As The World Turns Update Wednesday 6/27/01



As The World Turns Update Wednesday 6/27/01

By  Laurie

Craig is in jail and Emily is talking to him. He says he didn't kill his wife. He wonders if she is doing this story on him because Hal wanted her to.

Katie got the diamond. Henry says that she must have played a trick. No one could have gone into the ocean and got it. She thinks that Simon will fall in love with her now that she has the diamond. A huge bird comes and takes the diamond from her hand. Henry and Cooley are shocked.

Lily says that the person on the phone was Damien. He hung up. She calls Damien back, and there is no answer. She says she knows it was Damien, and if he is alive, then Holden and Luke are alive. She calls a detective to send someone over to talk to her. She hopes they can trace the cell phone number. Simon asks if she is sure it's Damien and if she is sure she wants to follow through. She is happy that she'll see her son and husband again. She thanks Simon for helping her. Lily tells Simon that he gave her hope. He says that hope will bring back her family.

Katie says she followed the bird and lost the diamond. Henry jokes about it. Cooley tells him to be quiet and stop picking on Katie. She tells Henry to dig Cooley out. Henry said no way. Cooley says he can find the bird. Henry says he doesn't think so.

Emily tells Craig that she is not interested in Hal other than a friend. He doesn't believe her. She continues to take pictures. Craig asks what Hal promised her. She says front row seats to his murder trial. Craig gets mad and tries to grab her.

Jack and Hal talk about how the bomb got into the rafters. They say that Craig only left a few minutes before Barbara. If he planted the bomb, then it would have taken longer. Hal says he is having a hard time believing it. Hal says that he wants more evidence. Hal tells Jack that they don't have enough evidence to prove that Craig tried to kill Barbara. Jack doesn't understand why Hal is turning around. Jack asks if Hal is jealous of Margo because she is the one who put Craig behind bars. Hal says he is not jealous. He says that they can't go on the evidence they have. He says that they need to so the best job they can to prove that Craig is guilty. Hal asks if Jack is going after Craig is personal.

Margo comes in and tells Emily to leave. An officer escorts her out. Craig asks Margo when this will all stop. She says that they have so much evidence, she wants him to prove to her he is innocent.

Henry digs out Cooley. Katie is upset that the diamond is lost. Katie says that she is selfish and that this time she was thinking of Simon. SHe only wanted to make him happy. She says she is an awful person and Henry tries to comfort her. He tells her that hey have work to do. She is depressed, and he tries to cheer her up. Henry tells Cooley that Katie is loosing it. Cooley tells Henry that Katie needs to eat some protien. Henry tells him he is crazy. Cooley says he was going to help them find food. Henry goes to find food, and Cooley stays behind to talk to Katie. Cooley tells her that she can't give up.

A detective comes to talk to Lily and Simon. Lily give him details about the boat rental place and the lolly pop. The detective asks if Jack is doing her favors because he is Holden's cousin. She tells him that she heard Damien's voice on the cell phone. Lily says he doesn't believe her. The dective says that just because she found a lolly pop doesn't mean they are alive. The detective says that they found some personal items. Lily says that she knows they are alive. Lily says that her life and Luke's life were at risk before this happened. The detective says that she may be on to something and that he will track Damiens whereabouts.

Hal tells Jack that if he gets too personal, he will lose. He says that Jack only wants Craig in jail because he is jealous of Carly and Craigs friendship. Jack says that he is leaving. Hal says that maybe Craig is not the one who did it after all. Jack says good-bye. Hal asks himself how Craig pulled it off and he will go ask the man himself.

Margo wants to know why he hasn't called the hospital to check on Barbara. He says the hospital knows he is there. She says that her gut says that he is guilty. He says that Margo arrested him because of his attitude. Margo says she wants to believe him, but its hard to.

Katie wonders what happened to Henry. She hopes nothing happens to him. Cooley says that he will be fine. She says that Henry is her only friend and now she doesn't have Simon. Katie asks Cooley if he has ever been in love. He thinks about it and says he never has been. She says that she fell in love with Simon. She yawns. He tells her that maybe she should lie down and do to sleep. She lays down and he sas he will start looking for the bird. She says he won't find it. He gets up and covers her with the parachute. She is sleeping and she is dreaming that Simon comes and rescues her. She dreams that he was worried about her and he says that he loves her and then kisses her. She wakes up, and talks to the coconut and says that her dreams will never come true.

Lily says that one of their leads will pan out. Simon says that it is great she is on her way. She asks if he is going to stop helping her now. He says that he has his own problems now. She asks him what is wrong. He tells her about Katie and that she left for the island looking for the diamond. Rose comes in with Faith. Lily thanks Simon. Lily leaves with Faith. Simon says that he helped her in everyway he could, not it is Rose's turn to help him.

Craig can't believe that his own sister thinks he killed his wife. He says that if he really wanted Barbara dead, would he make such a mess of it. He says that he wouldn't have done it this way. He is not that careless and stupid. She says she doesn't know. She leaves.

Henry comes back with a rabbit. She can't believe that he caught a rabbit and she doesn't want to eat a bunny. He hands her the rabbit and says he will find something else to eat. She says that without Simon there isn't much left to life.

Simon tells Rose that he is going to look for Katie. Rose says that he has a good heart.

Hal comes to talk to Craig. Hal asks who also visited Craig. Hal says he wants to ask him some questions. Craig says make it fast. Hal says that he is giving him chance to tell him everything. He says that between those two, how did he pull it off?

~The End