As The World Turns Update Monday 6/18/01



As The World Turns Update Monday 6/18/01

By Laurie

Lily asks Simon what he was talking about to Lucinda. Lucinda says that it was nothing. She wants to know. She asks Simon to tell her what it is.

Hal tells Carly what she knows about Barbara. He says that Craig is suddenly gone and he thinks he is going to hurt Barbara. Carly tells him that Craig told her that Barbara was going to leave him. Hal wonders why she needed a cop and why she couldn't go to him. He says that if Barbara is going to call the cops then Craig is going to stop her. Jack shows up and he tells her about what Julia said. Jack says that he has to go meet Barbara but can't tell her why.

Someone is putting some tablets in a bottle of liquid. It starts to smoke. Barbara shows up and waits outside then decides to go inside the boathouse. She doesn't see the smoking container. She waits for Jack.

Emily is talking to Susan about Hal. Susan says Hal's business is not her business. Hal is talking to Kim about Barbara. He says he is going to look for Barbara. He tells Jen that he is going. Bryant offers to take Jen home. Bryant says that maybe Barbara is finally seeing the light about Craig. Jen doesn't think so.

Carly tells Jack to be careful. Hal says he is leaving. Carly says that Jack just left. She wants to go with Hal to the boathouse. He says ok. They leave and tell Lily they are sorry that they have to leave. She says its ok. Lily asks Simon again what he was talking about. Simon says that he is there only as a friend to her. Caleb comes up and tells Lily that the ceremony is about to begin. Jake sees Simon and asks him what he is doing there.

Barbara is waiting outside and hears things. She is scared and decides to wait inside. She thinks it's Jack. She calls his name and says she didn't hear his car. She sees the person and it's not jack. She says, "oh, it's you."

Rose goes into the church and she says she can't do it. She is too upset. Joe says she can hold it together just for an hour. She hugs him and says she loves him. She sits down. Emma tells Seth and Caleb to tell everyone that Damien really loved his son. They relunctly says ok.

Jake tells Simon that he needs to leave. Simon says he didn't say anything to Lily yet. Jake says don't tell anyone. Simon says that he told Lucinda. But, she didn't believe him. He says that being there is tough. He can't stand to see Lily hurt. Jake says to sit by him. Simon says no, he is going to stay outside. The memorial begins. Iva goes up to speak. She talks about Holden when the were kids. Different tricks they pulled on eachother. She starts to cry. Lucinda watches Lily. Iva tells Lily that everyone feels her pain. Lily yells out, "Stop."

Carly tells Hal how to get to the boathouse. Hal asks her how she knows to get there. She says that it was her and Jack's special place. Hal asks her why she wants to go. She says she is scared for Jack. She says that Julia would set something up to hurt Jack. Barbara would help her. Hal says that Barbara wouldn't do that. She has more problems in mind.

Barbara asks the person what he is doing there. Jack hear's Barbara yelling at the man and he goes in the boathouse explodes. Hal and Carly see the explosion. Carly yells for Jack. Hal says to stay there and call 911. Barbara screams. She is on fire. Jack goes in unhurt and smothers Barbara with a blanket. The man runs out of the boathouse. Jack yells for him to stop. He doesn't see who it is. Hal comes in with a fire extinguisher and Jack says he can't feel her pulse. Hal starts CPR.

Lily stands up and tells everyone she can't do this. She won't do this. She appreciates everyone being there and she says that she won't do this. She says that when she is sleeping, she feels them in her heart and soul. She says that until she has proof of them gone, she won't accept it.

The paramedics show up and do CPR. She shock her and still can't get a pulse. Jack tells Hal to stay back. He says he can't he needs to talk to her. Hal says it's his wife. Even if it's not legally. The paramedics say ok. He talks to her. Carly runs in and into Jacks arms. She says she thought he was dead. She sees Barbara. She asks Jack who did it. Jack says he couldn't see how it was. Carly asks him if he thought it was Craig. He says that Craig knew she was going there and he was the only one who benifitted from it. Carly asks Jack who also knew he was going there. He said no one, only Julia. Jack has to go to help out. Carly leaves. Hal talks to Barbara and the paramedics continue to shock her. He pleads with her to live. They shock her one more time. They finally get a pulse.

Cal goes up and tells everyone that Lily will be fine and apologizes for the delay and appreciates everyone's patience. Molly asks Abigial if she is ok. She says yes, but she can't understand why they didn't find any bodies. Lily is outside and Simon is there. She asks why nobody came out. Maybe they are waiting for her to go back in. She says that she can't go back in. She says that she can't accept they are gone. She says that it doesnt feel real. She says that she has to find Holden and Luke. She says that her baby is still alive. She says she has to find them. She says she has to do something. Simon says he already has. He says he and Jake are looking. She asks what they found out. Caleb says he doesn't think Lily is coming back. Emma says that they should stop the memorial. Lucinda says she will look for Lily. They wait for her. Lily asks Simon what he found out. Lucinda hears.

The paramedics say that some of Barbara's burns are third degree and she's in critical condition. But, she'll live. Hal says that Craig must've been there. Jack says they don't know for sure. Craig goes to his suite and and packs a bag and goes through the paperwork. He makes a phone call. He makes an intenational reservation.

Carly goes to see Julia. Dr. Michaels says she can't go in. Carly tells Dr. Michaels that Julia put a bomb there. Dr. Michaels is not sure that beleives it. Carly says that Jack is fine, but someone else is not. She lets Carly in and Julia is not there. Dr. Michaels says that Julia couldn't leave, she is on suicide watch. Julia is wheeled in and Carly says, "Hello, Julia. Planted any good bombs lately?" Julia screams. She tells her to get away from her. Carly asks if Julia has been there all night. Carly says that there was an explosion. She says that Jack is ok, but Barbara might die. Julia screams no.

Hal says that Craig is going down for this. Craig is making reservations and asks himself what has he done.

Lucinda says that Simon is lying and he asked her for money. Lily says that she is leaving with Simon. Seth comes out and asks her if she needs a ride. She says no, she already has one. Seth hugs her and Lily says that Holden and Luke will come home. Lucinda asks Lily where she is going. Lily says to bring her husband and son home.

Luke is in a room and the door opens. He is scared. Something gets thrown in. It's a big bag. Luke goes to look and calls for Daddy.

~The End.


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