As The World Turns Update Wednesday 6/13/01



As The World Turns Update Wednesday 6/13/01

By  Laurie

Molly is mad at Jake for giving her a note on the bathroom mirror. He says she was taking a shower and didn't want to bother her. She wants to know about his mystery meeting. Simon come up and tells Molly he is Jake's meeting. They tell her about their plans in finding Holden and Luke. She says they've lost their minds.

Rose tells Joe that she can't find Lucinda because she is in South Africa. Joe says it must be tough on Lily that her mother is no there. He says it must be really bad to bury your own child. Rose says she's been thinking of Craig. She says he is lousy for taking over the company while Lily is going through the deaths.

Barbara can't believe what Lily must be going through. Craig says he has a business proposition for her. She doesn't want to hear it if it has to do with BRO. He says it's different. Emily shows up at the door. She sees Barbara. Barbara says she is leaving. Emily asks if he has been bad and if he is sleeping on the sofa yet. Craig says she is just upset over Holden. Emily says it is awful. Emily shows Craig the pictures she brought him and one of them is of Rose when she posed at Lily at the meeting. He says he is looking at the answer to a prayer.

Ben visits Lien and gives her some magazines. He shows her different ones and then she bursts into tears. He tries to comfort her and she just cries and says she hates it there and wants to go home.

Emily says something is not right with him. She says she is up to something. He says good-bye and will see her at the service. Craig looks at the picture again and calls Rose. He says he wants to discuss the business they discussed the other day. She says ok, meet at Lucinda's office. Joe says he is proud of her for taking over. She says Holden would have wanted her to. He says that he knows she loved Holden and he would have been proud of her too. He says he is going to leave. Rose asks him to stay. Craig is at his suite and he looks at Rose picture and says she is playing with the wrong guy.

Molly is talking to Jake and Simon and says that they are looking for trouble. She doesn't want them to get hurt. Simon says that they aren't sure they won't find Holden. Molly says that the police stopped the search and now are only looking for bodies, not survivors. Simon explains how Damien rented a boat. She asks how they know. She wants to know what they know about everything. She says that how did she know the boat was going to explode and needed another boat. He says that maybe Damien blew up the boat on purpose because dead men can't be killed. Molly says that if Holden were alive, he would get a hold of Lily. Jake says he has to at least try. He says that Simon and Jake are going to drive to Wisconsin to find the boat rental place. Molly says she is not comfortable about it. Simon leaves so they can talk. She says that she is worried about them. He says he has to do it. She says she is not going to stop him. She loves him. She says that he is the best and to please be careful. He says he will call when he knows something. He leaves.

Hal goes to Barbara's and wants to talk to her. She lets him in. He says he has talked to Wil about things and she is glad he did. He says that remembered that he needed to do bills. She says she took them and was going to pay them. He says that he has the savings account and he wanted to pay them. He says he wants the bills and she looks for the checks. He asks if something is wrong.

Rose and Craig talk about the stock. She says she wants the stock and he wants double the price. She can't beleive it. She calls the Lakeview and wants to talk to Barbara. He says to wait a minute. She asks the consierge to hold on and Craig wants to talk to her about who was the meeting at World Wide. He shows her the picture. She says Lily takes a great picture. He says that Lily didn't remember details of the meeting or that her mother was in the hospital. He says that something of the picture caught his attention. A necklace she was wearing. Rose is wearing the same necklace. He says that he knows she was at the meeting and says that he wants her silence for his silence or else he will tell everyone that she was at the meeting. She says she doesn't care, she will still bring him down. He says then he will bring the whole company down.

Barbara says she found her checkbook in the wrong place, it through her off. She says she has been so distracted with Holden's death that she must have moved it. Hal offers her a shoulder if she needs it. She says she can't. She can't tell him what she is going through. She hands him the bills and says she will see him at the service. He leaves. She looks through her company checks and notices there are 15 checks missing.

Ben tells Lien that she will go home soon. She says that it seems like forever. She apologizes for crying. He says there is no worry. She says he is worried about her and doesn't want him to weasle his way into her case again. He says he won't. She says she yearns for her car. She says she had a convertable. She loved it. She wants to go to the lake and have a picnic. He says she will in time. Isaac and Curtis come in with daisies. She thanks them. Curtis says that he knows she's been bored and asks for help with his homework. She says she will help him. He thanks her and sits down. Ben and Isaac leave the room. Isaac asks Ben how she is. He tell him that she is scared and so is he. Isaac asks what her chances are. Ben says he doesn't know. Isaac says he needs to talk to her. He says he can't. He says he can't rescue her. Isaac says he is glad he is learning something. Isaac says Lien needs to trust him. He says he knows. Isaac tells him just to relax. He needs to find a way to make it work.

Molly comes home and calls for the sitter. Abigail comes out and says that Mary is out with the twins. She is wearing Molly's dress. She says she didn't have anything to wear. Molly says it is fine and that she doesn't need to wear black. She says she didn't know. She says that there was a dress that he really liked and wanted a picture of her. She cries and says that she didn't have enough time with him. Molly says that no matter where Holden is, he knows she loves him. Abigail says she is going to change into the other dress. Molly hopes Jake will find something.

Jake goes into the boat rental place. He asks the man if he can speak to the owner. He says that he is the owner. Jake asks him if he remember Damien. The man says no. Jake pulls out money. The man says he doesn't need his money. Simon comes in and says he needs a boat to rent. The man says that he is not in the rental business anymore and walks out. Jake tells Simon that there is no way he rented the boat to Damien. Simon says maybe, but maybe not.

Craig says that he will expose her and Lucinda if she talks to Barbara. He says that he will tell everyone about Lucinda's mental condition. Rose says that Barbara will learn from someone about her money. He says that it doesn't matter because by the time she finds out, she will not have much money left. He says she has saavy and that he could use her some day in his business. She says no way.

Barbara talks to Paul and tells him about Holden and Luke. Paul tells her about how much money has been used from her account. She wants to know exactly how much and what check numbers and to whom.

Simon says that the guy only has paddle boats and canoes. Simon says that he looked out back and found a speed boat. He says that he got a very nice amount of money for this last job.

Rose tells Joe that Craig knew that she was pretended to be Lily. He says that it could be worse. Maybe she stopped him from buying more stock. She gets a call and says Lucinda is coming home today.

Barbara tells Paul that it is a huge amount of money and that she can explain it. She hangs up. She looks at some papers and says she has been a fool. Craig comes home says hello to her. She says she's been thinking. Shes been sad, and he says he knows and that she can always lean on him. He hugs her and she says she knows how very lucky she's been.

~The End


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