As The World Turns Update Tuesday 7/10/01



As The World Turns Update Tuesday 7/10/01

By Glynis

Lily is on the plane and a woman sits with her and asks if this is her first visit to Malta. She recommends that Lily stay at the Chateau when she gets there. Lily tells her that she is not on vacation and she canít get into everything right now. The woman knows that a beautiful woman may have many reasons to go to Malta. Maybe the woman knows where the castle is that she is looking for. There are many castles in Malta. The castle is near a church and there is 5 Cypress tress near the castle. The woman knows where the castle is. She may know the exact location.

Katie is with Simon and she is trying to make him come forward with his promise that he would make love with her when they got out of the plane. Simon struggles, but is unable to unravel himself from her grasp. Soon Katie and Simon are rolling around like children. Something just doesnít work out for them. Her brain is tangled again. She doesnít care what he says about her, he was worried about her and she knows it. He was worried for her and he was scared that he wouldnít get to see her again. It is freaky, but it is true. He holds her face and kisses her. They fall on the bed again and this time he is kissing her like he means. It. There is furious knocking at the door, but Katie thinks that the noise will go away.

Rose shows up at the airport looking for Simon. She hears two men talking and one of the men is saying that his mother is in critical condition and he needs to see her right away. The man trying to get to his mother sees Rose standing in the distance and he goes to her and hugs her. He sys, "Thank God that you are hear, I have never been so glad to see anyone in my life." Rose is totally shocked at the greeting that this stranger is giving her. She finds out that the man is trying to get to his mother and needs some help, so she gives him some money. He obviously knows her sister and tells her that she is like Lily. Rose tells him to make his time with his mother count. The man turns and walks off. Rose thought that he was drop-dead gorgeous, but totally broke. She understands that.

Holden and Luke are still imprisoned. A soldier demands that Holden give up his wedding ring. Holden 9s stunned at the request, but he complies anyway. The soldier befriends Luke and while giving Luke a chocolate bar, Holden takes a chance at taking hold of the soldier. It doesnít work. The soldier overpowers him and holds a knife to his face telling him that he has made a terrible mistake and that now he is going to pay. Luke begs the soldier not to hurt his father.

The young man at the airport arrives at the hospital. He is Barbaraís son and he meets with Hal, Bryant, and Jennifer. They tell him how Craig has been using the money for something else. Bryant didnít know what was happening and even warned Barbara about Craig. Bryant has to go and kisses Jennifer then he leaves. Paul is worried that they may not be able to trust Bryant either. Hal and Jennifer tell him that Bryant is not the same as his father. Barbara is still in a coma, but there is hope for her. Bob arrives and has results from a test that they have run on Barbara. Anything could still happen to her. Hal takes Paul in to see his mother. There is a guard for protection at the door and Paul goes over to her and looks at her bandaged from head to toe. He kisses her head and cries over her. Jennifer decides that it is time for her to leave and after she goes, Hal talks to Paul about what has been done about Craig. The case isnít airtight and even Hal has his doubts about him. Barbara went to the boathouse to blow the whistle, but was prevented from getting to Mr. Montgomery. Paul is angry and Hal knows how he feels. The police have to tee care of things and there is nothing else that they should do to interrupt. Hal leaves and Paul gets on the phone to call someone at the office to get the corporate records at the office. Craig has already been there and he has fired some people there. Paul wants all the transactions, he wants every cent accounted for.

Katie and Simon are kissing and Rose comes pounding on the door. " I know that you are in there, so open the door." They let her in and Rose can see that Simon and Katie were about to get it on. She tells Simon that Lily feels that Holden and Luke are still alive and she has gone to Malta. Rose wants them to get on a plane right away. Rose is sure that Lily needs a body guard and that is why Simon has to help out. Rose shows him a blank check with his name on it, if only he will help. Simon tells Rose to tell Lucinda that if she wants something from him she will have to come begging for it herself. She can park the checkbook and come crawling on her hands and knees if she wants him to help. He grabs Rose and pushes her out the door while Katie stands by smiling and watching.

The woman on the plane is a plant put there to get involved with Rose so that they will know what she is doing at all times. The soldier that is watching Holden and Luke call her and he leaves her an ominous message.


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