As The World Turns Update Monday 7/9/01



As The World Turns Update Monday 7/9/01

By Glynis

Lily has gotten a letter form Malta proving that Holden and Luke are alive. Lucinda questions whether the note is valid or not. Lily gets on the phone to make the next flight to Malta. Lucinda has people that can help them with their search for Holden and Luke. That is not good enough for Lily. She promises that when she gets to Malta, she will call the American Embassy. That is good enough for Lucinda. Lily wants her mother to keep the secret from everyone else. If Lucinda interferes she may put all of them in danger over there in Malta. Lucinda demands that she call often to let her know what is going on. Lily gets her things together and walks out the front door. Lucinda gives her all her hopes for good things to happen. Once Lily is gone, Lucinda goes to her phone and makes a call to Nathan a friend that she has that knows someone from the state department. She starts talking, but Rose shows up behind her and takes the phone from her telling her that there are some things that she shouldnít do.

Jen is with mother in the hospital. She is talking her mother even though her mother canít talk back. She wished that she didnít care about her life and what her mother thinks, but that isnít the case. She would do anything to have her mother talk to her now. Barbara is lying all wrapped up in her bandages and she canít talk, but she does move her finger in response to her daughter.

Margo is still with her brother and he is trying to hang onto her faith in him. Craig feels that if he told her everything she would jump to the wrong conclusions. She reminds him when they were little kids and they were afraid to dive into the water. She tells him that all he has to do is take one more step. Craig tells Margo that Barbara threatened to have him arrested for misappropriating funds. She was angry and she was irrational. The accusation alone would have been a problem. He couldnít let her do that. He was trying to reason with her, but he never came through the door of that little boathouse where Barbara was when she was hurt. Craig was waiting outside by the trees for Barbara to arrive. Jack is there and listening to Margo question her brother. According to Craig, nothing happened between him and his wife. He was trying to think of something to say to Barbara, but he knew that she was upset, so he left. Barbara never saw Craig there at the boathouse. Craig went home to pack because he had a trip to Hong Kong to go on. For business sake. Margo believes what her brother is saying. There are footprints but none coming closer to the boathouse. Margo knows that when Barbara comes to she is going to tell who is was that hurt her so terribly. Craig prays for that.

Molly is with Carly and they are talking about the wonderful life that Molly seems to be having. M Carly is helping out by making her a dress. Carly is part of this. She has finally gotten together with Jack and that is something that they have always wanted. Julia is costing Jack everything that he has ever owned. It isnít fair that Julia is about to get revenge on Jack like that. Molly is sure that Carly is going to be okay. Many people are going to want her dresses. If Carly is so great, why canít she have the job of her dreams? She is not blinded by the money. Molly isn't sure how Carly feels about Craig. Carly denies that she has no feelings or Craig. Even his kissing her didnít do anything for her. Molly didnít know anything about any kissing and begs for more information. Carly tells her the story. Finally Carly comes to the realization that she should go ahead and take the job with Craig. Her life with Jack will be solidified, but then again it may be buried.

Katie and Simon are in the plane making their way home slowly. Simon is determined not to work for Craig anymore. They will move. Katie thinks that they should go home and make made, passionate love together. As she says that, the plane makes some funny noises. Everything is all right now. She resumes her talk about sex and them getting together. She tells him that it has been a long time for her to be with a man. The last time that she had sex was Halloween. That was the time that she spent with him. Poof! It was over. She feels deprived not getting any sex for nine months, She has sacrificed for him. Finally she stops her talking by telling her "All right!" He agrees to make love to her if only she will shut up so that he can land the plane. Oh SailorÖ She is going to rock his world.

Emily and Hal are talking to a bartender trying to get information from a guy that used to work for Craig. The guy used to be with the Seals and he never touched a bomb after he left the Seals. Emily thinks that they havenít finished yet with their leads.

Lily is at the airport and she finds out that she will be on a flight soon. She looks at pictures of her lost family and she tells the pictures that she will be there soon.

Craig gets a call at the boathouse. It looks like Margo is finally on his side. He tells Cass that they should just worry about getting money into Bryantís trust fund. Every thing is going pretty good.


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