As The World Turns Update Tuesday 6/19/01



As The World Turns Update Tuesday 6/19/01

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By Glynis

Craig is trying to get a flight to San Francisco that night. There is no flight available for him to leave town. He has to get out of town that night.

Lily is with Simon and she is pleading with him to tell her what it is that he knows about the terrible accident. He starts telling her the story. He found a lollipop that is in a plastic bag. It is a long shot, but it could mean that Lucas and or Holden may be alive. The day of the explosion she remembers that he had the lollipop in his pocket. Lucinda shows up at the diner and finds Simon talking with Lily. She wants Simon to stop giving Lily false hopes. Simon agrees to leave, but Lily would like to speak to him again. Lucinda forbids it. Simon leaves and Rose sees him and follows him stopping him outside. She wants him to listen to what she thinks. She wants a try. Inside the diner, Lucinda tries to get Lily to accept that Holden and Luke are gone. She is sure that her family is alive somewhere. She shows her mother the lollipop that Simon brought to her. Lily is sure that the lollipop is a sign that they are still alive. She knows now that she will not stop looking for her family. She is going to bring them home. She is choosing to fight for her husband and her son. Lucinda thinks that she is the bravest girl that ever lived, but there are some battles that she canít win. Lilly feels that she canít lose. No one can take away her hope. She begs her mother not to make her try. Her son wanted her to save him and she couldnít. She will find him.

Lucas is sitting over his father. He tries to wake him up, but Holden isnít moving. Lucas removes the cover from his fatherís face and sees that it is really he. He puts his head on his chest and lies there. Holden soon rises and hugs his son. They are safe and not really dead from the explosion. Everything is going to be okay. They are in a location unknown to them, but Holden isn't worried because they are together. They have to figure out what is going on. Holden has a bump on his head. Holden starts looking around. Lucas canít even remember what happened to them on the boat. Holden is going to figure it out. He remembers that there was another boat behind Damienís boat and someone knocked them out with a stinky handkerchief. The next thing that they remember is waking up in the Ďcaveí. That is good because that means that Damien wasnít going to hurt either one of them. This was just a game. Damien is in control of the game. They donít know where he is right then. That is part of the game. They shouldnítí worry because they are together and on the same team. There is a window at the top of their Ďcellí and Holden hoists up his son to see what is out there. There are no houses out there or anything. There are a lot of trees out there, but not like the ones at home. Holden tries to make Lucas feel less stressed out and talks of when they go home to see mommy. He hugs his son and looks up at the window at the top of their dungeon.

Jack and Hal think that they have figured out that Craig tried to kill Barbara. He did kill Mei Ling, but he is not going to kill Barbara. He is going to pay. Margo reminds Hal that he is no longer a part of the force and that she needs to do her job. Hal orders her to get out and find the information that they need. Margo assures him that she will arrest whoever is responsible for the attack on Barbara. Hal knows that Barbara was scared and that was because of Craig Montgomery. Margo leaves to go and talk to Craig. Ben comes to see Hal and tell her that Barbara has stabilized but it is still touch and go. She has been terribly burned. She had cardiac arrest at the site. A specialist is coming in to take care of her. Hal canít see her yet. She has 3rd degree burns over most of her face and she can easily be infected. Her condition is critical.

Margo finds Craig at the airport trying to leave. He doesnít know anything about Barbaraís accident. He really doesnít know that Barbara is in the hospital fighting for her life. The shocked look on Craigís face speaks loudly that he didnít know anything about any accident.

Carly and Jack discuss Carly talking with Craig and him saying that he wished that Barbara was dead. Carly is sure that Craig didnít mean thinks as ominously as they sounded. He isn't so sure that she should be that sure about Craig and his capabilities.

Barbara gets a visit from Hal. She is unconscious. He is shocked at the way that she appears. He apologizes for being angry with her. She is completely bandaged up and breathing though a hose. He will be back every chance that he gets until she is out of there. he will be on the other side of the hall waiting for her. He loves her and he never stopped and he never will. He is brought to tears at the sight of her. He turns and walks from the room. He meets up with Jack and Carly and tells them that Barbara looks really bad. Jack thinks that he should go home and tells his kids what has happened to Barbara. Hal doesnít know how he is going to tell his kids that Barbara has been badly hurt. He isnít a cop anymore, but he wants everyone to know that he is on the case and he will stay on the case until Craig is brought down.


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