As The World Turns Update Thursday 7/5/01



As The World Turns Update Thursday 7/5/01

By Glynis

Katie is with Simon on the island and he is telling her that if she ever does anything like this again, he is going to make her pay. He has come to rescue her. They kiss suddenly and spontaneously. Henry and Cooley come by and find them kissing. Simon denies that he was kissing Katie, and Henry is glad that he is there to bring him home. Simon thinks that Henry took advantage of Katie. Simon wants to beat up Henry and all Katie can think of is that Simon cares for her. Katie tells Simon that the reason that she is there is all his fault. They are there because he wanted the diamond. She tells Simon that she found the diamond and everything is all right.

Carly is with Jack, who is under some stress. They are trying to work out payment of the bills. Jack gave Julia everything and now they have nothing. Why would she want his money when she has a family like she does? he wonders. Her mother doesn’t care about her. She would rather blame Jack for everything that has happened to her. He shows her his lawyer’s bill. He is grateful for the work, but there is nothing left. He kisses her hands and knows that at least they love each other. He is going to take care of everything. Carly and Jack live in Molly’s apartment and they can live there until they find another place to live. Cass has to be paid, but Carly doesn’t think that he has to be paid right away. Carly wants him to promise her that he will not worry. He is worried that Craig is in the bushes waiting for him to leave so that he can go and see Carly. Once alone, Carly looks at the bills, and then she walks over to one of her designs. She gets an idea. Can she? She is sure that Jack will forgive her. He has to.

Emily is with Hal, talking about Craig and how they are going to get him. Hal is in a foul mood and Emily has to wonder who bit him that morning. Emily is tired of holding her first page, for him to give her the story of his life for the paper. She reminds him of Lucinda Walsh. Emily doesn’t like that comparison. She feels like she is being teased. Emily has thick skin and gets Parker to check it out to prove it.

Margo meets Craig at the airport, and she reminds him that he was not to leave the vicinity. It is the law and she is there to enforce it. He reminds her that Barbara is in a coma, and Lucinda is after him, and he is trying to save Barbara’s company. The theory is that he tried to rip Barbara off for her money. His footprint was found at the boathouse, and that proves that he was there. He tells her to arrest him. She is his sister, and he has been taking advantage of her all along. She is trying to help him and he won’t help her. He is hurting people and himself. Margo is going to put a stop to this.

Carly goes to see Craig and he asks her to pay a tip for him on the way in the room. She suspects that Barbara’s purse must be empty. She wants to start over since friends can disagree. He wants to roast marshmallows and talk about Jack. He likes what she is wearing. She wants the job that he offered her earlier. She wants to be a designer for his company.


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