As The World Turns Update Friday 7/6/01



As the World Turns Update Friday 7/6/01

By Glynis

Carly is talking to Jack and trying to get him to see that Craig is the way that they could get rid of all their money problems. Jack doesnít like that idea one bit. Jack canít believe that she wants to go and work for Craig. He reminds her that Craig is a man that is up for attempted murder. Jack thinks that she is talented but he wants her to think about this. He is using Barbara. Carly cares what happens to Barbara, but this is only a job. Jack thinks that she should give up this opportunity. She thinks that they could get the money that would allow them to start their lives together again. Jack finds her to be twisting things around. Jack wants to be the one that deals with this. He thinks that this is his problem. She wants to be part of them getting their lives together. He doesnít want her to work for Craig Montgomery. Something better has to come along. He thinks that she should consider New York. They will be poor there. Craig can make things happen for them now and not 10 years from now. How can she think of this? She will do whatever it takes to get what they deserve. Jack is not jealous. He knows that she loves him. She canít work for a man that is being investigated by Jack. It makes him feel bad that she is cozying up to Craig. He reminds her that Barbara is fighting for his life. Short term help from Craig is going to be long term misery. She tells them that nothing is going to come between them and they need the money. She finally agrees with Jack and agrees to do things his way. She still thinks that working for Craig would have been an easy way out. They hug and Carly is torn.

Craig was overheard having an argument with Barbara and that makes him look more suspicious. They are at the site where Barbara was burned. Barbara was filled with doubts because of her family. After their marriage he took a closer look at the books and he wanted to keep the company competitive and Barbara deferred this to her friend and then she turned him into an enemy. Craig thinks that she should have seen someone for professional help. Craig tried to help her by helping her get her business from going bad. Cass is listening nearby. Later Cass tells Craig that he is the only thing that is keeping him out of jail. Cass walks off upset. Craig wants to get to the hospital and he wants to be finished with Margo. Craig tells her that she is mistakenly blaming him for Barbaraís accident and her real attacker is running around free. Margo is sure that his alibi is going to fall apart.

Hal is with his son when Emily comes to see him. Emily tells him that there is a familiar name on the list of people that could make a bomb that could blow Barbara up. They are going to talk to some people that may be able to help them with information on Barbaraís accident. One of the names on the paper worked for Montgomery Industries. That is a very big surprise.

Lily is telling Lucinda that she is going to go to Malta. Lucinda doesnít like the idea that Simon is in on this with Lily. Lily says that she heard Damienís voice and that give Lily more hope that Damien is alive. Lily is going to do what she has to do to get her family back. Lucinda is not going to allow her daughter to do that. Lily is asking for her motherís help with this. Lily knows that Lucinda would do the same thing if she were in Lilyís shoes. Lily finds that she is wasting time with this. Lucinda wants her to wait a few days. Lily doesnít say no. Lucinda begs her to do it for her. There is someone at the door and Lily finds a delivery man there. she signs for her package and comes back to her mother with it. There are a lot of stamps and the package is from Algeria. Who could be sending them a package from Algeria? Lily opens the package and it is a note from Holden and Luke. They say that they are in Malta. Lucinda has to agree with her that she may be right. Lily has to bring her family home.

Henry and Cooley are on the island talking about Simon. Henry says that he has gotten close to Simon in a strange way. They are watching Simon fly off with Katie. Henry canít believe that he is going to be left there on the island. Cooley is going to miss Katie. Cooley thinks that it is time to set some rules since they are going to be neighbors. Henry feels that he has been abandoned. A dead bird drops in front of them. They look at the beak. They turn the bird over and find something in the claws of the bird. It is Katieís diamond.

Katie is leaving on the plane with Simon. He tells her that she has really ticked him off. She finds him charming. She made a wish that he would come and rescue her and he did. She is glad that they are alive. Henry told her that he didnít care for her and he was going to leave her on the island to rot. Simon tells her to listen to him. He tells her that he doesnít love her and he never will. He never knew that she was there for a long time. She dreamed that he rescued her and he took her in his arms and told her that he cared for her. Simon never said that he didnít care for her, he only said that he didnít love her. She finds him to be deluded.

Emily and Hal go to see a man that can give them information on Craig Montgomery. The man acts like he has been expecting this visit all his life.


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