As The World Turns Update Friday 6/15/01



As the World Turns Update Friday 6/15/01

By Laurie

Julia is in the hospital saying Jacks name over and over again. Jack isn't sure he should have gone to see her. He is talking to Dr. Michael's and he asks if Julia slit her wrists on purpose for attention. He goes in to see her.

People are coming to Holden and Luke's memorial. People are telling Lily how sorry they are and she says that she just can't believe it and says that it is all a mistake. Jake tells Lucinda that he will work extra hours if she needs him. She thanks him and says she is just fine. Rose is at the memorial too. Emily and Susan show up and hope that no one says anything to them and kick them out. Hal comes up and asks if she is ok and asks then to sit with him. Barbara comes in and Kim says hi. Barbara tells her that she can't imagine losing a child and a husband all the same time. She wonders if Jack is there, she needs to talk to him. She won't tell Kim why.

Carly tells Craig to leave and he'll be fine. She says he will bounce back. He says no, everything it out of control. He says Barbara is out to ruin him. Carly asks him what he is going to do. She suggest running away, he says he won't. He says he hasn't decided what to do, but his life would be a lot easier if she wasn't around. She says he is not thinking of killing her. He says how hard would it be? A lot easier than they think. Carly says that he cannot be serious. He says she is an obstacle. She tells him to stop it, she doesn't want to hear it. He says he won't murder her. He says he is just fantasizing about it. But if there was an accident... He says Barbara wants the cash he took by tonight and how is he supposed to get it?

Barbara tells Kim that she needs to talk to Jack about something important, but she can't tell Hal. Hal talks to Jen, she says she can't believe Holden is gone. She talks about how protective he was of his kids. Bryant comes up and wants to talk to Jen. He tells her he is sorry. Margo tells Tom that Hal looks angry. She says Hal is angry for taking his Job.

Julia tells Jack that she can't believe he is there seeing her. Julia says that he should be at the memorial for Lily. He says that Lily has enough family there. She says that if she had a different kind of family, then she wouldn't be there. Jack tells her that she has something to live for. She says he is right and hugs him. He pulls away and asks her why she thought she needed to kill herself.

Rose and Lucinda talk and Rose says she can't cry. Lucinda sees Simon at the memorial. She tells him to leave on his own or she'll have him removed. Hal talks to Margo about his losing his job. He says he acted like a jerk and he is sorry about that. She says there's no need to apologize. He says that the Oakdale PD has the best chief and he is proud of her. She is speechless. Jen consoles Abigail. She tells her she is always there for her. Abigail asks about Bryant. Jen says she doesn't talk to him. Barbara comes up and hugs Abigail. She asks Jen how she is. Jen tells her that she doesn't want to talk to her today. Barbara tells her that things may change and they will find themselves on the same side again. Jen walks away. Hal comes up and asks Barbara if she is ok. She says that she is fine. Kim comes up and says no matter what it is, she will only talk to Jack. Hal asks why.

Julia says that she didn't want to keep Jack from the memorial service. He says he still cares what happens to her and that is why he is there. She is surprised that he cares enough. He says that even Carly was concerned. She gets angry that Carly was upset that she tried to kill herself and says that she doesn't want to hear about Carly.

Carly asks Craig why she is there. He says that she is the only person he trusts and he needs her help. She says she can't help him, because of Jack. He says to put Jack aside and help him. She says she doesn't have any money to give him and he says that he doesn't need her money.

Lucinda wants Simon to leave. He says that he is only thinking about Lucinda too. She says that he has nerve. He says that Holden and Luke may not be dead. She asks what he is talking about. He says he thinks they aren't dead and he's found something. Lucinda ask what they found. He says that what they found so far is too soon for mourning for Luke.

Rose finally meets Cal. He says how identical she and Lily really are. He says that he just wanted to say hello. Lucinda asks Simon how he and Jake can say that Holden and Luke are alive. She wants to know why Jake hasn't said anything. Simon tells her that there should have been some bodies found and not even one was found. He tells her that Damien rented a boat. Lucinda says it's all bull and doesn't want to hear it.

Hal asks Barbara what she wants to talk to Jack about. He asks if it is concerning BRO. She says she is not talking to him about it. She says she can't stay. He asks if she needs his help. No strings attached. She says thanks and leaves. Kim asks Hal if they should back off and let Jack handle it. Hal says it's probably a legal matter.

Julia says that Carly sent him there. She says that Carly only did it because she felt guilty. He says that nobody forced him to be there. He is there on his own. She laughs and says that he is trying to say is that no matter how much Carly and he mess up her life, they would just shrug it off and go on with their lives. She says that she doesn't want to hear about Carly again or else she really will kill herself.

Craig tells Carly that he can't believe she would fail him. She says that she is not failing him but doesn't want to get involved. She suggests he be honest with Barbara. She says to apologize and Barbara will forgive him. He says she won't, he just needs time. He wants to stay at her house. He says he just needs time to clear his head. She says no and tells him to leave. He does and she shuts the door. He is standing outside and says that he is not going to let it happen, Barbara.

Seth talks to Abigail and she says she can't believe that she is finally meeting them and wished she didn't have to under these circumstances. Barbara tells Lily that she needs to leave. Lily says ok. She says to take care of what she needs to. Barbara starts to leave and Craig shows up. She wants to go. He tells her that there is no way he can have all the cash by tonight. She says that she has given him enough time. He says she is being childish. Kim tells them that the service is going to start and to take it somewhere else. Craig says he is there for Lily. Kim asks Barbara is she is staying, she says no. She picks up her phone.

Jack tells Julia that he won't fall for any threats anymore. His phone rings. It's Barbara. She needs to see him and she tells him that everyone was right and Craig is after her money. She tells him that Craig admitted everything and she is ready to press charges. Craig listens. She says she didn't know who else to go to. She says she has to put a stop to it. He tells her to go to the old boat house and she says ok. Craig hears where she is going. He leaves before she does. Julia hears Jack talking and thinks it's Carly. Jack says to Barbara that he will be there in a few minutes. Hal hears Barbarba talking on the phone and now he knows what is going on. Jack tells Julia that he has to leave. She says that he is going to Carly.

Lucinda tells Simon not to give anyone false hope. She doesn't want to believe him. He says he doesn't have the resouces. She says that she will not give him any money. He says it is not about the money. He says he will just tell Lily about it all. Lucinda says that he will not go anywhere near Lily, ever. He says that she can't make Lily's mind up for her. Lily comes out and says about what?

Julia says that she will not be pitied. She says Jack can run to Carly all he wants. Jack tries to leave and Julia tells at him that she'll make him and Carly pay. She tries to attack him, but an orderly holds on to her. He leaves.

Hal tells Carly that Barbara has to meet with Jack. He says that she is scared and it has to do with Craig. Carly asks about Craig? He says that if she knows something, then tell him.

Someone is at the boathouse and sets something on one fo the rafters. It's smoking. Barbara shows up at the boathouse and goes inside. She waits for Jack to get there. She doesn't see the smoking bottle above her.

~The End


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