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As The World Turns Update Monday 7/16/01

By Glynis

Simon and Lily get ready for bed, He is going to sleep on the floor and Katie barges in. Simon demands why she is there. Katie explains that she thought he was there to be with Lily. Simon says that she puts them all in danger. The landlady listens.

Carly goes to Craig's and knocks on the door. He doesn't answer. She leaves her designs with a note under his door. She gets a phone call. It's Jack. He wants to take her out to dinner. She agrees. She doesn't tell Jack about her leaving the designs for Craig.

Rose talks to Paul over dinner at Al's. Paul asks Rose how they can sneak into Craig's suite. She says it's easy. He says he wants to find out how much money Craig is really taking from Barbara. Rose reminds him that Lily owns half of Lakeview. She tells him to close his eyes and then she uses her "Lily" voice. He opens his eyes and smiles. Says she is incredible. She says that she can be Lily and get into Craig's suite. He wipes ketchup off her face. They leave.

Jack meets Carly for dinner. They kiss. He says that he wishes he could take her to four star restaurant instead of Al's Diner. She says that she likes Al's. Jack tells Carly that Craig is back in jail. She is shocked to hear that and wants details. Jack tells her that Craig left town while on bail. He asks her if she is glad now that she didn't take him on his offer for designs.

Hal goes to see Barbara. He talks to her and asks her if she is scared to be alone. He says that she will make it through this and that she will fight with all her strength. Margo comes in and listens. Margo asks if Barbara squeezed Jen's hand. He says yes. She is happy to hear that. Hal asks Margo about Lien's condition. Margo asks if she can talk to Barbara for a minute. Margo tells her that she has been there a couple of times but she wants to make sure she finds out who did it to her. She tells her to keep fighting and come back to them. Hal asks her what she wants to talk to him about. Margo asks Hal if he thinks that Craig was innocent. Lucinda comes in and says that Craig did it.

Katie says that she followed Simon because she was worried. Simon asks her who followed her there. She says no one. She was dressed like a nun. She says that she heard him talking to a stewardess and knew where to find him. Lily gets mad and tells her that she could have made it worse for them. Lily says that if anything happens to Luke and Holden, she will kill her herself. Lily walks out. He pushes her away. Katie says that Lily turned him against her. He says, no she did it herself. Katie says that he told her that he loved her. He says that whatever he said, she made him want to retreat everything he says. He tells her about the room full of blood and bullets. She says she wasn't thinking. She asks him to forgive her. She apologizes to Lily. Lily tells her to save it. She asks Simon what to do with her. Lily says she wants her gone. Katie says she has no more money. He opens the door, the landlady is standing there.

Hal says that he doesn't want to talk to Lucinda. Lucinda says that she is fond of Barbara and Paul and Jen. Margo says that Paul and her never got along. She tells them that they had a meeting. Lucinda says that Craig poisoned her and that could be her laying in the bed. Margo tells her to be quiet. Hal tells her to leave. He asks Margo if she is OK. They go into Barbara's room. Margo asks if Lucinda is right. She asks if he thinks Craig did this. He says he has his doubts and doesn't know what to think. He asks Margo if there is anything she knows. He asks if Craig has been involved with explosives before. She says yes.

Rose and Paul get into Craig's suite. They start to look around and Rose finds the envelope that Carly left and she puts it on the table. Paul finds a box of Barbara's BRO papers.

Jack gets a phone call. He says it was more news about Craig. She wants to know what the call was about. He says that they got another warrant to search Craig's place. He says that he is going to be the one to do the search. She asks if he will be looking through Craig's papers. He says yes. He says that he doesn't want to talk about Craig anymore. She says she has to leave to pick up Parker. She leaves.

Paul looks through the box. He is looking for anything that has Craig's signature on anything. He doesn't find anything. Paul finds Carly's designs. He looks at them and says he can't believe it. He says that they are new designs for BRO. He says Craig is replacing his mother with his mistress.

Lily asks the landlord why she is standing outside her room. She says that she looked the other way when she brought the man over. But she can't deal with two women and men. Lily says that Katie is leaving. The landlord says that Katie can't leave tonight and she can't make arrangements. So, Katie has to stay for one night only. She leaves. Simon doesn't like that the lady stood outside the room listening. They wonder if this lady could be involved with the kidnapping. Simon says he is going to sleep outside. Katie gets ready to sleep on the floor.

Margo tells Hal about Craig trying to bomb Steve Andropolis years ago, but he got hurt instead. She says that the brother she loves wouldn't hurt another human being. Margo says that when Barbara wakes up she will realize how much she loves him. Margo says that the way he feels about Barbara and how much he knows her, is the same on how much she knows her brother. She hopes they can clear Craig's name. She says that Hal is the only one that has doubts about Craig. She asks him to help save her brother.

Paul is furious that Craig is trying to involve Carly and getting her on the payroll. He says he will continue to look on his own and thanks her for her help. She leaves.

Margo tells Hal that he can't let Craig go to jail if he is innocent. She says to do it for Barbara. They want to find out who really did it. He says that he will only do it for Barbara, not to prove Craig innocent. She thanks him. They walk out together. Barbara opens her yes and sees Margo and Hal leaving, she reaches out to them, and they don't see her and shut the door.

Katie and Lily are laying in bed. Katie asks Lily if she is sleeping. Katie tells her that she didn't mean to put her in danger or to out Holden and Luke in danger. She says that she is crazy about Simon and she only followed him there. She says she is so sorry. Lily says goodnight Katie. Simon is outside the door and hears the landlady talking about Senora Snyder having two new guests. She says that they have to do something about the two Americans and have to move them out as soon as possible.

The officer comes in with the search warrant for Jack. Jack is happy and can't wait to search Craig's suite.

Carly is back at Craig's suite and looks under the door. She has a nail file and tries to get the envelope back. Paul sees and opens the floor. He asks her if she is looking for her designs.

~The End


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