As The World Turns Update Monday 7/2/01



As The World Turns Update Monday 7/2/01

By Laurie

Katie on island, she is talking to a bunch of coconuts and names them her family. She apologizes to every one of them. She says she's been selfish and she is sorry to everyone she hurt. Cooley and Henry comes up and Cooley says he will look for the diamond. Henry tells Katie that they need to eat. He wants to eat the rabbit. Katie says no.

Tom asks Ben about the drug he wants to give Lien. He wants to know if it will work. Ben says it saved one girls life in Asia. Ben says that he can't give it to her unless Tom says so. Ben says that they should do it. Tom isn't sure he can make that choice for Lien. Ben says that he has to make it now, or else they could loose Lien.

Emily is shocked that Hal believes that Craig might be innocent. Hal says that the facts just don't add up. Emily says that she doesn't know if Craig did kill Barbara, but he has done so many horrible things in the past, why not just let him fry for this too?

Craig is talking to Cass at another table and Craig says that he was at the boathouse but he didn't kill Barbara. Cass is upset that he didn't tell him before. Cass isn't sure he should believe him that he didn't try to kill Barbara. Craig says that he will tell Cass everything. A whole confession. Cass tells Craig that if he lies again, he will have to find another attorney. Craig says that he went to the boathouse to hear what she was going to tell Jack. He says he stood outside to listen. Barbara had his money clip only because he gave it to her. He says he left before Jack even showed up. He says that he saw the look on her face and he knew that she was going to press charges and so he left. He says that he was going to fly to Hong Kong to get money to make it up to Barbara.

Tom decides that they should use the drug. Ben says that he has the first treatment in his pocket. He tells Tom to watch the door while he give Lien the drug. Tom says that it is his decision and he should give it to her.

Katie tries to get her rabbit back. He gives her the rabbit back and says that they are going to starve. Henry asks Katie what she plans on doing for the rest of her life. She says that she wants to do good deeds. She says that she wants to teach him and Cooley all the lessons she's learned. Henry says that he needs to make life on the island fun. He tells Katie that he wants to marry her. He proposes. She pulls her hand back.

Simon is in a plane and he is looking for Simon. A dispatch tells him that there is a storm coming up and it's too dangerous. He tells him to turn back. Simon thinks of all the Katie has done and he tells the dispatch that he is going to change his route and go somewhere tropical with a lot of sexy rich women.

Tom insist on giving Lien the drug himself. Ben asks if he is sure. Tom says that he missed a lot of her life already and he owes it to her to try to save her life. He says that he needs to make it right and wants to do it. Ben tells Tom where to give it to her in the IV tube. He tells him how to do it. Tom says that he watched John give her medicine, it works the same way, he can do it. Ben gives Tom the syringe. Tom tells Ben to keep an eye on the door. Ben says he will. Tom goes in. John comes up and Ben stalls him. He says that he wants to talk to him and doesn't want him to go inside Lien's room.

Emily shows Hal the picture she took for her newspaper. Emily says that she will hear him out and put the story in the paper. Hal tells Emily all he knows about the bomb and the time frame. He says that it doesn't make sense and he wouldn't change his way of killing people with poison. Hal says that there is no way someone could have made this bomb in the little time when Barbara confronted Craig about the money. It was only a couple of hours and this is not enough time to construct that bomb. He says that he can't go to Jack, because Jack hates Craig for his own reasons.

Cass asks Craig if he should believe him. Craig says that they need to prove that he left before the explosion. Cass says that the jury will only think that either he planted the bomb or that he didn't plant the bomb, but he left his wife there to die. Either way, they will think that he killed her or aided it.

Tom is in Lien's room and he is talking to her about her life and how he loves her. He says he is sorry for missing so much of her life and he can't lose her again. He gives Lien the medicine. He hears John come in. John asks Tom what he was doing with the IV.

Katie says that she can't marry him. She is married to Simon. Henry says that they are not getting off the island and he might as well marry him. They can have babies. She says that he is being a pig. She grabs coconuts and throws them at him.

Simon thinks about going to a tropical island and meeting beautiful women drinking margaritas. He says that margaritas were Katie's only favorite drink. He thinks of her again. Of all the fun things they did and their kisses. He can't stop thinking of her and then he calls dispatch again and tells them that he is going to resume his original flight plan.

Emily says that she has to make a call to stop the story. Hal says no, let it run. He says to let the people have doubts about it. She says she will get a lot of heat from it. He says he will stand by her. She gets a call. It's her contact at the courthouse. He tells her that Jessica has evidence to place Craig at the scene. She tells Hal about the footprints and the shoes with mud on them. Hal gets up and tells Craig about the footprints. Craig tells Hal that those footprints don't mean anything. Craig says that he didn't do it. Hal says that even if he didn't put the bomb there, he was there and he had to of heard Barbara's screams. How could he let his wife sit there to die? Emily gets Hal to leave. Craig asks Cass if he is with him or not.

John says that everything looks good. John says that they need to do something and start new treatment. Tom tells John that he won't let them start any other treatment.

Katie continues to throw coconuts at Henry. Cooley comes up with flowers. Katie tells them both of the men that she has no feelings for either one of them and she doesn't want any romantic dealings with them. Cooley tells Katie that the flowers are cursed. She asks about the legend behind it. He tells them about a sailor who got stranded on it. A woman was on it and didn't want him to leave, so she turned him into a flowering plant. He says that if she pulls a petal off the flower and puts it in the ocean, the sailor will find peace and her deepest wish will come true.

John says that Tom doesn't have a choice in Lien's medical treatment. John leaves. Tom tells Ben that they gave her the medicine and now they just have to wait. He asks when they can give her the next dose. He says in a little while.

Cass says he will stay with him as a lawyer. He says that he is tempted to leave, because he lies too much.

Cooley asks Katie what she though of the story. She says it was beautiful. She asks to be alone. She takes the glower and pulls the petals off and wishes that she sees Simon again.

Simon is looking for the island and hopes that Katie is still alive.

~The End


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