As The World Turns Update Wednesday 6/20/01



As The World Turns Update Wednesday 6/20/01

By  Laurie

Katie is on the island and she is calling out for Simon talking to the coconut. Henry comes up and says that she needs to help him fix the plane. She doesn't want to help it and she says that Simon will come looking for her.

Simon is looking in Craig's suite for him. He can't find him and thinks that he bailed on him.

Margo tells Craig that he is a suspect in the attempted murder of Barbara. He says he wants to go see her. Margo asks him if anyone can vouch for him being somewhere when the bombing happened. She tells him that he is a suspect. She tells him everything she knows and it's too suspicious that he could not be involved.

Hal goes to talk to Jen and Adam at Al's diner. Jen and Adam talk about how Abigail is dealing with the deaths of Holden and Luke. They talk about proms and that they are not going. They say that they hope nothing will ever happen to their family. Hal comes up and they ask him if everything is ok. He says that they have to go. They want to know what is wrong. They are scared. He finally tells Jen that Barbara has been in an accident. She asks what kind. He tells her that there was an explosion. He tells her that they will go to the hospital. She is in critical condition, but alive. Hal sees one of the officers and asks about the investigation. He says that they have a suspect. Craig Montgomery. Jen hears this and asks if Craig is responsible.

Katie is laying with the coconut. He says she is going crazy. Henry says that when they go back, they'll find another man for her. She says she doesn't want another man. She wants her things back, but the island man has it. She wonders what she has to do to get it all back. She grabs his bottle of liquor and says that he is a life saver. She thinks that she can give Cooley the bottle for her trunk.

Craig asks Margo is he has to call his lawyer. He says he is not answering any more questions until he talks to Barbara. Cass calls Craig and Craig asks him to meet him at the police station. Margo and Craig go to the station.

Jen asks Hal if she can see her mom. She thinks Craig did it and wants to know why. The officer tells Hal that they are bringing Craig in for questioning. Jen and Adam get ready to go see her. Hal tells them that he will drive them. Jen tells Hal to please make sure nothing else happens to Barbara. He promises.

Katie runs with the bottle, but Henry catches her. He takes the bottle back. She says she needs her trunk. Katie says that she needs her stuff back for when Simon comes and gets her. Henry says that he is not coming. He doesn't want to give up his bottle, but he eventually does. She grabs it and runs. He goes after her.

Jen arrives at the hospital. Adam says that maybe if Jen just talks to Barbara, she'll feel better. Jen goes in and sees her mom. She tries not to cry, but seeing her like that is so hard. Jen talks to her and tells her that she is sorry for everything she's said and done. She wishes she could take it all back. She asks for a second chance. She asks God for her to wake up. She'll do anything if she'll just wake up. She pleads with her not to die. She tells her that she loves her and needs her. Hal comes in and tells her that there is nothing to be sorry for. She says he doesn't understand, but Hal says that he does. He says her mom will forgive her and loves her more than ever. Jen asks how this could have happened. Hal says that he doesn't know, but the man will be caught. He will make sure of it.

Craig and Margo arrive at the station and Cass is there. She takes them into the interrogation room. She tells Jack to continue to look for more evidence. Jack tells her that he has information leading that Craig talked about taking Barbara out of the picture permanently. Margo goes into the room and asks about Craig and Barbara's relationship. She asks him about the argument. Cass tells him not to talk. Margo says that they have a witness saying that he said that he wanted her dead for his financial problems. He says that he wasn't serious. She explains that he says he wants Barbara dead, then the explosion, and then he was going to leave town. Cass says that this questioning is personal not professional and says that they don't have anything to hold him. Craig says that he wants to go see his wife. Margo says that he can go. She tells him that he cannot leave town until the investigation is over. Hal shows up and sees Craig. Craig tells him that he is going to the hospital. Hal can't believe they are letting him go.

Jack shows up at Craig's suite and Simon was getting ready to leave. Jack asks where Katie is. Jack has a search warrant and he and the officers look around. They tell Simon to unlock his suite too. He lets them.

Cooley sees the bottles of liquor and goes up to them and gets ready to open them. Katie and Henry grab Cooley with another parachute. Henry goes to grab his olives and Katie can't hold Cooley on her own. Cooley turns around and grabs Katie. Henry stands there.

Simon says that he doesn't know where Katie is. They find a box and it's loaded with Barbie dolls. The officer asks Simon how old his wife is. Simon wonders where Katie is.

Cooley is on top of Katie and Henry grabs her Simon stick and hits Cooley with it. Katie grabs one of the bottles and breaks it and says to come on and fight her. Cooley asks Henry if she's for real. Henry says obviously and sits down.

Hal wants to know why Craig can leave. Cass says that they don't have any evidence. Craig leaves and Hal says to Margo that he will make sure that Margo will be taken off the case. He says that she is too close to the suspect. And he will make sure Craig goes to prison.

An officer comes in and asks Simon if he found his diamond yet. Simon asks what he is talking about. He sees the letter that Katie left him. He tells Jack to tell Margo that he knows where Katie is.

Katie wants the olives back. She jumps on his back and he wants to know why they are there. She wants her clothes back, and her trunk. He says ok, if she gives him what he wants.

Margo says that she and Hal have been friends for years. She says that she can't believe he is acting this way. She says that if he shows up at the station again, she'll personally arrest him. He can't believe her and leaves. Margo goes into the room and asks Shanks what they found at Craig's suite. She says that she wants all the details and wants to know everything about Barbara. Shanks asks her if she is ok. She says no. She says that she wants him to find the man who tried to kill Barbara

Jen and Adam are in Barbara's room. Adam says that she'll come out of it and everything will get back to normal. She says that it's all her fault and it serves her right that this is happening. Adam says its not true. Craig shows up and puts the gown on. Cass tells him that he wants to know about the checks. He says that Barbara wanted him to pay it all back. He says that importantly right now is that Barbara makes it. Jen walks out of the room and tells him to stay away from her mother. She says that it is his fault. Adam holds her back and Jen leaves. Adam says that Craig just doesn't know when to quit. Craig goes into Barbara's room and is truly stunned to see what she looks like. The officer says that Barbara is in a coma. Craig didn't know.

~The End

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