As The World Turns Update Wednesday 7/11/01



As The World Turns Update Wednesday 7/11/01

By  Glynis

Hal goes to the Java Underground and he tells Isaac that Barbara is doing better. Isaac tells Hal that Emily called looking for him. Emily shows up and she hears Hal tell Isaac that she can be annoying, but they are good friends. Emily walks up and she asks for a soda and she and Hal sit down. Isaac thinks there is more to their friendship other than just friends. Tom sees them from the door. Craig goes to Lucinda's and Matthew doesn't want to let him in. Lucinda comes up and she tells him to go ahead and come in. He gives her an envelope and says that Bryant's trust fund is paid in full. She thinks he stole the money from Barbara's company.

 Barbara is still in her coma and Paul is there with her. A nurse gives him some papers. He opens it up and says that they have everything. Cancelled checks and even a bunch of World Wide stock. He makes a phone call and tells Barbara that Craig will be in jail before the night is over. 

Jake is at the church and he tells the priest that the last time he was in church was when he was younger. He says that this church will be perfect for his and Molly's wedding. Molly is at home and holding one of the twins. She gives her to Mary. She gets ready to meet Jake at the church. Abigail comes out and she shows Molly a mug shot of her. She says she found it on the City Times web page. Molly is shocked. Abigail says that someone must have made it up. Molly says that the picture wasn't a fake. Abigail says that it doesn't matter what happened with David Stenbeck. She says that it happened before David. She says that she didn't want to disappoint her and the twins. Molly says that Jake won't care about the picture and her past, because he loves her. She leaves.

 Tom goes to talk to Hal and Emily. Tom is hesitant, but agrees. They want to talk to them about the explosion. Hal says he wants to try to prove Craig innocent. 

Lucinda talks to Craig. She says that he stole the money from Bryant's trust fund and then he stole the money from Barbara to pay it back. She asks him what he is going to do with all of the stock. He says that he will let her know at the next board meeting. Simon comes over and Lucinda says she is happy to see him. Lucinda asks him if he came by to help Lily. He says no, he wants no part of it. Lucinda apologizes about accusing him for taking Lily's money while she was upset. He doesn't believe her and wants to leave. Lucinda says that Lily could be walking in a trap and she needs his help. She is afraid for Lily's life and says that he is the only one Lily trusts. She asks him what she can do to change his mind. She begs him for help.

 Molly walks in the church and sees Jake. He comes up and kisses and hugs her. He sees that something is wrong. She says that maybe a huge wedding is not what they need. He says that he wants the big wedding. She says that they don't need it. Molly shows Jake the picture of her. 

Hal shows Tom a diagram of the bomb that was used. Hal asks if he has seen it before in the war. He says no, they didn't use bombs like that. Hal says that his friend says that the bomb was used in wars. Tom says, no they were only used for CIA. 

Paul is talking to Jessica. He tells her that Craig just arrived. Craig comes in and doesn't recognize him at first. Paul tells him to leave. Craig says that he won't because he is her wife. Paul tells Craig that Barbara talked to him the day of the bombing. He knows that Craig stole the money from her. He says that Barbara is coming out of her coma and she will convict him from the witness stand. Craig is concerned about Barbara. Paul tells him to step away from her. He tells him that he knows he tried to kill her. Paul says that he knows that Craig tried to take over BRO. Two officers come in and arrest him for leaving town when he was on bail. Paul says that he will make sure he stays in jail.

 Lucinda says that Lily got a note from Holden and Luke in a bottle. Simon asks if it is real. Lucinda says it was and Lily left to go get them. Simon finally agrees that he will go, but not for money. Only his expenses. He says he will protect Lily and he will go tonight. She thanks him. He leaves.

 Adam goes to Abigail's house to pick her up for the movies. She says she is not in the mood to go. He turns to leave and she asks him to stay. He says ok. He comes in and she tells him about Molly's picture. She shows him and he is shocked. She says that she got it off the website. Abigail says that it is a real picture. He says that he feels bad for Molly. Abigail says that Molly went to go see Jake. She hopes Molly won't call off the wedding

. Jake says that they will delete the picture and find out who did it. Molly says that her whole life is public knowledge and she feels awful that Abigail found it. Jake reminds her that she is a public figure and things like this will happen. Molly says that she doesn't want everyone thinking that he married a tramp. Jake asks if she is a tramp, because he doesn't believe it. She tells him to be straight with her. Molly says that she knew he was going to be fine with it and still love her. He wants him to stop being sweet. He says he will tell her the truth. He will come clean.

 Tom asks what reason the CIA would want to kill Barbara. Hal says that he doesn't know why, but the bomb is not classified information. Tom says no, anyone can pick up a book and make one. 

Abigail says that Molly cares too much to bring everyone down with her. Abigail says Molly knows about relationships and it is scary to open up to someone else. Adam says that everyone should take a chance once in a while. Abigail says like their kiss. He says yes and kisses her. She hugs him. 

Jake says that he wants Molly to go to Bay City and go look at public records. She says that no one throws it in his face though. She asks if he wants to know what it is about. He says that she doesn't need to tell him everything about herself. He says that they are in a house of prayer and the church is there for forgiveness and she will be forgiven. 

Simon goes back to his and Katie's suite. She is waiting for him and wants a 'romantic' evening alone with him. He tells her that he is going to Malta to help Lily. She gets angry but he leaves anyway. She says she is going with him. He tells her know. He leaves and she tells herself that she is going anyway. ~The end



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