As The World Turns Update Wednesday 7/4/01



As The World Turns Update Wednesday 7/4/01

By  Glynis

Craig arrives at an office in New York and finds Lucinda talking on the phone. She gets off and turns to find him staring at her. What brings him to New York City? She introduces him to her busy workers. She has to work on the 4th of July and that is that. He shows her a paper that allows him to take over in Barbara’s affairs. He has made himself the new CEO. Lucinda is not going to let him get away with that. He tells her that this, too, is out of her hands. He also tells her that her assistance is not required.

Jen is talking with Abigail about her life. Abigail warns Jen to be careful, but Jen thinks that she is finally getting her life under control and Abigail should be happy for her.

Tom is getting the news that nothing is working for Lien. He is with Lisa and Margo. Lisa tries to bring the mood up as they stand over Lien. Lisa says that it would be something if Lien could wake up and see the fireworks. There is blood in the IV port and there is a little panic. Tom tells them that Lien just got an injection. There should be a note of that. An explanation is needed.

Jack and Carly are okay. They are with Parker in the diner and she seems to be okay, but she certainly has a lot on her mind.


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