't know. He says that it is a cure from Asia. Tom says that he gave her the first shot and it is illegal.

Isaac says the shot was black market. Ben says no, it's foreign market. Isaac says that he should worry about John, and his job. Isaac says he wants to know what Lien thinks about all of it. Ben says she doesn't know. Isaac asks when they are going to tell her. He says they aren't. He wants a future with her. He says that she got Curtis for him and there was a reason why she came into his life. Isaac says it was her job. Isaac says that all the women he comes in contact with is the one. He says to sit back, chill and enjoy life. Ben says that he wants a family, he had a great one growing up. Isaac says it was an illusion. Their father had a kid across town. Ben says that family is all that matters in life. He leaves. Lisa says that the whole bar heard their conversation. Isaac apologizes. She says that it is OK. She says Ben has a good point.

Lily wants to know why Simon thinks there is something wrong with the drink. Simon says that she is guilty. He called the police. She officer comes in and says he knows the Senora. Lily thinks that her meeting the Senora on the plane was a set up. The officer says not to harass her. Simon says that he wants to know what she meant when she said on the phone to get rid of the two Americans. Lily looks shocked.

Tom says that they had nothing left to try. He says that Lien was dying and they had no other choice. He says that only he, Margo and Ben know. Lien says he could get disbarred if anyone finds out. Tom says he doesn't care. Tom asks if she is angry. She says no, she is so grateful. She says that Ben could get into trouble. Tom says that Ben loves her. The doorbell rings and she says it's Ben. Tom asks her not to tell Ben that she knows. He didn't do it for the attention, but for her. She says she won't tell him she knows. Ben comes in and he says hi.

Luke and Holden wait. A guard comes in and tells Luke that he is leaving with him alone. The guard says that Luke must be moved today to a more permanent destination. He will be back. Holden says that he won't take him anyway. Holden tells Luke not to worry. Holden says they need a plan. Holden says that Luke needs to pretend to be sick.

Lily wants to know what the two American's she was talking about. Senora says that she getting tormented with accusations. The officer wants to know what Damien has to do with this. Lily tells them that she was married to Damien and now her son and her husband is missing. The Senora says she sorry and they loved the Grimaldi's. She says she would never hurt him or his child. Lily says that she wants her son back. She knows he is there in Malta. There is a knock on the door and its a man who says to open the door immediately. The officer lets the man in. It's another officer. He says that he is looking for a thief. It's Katie. He says that he is arresting Katie for stealing a bicycle. She says she didn't. They arrest her and the Senora leaves. Lily and Simon ask where the Senora went. The officer says that she left and to leave her alone. Unless she wants to go to jail too. Lily says she doesn't know if the Senora is working for or against Damien.

Holden gets some makeup and puts it on Luke to make him look sick. Luke says that he has to act sick and that what if he forgets. Holden says that all he has to do is act sick and cough. The guard comes back and tells Luke to go. Holden says that he can't, he is sick. They guard takes a look at him. He asks him what the matter is. Luke coughs. The guard says he better not be lying.

Tom tells Ben that he will leave them alone. Ben gets his shot ready and then says that they need to talk. He says that Isaac and he had a talk and he didn't like what he had to say, but he was right. He says that Lien has every right to be left alone while she figures out her life. Ben says that he will only be friendly and professional unless she says otherwise. He leaves to wash his hands. She tells herself that friendly and professional won't do it anymore.

Luke continues to cough and shakes. He says he can't get warm, he is cold. The guard says that he is lying and his father is telling him to say it. Holden says that one of the kids had TB and they hadn't given him the shot for it yet. The guard leaves and says that he will be back tonight. Luke says that he wants to leave now, he misses his Mom. Holden says they will leave tonight.

Simon says that they need to get Katie out. He says it was a mistake getting the police involved. He says that they need to find away to get Katie out of jail and send her back home. He says that they trust no one, but each other. Katie is in jail and wants to talk to someone. He says no. She tries to flirt with the officer. It doesn't work. She says she is sorry she took the bike. He leaves. She sits in the cell and is scared.

Ben gives Lien the shot. He gets ready to leave. She grabs him and kisses him. He asks what it is for. She says everything. She says that she is grateful to be there and the reason is because of him. She says that he saved her life. He says that she didn't quit. She says that it was his encouragement and his support. He smiles and says OK. Ben says that Curtis has been asking about her. He says that when she feels up to it, the three of them can go out to dinner. He hugs her.

Holden says that when the guard comes back to get him, they will be gone. Luke's says they will leave to be with Mom.

Simon says he won't let Lily down. He says they will find Holden and Luke. Lily says that they have to find them. She wants to know what the Senora meant by Argotti. She doesn't know if it is a garden or what it is.

Katie hears the opera. She says that it is loud. He says the Argotti festival is starting in the Opera House. She remembers Simon talking about the Senora talking about the Argotti. She wants to talk to Simon to tell him. The guard says that she can't. He leaves. She says, she knows where Holden and Luke are.


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