As The World Turns Update Monday 6/25/01



As The World Turns Update Monday 6/25/01

By Laurie

Simon is trying to call for information about Katie. No one has seen or heard from her. Rose goes to Simon's and asks if he'll do a favor for Lily.

Katie and Henry are on the island and she found some poison berries to mix with her lip gloss. She plans on kissing Cooley and knocking him out. She wants her scuba gear back.

Jack is at the boathouse with Margo looking through evidence. Hal shows up and Margo is mad that Jack ok'd him being there. Hal brings in an ouside forensics officer.

Craig is at Carly's house and wants him to leave. She tells him that they are not friends. She tells him that Emily told her that he did not try to stop the story on her and Jack.

Katie mixes up the potion in her lip gloss. Henry is worried that her scheme could get them killed. She says that he is harmless. Henry says that the chances her finding the diamond are one in a billion. She is determined to find it. Henry tells her that Cooley could be dangerous and he tells her that Simon doesn't care if she is dead or alive.

Rose asks why the cops were at Simons. He says that they did find a note from Katie. He tells her that Katie and Henry went to the island where Lily and he went to find the diamond. Rose says she went to find HER diamond. He says HIS diamond. Simon says he is worried that Katie never made it there. He asks her what she wanted. She says that he gave Lily hope. Rose says that Jack is testing the lolly pop for DNA. He says that there is not promises in finding Holden and Luke. He says he can't help anymore. He has to find Katie. He says that her family is too involved in Barbara that they don't want to help find Katie. She is mad that he won't help Lily. He says that he can't. She offers him a deal.

The Dr. asks Jack questions about that night whenthe boathouse exploded. He tells her that the exlposion was too powerful to be a malitav coctail. She gets some evidence from the rafters. She says it was a time bomb.

Carly tells Craig that he encouraged Emily to write the story. He denies it. He says that Emily is lying and that he tried to get her to stop. She says she doesn't believe him, she believes Emily. She says that whoever made this bomb is a killer and knew what he was doing.

Craig tells Carly that she told Jack about his saying he wanted Barbara dead. She says that no one would joke about killing his wife and then actually do it. He says that she incriminated him. He asks her if she is selling out their friendship. He doesn't understand why she would tell Jack anything. He admits that he did give the go ahead to print the story. He wanted to cause trouble withher and Jack, so that they would split up for good.

Katie doesn't want to hear about Simon not caring about her. He says he's sorry but they need to worry about getting off the island and eating rather than finding the diamond and waiting for Simon. She says she is not going to give up looking for the diamond.

Rose pleads with Simon to help. She says that everyone is not believing Lily that Holden and Luke are still alive. He says that what if they aren't. She says that they have to hope. She asks why he built up Lily's hope with the lolly pop and then not follow through with help. She says that he needs to help get the Chicago PD to get them to help. She asks if he helps her, then she will help him. She says that she has some money from Wold Wide. He asks if she is conning him. She says she is not. She leaves and he makes a phone call. He calls Lily.

Katie asks Henry if he has ever been in love. He says he hasn't. She says that she hasn't until she met Simon. She tells him that the night she spent with Simon was special and that is when she knew she was in love. She says that she is finding the diamond for love. He says that she is absolutely crazy. He says that her lip gloss scheme is dangerous. He asks if she is questioning his manhood. She says everyone does. She asks him to dress up as a woman for her and she will hit Cooley on the head.

The doctor says that the bomb was an acid bomb. She says that the assalent planted the bomb and waited for the victim to arrive. An officer comes in and shows Margo something. A piece of metal that has CM on it. Margo says, "CM, Craig Montgomery."

Craig tells Carly that he wanted her and Jack to break up. She says that she asked him that before, and he said no. She says that he wants her in his bed. He suggests dinner first. She tells him to get out. She says that they will never be friends. He says that he will always look after her. He says that he is head of BRO and if she has any scetches laying around the house.

The doctor says that she has to leave and hopes they have the evidence they need. Margo says that whoever did it wanted Barbara dead. The moeny clip they have with Craig's money clip and they are going to arrest Craig for attempted murder.

Henry dresses up as in Katie's clothes. She tells him to sit down and puts some lip gloss on him. He says that they are never going to pull it off. She puts a hat on him. Cooley comes up and Katie hides. He thinks it's Katie. Cooley sits down next to Henry.

Simon goes to Lily's house. She thanks him for coming. He tells her that this might be a wild goose chase. Simon says they need to go back to the boat rental place. He says that the man might talk to her as a grieving widow. She says that she doesnt like the way grieving widow sounds. Simon says that the guy might feels sorry for her and talk to her. She says that it will probably work. He says that they will find the truth. Lily says that she ahs to get Faith ready to go to Emma's. She thanks him.

Cooley says that he cleaned up real good. He got dressed and clean and even gargled. Cooley tries to tickle Henry. He says that 'she' forgot to shave. Cooley asks for a kiss. He tickles Henry and Henry starts to laugh and Cooley realizes it's not Katie. Henry grabs Cooley and kisses him.

Carly pleads with Craig to leave. He says he is not leaving until he gets an answer. He wants her to sign with BRO.

Jack says that he will put out an APB for Craig. Hal tells Margo that he is sorry. She says how dare he tell her that. He wanted Craig gone for a long time. Jack asks one of the officers if they got Craig yet. He says no because Craig is not at the Lakeview, he is at Carly's. Jack says he will handle it.

~The End