As The World Turns Update Friday 6/29/01



As the World Turns Update Friday 6/29/01

By Laurie

Lily talks to the Chicago detective and he says they don't have enough evidence. The case is closed, her family is not coming back.

Malta. Holden is trying to loosen the drain in the floor. He tells Luke to keep a look out. Luke tells Holden that he is hungry. Holden tells Luke that they need to crawl through the drain to get home. Holden gets it off. They look inside.

Lien is sleeping and Tom is at her bedside. She has a dream where she dies. Ben, John and Bob are there and Ben and John argue about how Ben could have treated her, but John wouldn't let him. Lien wakes up scared and she can't breath. Tom comforts Lien.

Craig's arraignment. Cass tries to throw the murder charge out, but the judge says that they will handle that during the trial. Craig pleads not guilty. Emily walks in the court room. Jennifer shows up. Jessica is the DA and she says that Craig is a flight risk. Jack comes in with a box and he tells Jessica that they nailed him.

Lily tells the detective that Holden and Luke are alive. He says that there were no prints on the boat. She says that is impossible. Simon's finger prints should have been on it. She says that the lolly pop was on it. The detective says that Simon could have done it. She says no. He tries to leave and she stops him. She pleads with him to help her. She says that Damien answered the phone. He asks if anyone heard his voice. She asks him if he believes her, he can't answer that.

Simon is looking for his mail at the hotel. Rose comes up and gives him ten thousand dollars. Simon asks if Lucinda knows about the money. She says no. Rose thinks that Simon is on a wild goose chase to look for Katie. Rose says that he is helping Lily because he still has feelings for Lily. Simon says that Rose still loves Holden.

John gives Lien some medicine to calm her down. Lien tells Tom that she was dead in her dream. Lien says that her lungs don't work and she can't breath. John says that they will make sure that she will continue to breath. Tom says that she should get some sleep. Lien says that she doesn't want to sleep and she wants to be away when she dies. Tom says she will be ok, and sits down next to her. He holds her and sings to her. She tries to close her eyes and relax. Ben gets some medicine from China. He opens the package and looks at it. He pulls out some vials of blood and mixes it with the medicine and looks at it through the telescope. He prays for it to work and he looks at the results.

Jack gives Jessica the box. Hal comes in the courthouse and sits down next to Emily. Hal asks Jen why she is there. She says she wants to see Craig go to jail. Cass tells the judge that the Oakdale PD is after him for revenge and it's personal. Jessica says they can place Craig at the crime scene and says that their evidence is conclusive.

Holden says that the hole is too small to get down the drain. He says they will have to find another way. Luke asks where the drain goes. Holden says that it goes to the ocean. They figure out that they can put a message in a bottle and send it in the ocean. Holden says that they need to put their names and the word 'Malta'. Luke says he wants to put that he misses his Mom.

Lily says that the detective must believe her. He says that the budget for the force won't allow the search. The detective says that the force won't do it because they don't have enough evidence for an International case. She says she will pay for it. He says that he will set her up with a private detective.

Bob says that Lien's body is shutting down. Tom says that they need to give her a different medication. John says there is nothing they can do. John leaves to go to the lab. Bob says they are trying anything they can. Ben comes in and listens, while Bob says there is no miracle.

Jessica says that Craig might go to one of his International friends and leave town. Jessica says they wonder why he was going to leave town the same night his wife got attacked. Cass and Jessica continue to argue. The judge sets bail at three million dollars. Craig tells Cass to go to his suite and get into Barbara's account to make bail. Jen hears this and tells the judge that he can't allow the man who tried to kill her Mom take her money too. Hal apologizes for Jen and Jessica says she promises she will get Craig. Emily tries to calm Jen down. Cass talks to Cass about the matching foot prints from the scene. She says that the shoes have mud on it. Cass says that when Craig is cleared, they will come after her and the department.

Holden reads the note they wrote to Luke. Luke signs his name. They put the note in a bottle. Lily is on the phone. Simon and Rose come up and Simon tells Lily that he is going to the island to find Katie. Lily doesn't tell them that the detective called off the search. Simon leaves. Rose asks Lily how bad it is. Lily says worse.

Ben talks to Tom and Bob. Bob suggests to put Lien on a ventilator. Tom says no. He asks Ben about it. Ben says that it will help her breath and she can live for another two weeks if that. Tom says that he can't believe this is it. Ben says that he may have something to help. Tom asks what he is talking about and Ben says, breaking the law. Tom says that he wants to know. If it saves Lien's life, then he will take the responsibility. Ben says that the drug he has is used in Asia. It is not legal in the US. Ben says he tried the medication with Lien's blood and it worked. Ben says that the hospital will be held responsible. Ben says that he can treat her secretly.

Emily and Hal talk to Jen about how she stood up to her Mom. Jen says it is not fair that her Mom is in the hospital while Craig walks. Hal says that it will all work out. Craig shows up at the restaurant. Jen runs out. Emily says to let her go. Craig tells Cass that things are working out for him. He gets full rein of BRO while Barbara is in the hospital. Cass tells Craig that they found his shoes with mud on them. Craig says he did not kill her. Cass says that with those shoes, Craig is going to jail.

Lily tells Rose that she is mad and now Damien will have to deal with her. She says she is going to Malta and she is bringing her family home.

Holden puts the bottle in the drain. They heard a splash. Someone is coming. The door opens and two men walk in and tell them to go. The leave with them.

Ben says he can treat Lien without the hospital knowing. Ben says that if they found out, he'll lose his license. He says he will risk it. Tom asks if Ben is sure about the medicine. He says it worked with her blood and they are running out of time. He leaves the decision to Tom.

Hal tells Emily that Craig didn't do it. Emily is shocked that he said that. Hal says that Craig didn't plant the bomb and he didn't want to kill Barbara. Craig says that he did not kill Barbara. Cass says that Craig needs to tell him everything. Cass asks Craig if he was there. Craig says that he was there at the boathouse.



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