As The World Turns Update Friday 6/22/01



As the World Turns Update Friday 6/22/01

By Laurie

Carly and Jack talk about his case against Craig. He gets mad when Carly tells him that Craig did not blow up his wife.

Lily asks Margo to put Jack a her case. She is going to start a missing persons case to find Holden and Luke.

Holden and luke are in a dungeon in Malta. Someone comes in with food while they are sleeping. Holden wakes up and tries to get them to open the door. Holden tells Luke that they can eat. Luke is surprised there are chicken nuggets and french fries. He says they need to eat to stay strong in order to win their game.

Jack tells Carly to stay away from Craig. She says she has stayed away but can't stop him form showing up. She says that Craig did not plant a bomb. She says that he doesn't have the stomache to do something like that. Jack says that whatever they discuss, stays between them. She says fine. She says she has to leave and pick up Parker.

Craig and Lisa are talking. He says that the only thing Barbara is worried about is, BRO. He says he is going to take over and get her business running. He says that Carly's fashions would help business. Lisa can't believe it. Lisa gets mad and says that he better not get Carly working for them and she will tell the whole fashion business about him and what he is about. She leaves. Craig picks up the phone and calls Emily. She is not there and he tells them to have her call him.

Emily is at Hal's and she is cooking breakfast for all the kids. Adam and Jen thank her for everything. Emily tells Jen to go upstairs and take a nap, since she didn't get any sleep. Emily says she'll take care of Parker. Jen doesn't want to sleep. She says she will go see her mom again. Emily says she'll take care of Parker. Carly is at the door. Emily welcomes her and says she is getting Parker some juice. Carly asks her what she is doing with her son. Emily says that Parker was thirsty. Carly tells Parker to go play with his blocks. Carly asks Emily what she is doing there. Emily says she is helping Hal. She says she is not taking advantage of Hal. Emily says that it's no big deal that she put the story of her and Jack in the paper. Emily tells her to just let it go. Emily tells Carly that Craig was the first one to compiment her on the story. Carly is shocked.

Holden and Luke talk about their game. Holden is trying to lift Luke's spirits and doesn't want him scared. Holden lifts Luke up to look out the window. Luke asks Holden if Lily found the lolly pop yet. He says he hopes she did.

Margo tells Jack that Lily is waiting for him. She says that Lily wants to keep Holden and Luke's case open. Jack goes in to talk to her. Lily shows him the lolly pop. She explains that Holden had it in the boat the night it exploded. She explains the rented boats and the speed boat with the lolly pop stuck to the seat. She asks him to please understand and do DNA testing. He agrees. She calls on her cell phone for Faith to come down to the station and do DNA testing on Faith and the lolly pop. Jack holds the lolly pop and says that he will run the test. The phone records come back from the Lakeview and there's nothing on it. Rose shows up with Faith and tells Jack she is ready whenever they are. Rose goes into the room with Lily and tells Lily that she is there for her no matter what. Jack asks Margo if it is ok to start the investigation. She says yes. He asks her about going outside the department to find another forensics officer because Craig's lawyers will mess everything up. She gets mad because he suggests that she is biased.

Jen goes to see Bryant and the officer tells her that she has another visiter. She goes in and sees that it is Bryant. He thanks her for giving him the oppurtunity to see Jen. He apologizes for any problems he caused. He sees Jen and he asks if it's ok he is there. She tells him that she can't believe Craig could do such a thing.

Carly is shocked what Emily said about Craig. Emily says that Craig is a lyer. Craig is at the door. He asks Emily why she wasn't at work. He asks Carly if she will be around later. She says for him, no. She leaves. Craig asks Emily if she is playing house maid. She says she is helping a friend. He needs her to write a story about how it is a tragedy for him. She says he is not upset and she will not do it for him. Hal comes in and Hal is getting ready to attack him. Emily stops them and they tell Craig to leave. Hal turns and looks at Emily.

Bryant tells Jen he misses her. She says she can't do this here. He asks when. She says she can't think about the future right now with her mom in the hospital. He says he loves her and he will always be there for her, no matter when. He leaves.

Emily asks Hal how Barbara is. He says she is about the same. She says she made some coffee. He asks her if she was kidding when she told Craig she was helping. She says no. She came over and Jen seemed so stressed and she just wanted to help out. He says the doctors are worried about swelling and infections. Hal says that he knows that Craig blew up the boat. She reminds him that he is not police officer. He says that he has evidence and that Craig tried to kill Barbara. He asks her to put it in the paper. He says to find out what the police have. She tells him that Craig asked her to put a story in the paper to make him look good. She says that Craig owns the paper. He asks her if she wants her son to know what she put a killer away or helped a killer get away. She shakes her head. She tells him not to look at her like that. She says that he needs solid facts. She says she just can't do it. He calls her a puppet. She says that Craig is not even charged yet. He asks her if she'll go ahead and write a story for Craig. She says no. He says that for a self centered , mean broad, she is ok. She gets ready to leave. They say good-bye.

Craig goes to Carly's house. She doesn't want to let him in. He says that he needs her to start a new line. He has his foot in the door and she asks if it's his bad foot.He says yes and she slams the door on it. He yells.

Jack takes the lolly pop and says he'll test it. Lily tells Rose that she is on her own and she will find Luke and Holden herself. Rose says that she is not doing it herself. Lily hugs Rose and Rose says that she's got soemthing and is going to get the ball rolling and leaves.

Luke looks out the window. Luke says he sees a big sail on a boat and it's getting bigger. Holden says that's good, it means it's coming closer and they are close to water. Holden finds a drain and it's loose. He says that it will help them find their way out of there. He says nothing is going to stop them from getting out of there.

~The End