As The World Turns Update Tuesday 7/3/01



As The World Turns Update Tuesday 7/3/01

By Glynis

Rose is with Craig and she is telling him that he better replace the money that he stole from Bryant’s trust fund or he is going to be in more trouble than he thinks. She is taking over for Lucinda. He thinks that she is turning into Lucinda every day. Later Craig calls his son and tells him to come over so that they can talk.

Lily is in the kitchen with Emma. She came by to ask if she would watch Faith for a few days. Emma would love to help out. Every time that she looks at Faith, she sees her eyes. Lily wants to go to Malta to try and find out if Damien is there. Emma is stunned at what she is hearing. Lily knows that Holden and Luke are alive. She believes that they only need to be found. Emma begs her not to do this to herself she has to let them go. The police think that Holden and Luke are dead but Lily can’t accept that. Emma tells her again that she is not going to find her family. Slowly she is getting evidence that tells her that her family is still alive. Lily tells her again that Holden is alive and her son is with him somewhere. Emma wants her to realize that the people that blew up that boat are still out there and they may hurt her. Emma tries her best to make Lily see that she has to stay in town. She has a sister there who needs her. Lily doesn’t believe that her family is dead and that is all that there is to it. Rose walks in and senses the tension in the room. Emma turns to her wondering if she knows about this. Rose thinks that Lily has to understand that she may not come back from Malta if she goes out there. Emma goes into the other room. Lily continues her talk of Holden and Luke being alive. Rose is starting to think that Lily is being silly now and that everyone else can’t be wrong. Besides she could be in terrible danger looking for her husband and son. Rose thinks that Lily should at least wait for Lucinda to return. Lily is sure that Lucinda will try to convince her to stay. Lily decides to wait for Lucinda to return before she goes off to t Malta. Lily wants to know that Rose believes that Holden and Luke are alive. Rose doesn’t tell her exactly what she wants to hear. Lily will fight for Holden and Luke but she is still going to need their help.

Holden and Luke are brought blindfolded into a room by some soldiers. They refuse to speak English. The captors hands are bound and they are soon removed. The soldiers are talking Italian to them. Luke knows that his father speaks Italian and he asks his father what the guards were saying when they are alone.

Bryant comes to see his father. Craig tells Bryant that he is going to have access to his trust fund soon and he has to get people to take care of the money for him. Bryant thinks that it is tacky that his father is talking like this when Barbara is in the hospital. Bryant wants his father to leave him alone. Craig says that he will be there for Bryant when he needs him. Bryant doesn’t think that his father knows what ‘being there’ means.

Emily and Hal talk and he can’t believe that she would turn out to be his guardian angel. They are warming up to each other. She tells him that he shouldn’t get too used to being treated this nicely by her.


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