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As The World Turns Update Monday 6/11/01

By Laurie

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Hal is reading The Intruder. She is all dressed up and he asks if she has a date. She says with him. He is shocked, because he didn't ask for a date. She says that she is only joking and is there for drinks. She is meeting with the Mayor a little later. He asks her why she was at Lucinda's stock holder meeting. He wants to thank her.

Jack wants to talk to Julia. He argues with the nurse when Dr. Michaels comes up. Julia is inside talking to the rest of the group about Owens last day. Julia sees Jack outside and asks the doctor if she can talk to him. She says ok. Julia wants to apologize for Holden's death.

Carly grabs Craig and kisses his cheek. Barbara comes in and asks what they are doing and why he is there. She is angry and he plays dumb. She takes the sketches and throws them at him.

Hal says that he is thankful for when she gave him a drive home the other night and talked about how he needs to be there for the kids. He says thank you several times. She says that's it? He says yeah. They both laugh. They laugh about their jobs and how they have a lot in common. She asks him if he as flirting with her. He laughs and asks if she printed the Lucinda story or if flirting worked.

Jack gives Julia all the paper work to his retirement. And all this papers for any money he has and the deed to the house. He gives it all to her except his pension. He says take it all and let him go. She wonders if he is doing it because of Holden and Luke. She says that he is turning to her because he wanted to see her. Because they were friends. He says that Holden and Lily loves each other. He says that that when two people love each other as much as they did then you need to be with that person you love the most. And Carly is it.

Barbara says she can't believe Carly tried to pass her sketches to her. Craig says it was all his idea. Carly stops him and says that Craig had nothing to do with it and she did it all and wanted money for her and parker. Barbara says that slinging hash at Al's is the only job she'll get. Craig asks her to stop. Barbara asks Craig what he thought was going to happen. He says that he thought she would help Carly. She says that was a mistake and her other mistake is staying married to someone who lies to her.

Julia wants to know what he means. Jack says that he was in New York talking to her mom when he should have been with Holden. She says he is blaming her for it. She says that she is glad he wasn't there with Holden, because he could have died. He says he wants a divorce. She asks Jack to give Emma and Lily her love. He tells her to enjoy her house. He leaves. She looks at all the papers he left her and grabs them all. She drops them on the floor and cries.

Emily is mad because Hal was sweet to her and then all of a sudden he interrogates her. She is mad. She says she published the story on her own. Craig has nothing to do with it. Hal says that he wants to protect her from Craig. He reminds her that if she is involved in Lucinda's poisoning in any way, there will be serious consequences. She says fine. She wants to know if he is going to stay obsessed with Craig for the rest of his life. Emily tells Hal to stop pining over Barbara.

Craig says he is sorry for lying about who the designer was. She says a lie is a lie and it doesn't matter what kind it was. Carly says that there is nothing between them. Carly says that Jack is coming home. Barbara says that she is going to stay to talk to Jack about what they did. Craig says Barbara liked them. Barbara says that she would never hire her. Carly tells her to stop putting her down. Barbara slaps her when Carly says she can have any man she wants. Jack walks in and asks what is going on. Craig smiles. Carly goes after Barbara and Jack grabs her. Barbara says that Carly was kissing Craig. Carly says that it was only a peck on the cheek. Jack wants to know what is going on. He wants to know if Craig was there alone with Carly. Carly says that Craig is always at her house and they roll around naked and asks Barbara for a threesome. Jack tells them to leave. He tells Craig that he better never come back.

Julia is upset. Dr Michaels talks to her about why she is upset. She says that Jack blames her for Holden's death. She says that now that he gave her everything, Jack is never coming back. She has a panic attack and says that she has nothing to live for anymore.

Emily talks to Hal about Holden. How they were married and how she is shocked that that he is really gone. She says she has to go. She offers to take him with her. He says no. She asks if he was flirting with her a while ago. He says maybe next time. She tells him he's welcome. She gets ready to leave and they smile at each other.

Barbara storms in their suite and slams the door on Craig's face. She is mad about what he did. He says he was trying to help. She says that she wants to know what he would think if things were reversed. He says that if it's business, he only goes with winners and not who the person is. She says that she asked him to stay away from Carly. She says he doesn't respect her. He says that she doesn't tell him how to live and he wont tell her. She says that he can't tell her how to run her company. He says fine. He just wanted to help Carly. She wants to know why he continues to see Carly. He says that he won't take orders from his wife. He says that he is not cheating on her.

Hal offers Jen some ice cream. She refuses. He wants to know what's wrong. She says Bryant keeps calling her and she doesn't want to talk to him. She says she has also been a bad person, because she hasn't called Abigail. She doesn't know what to say. He offers some advice about how to call someone and offer condolences. He says that all she can do is be there for Abigail. She says that she doesn't want to say the wrong thing. He says it's not about what you say, it's about just being there and holding her hand. Jen says that she has been such a bad friend and she has only been thinking about herself and not Abigail. She wants to know how she could blow off everyone who is important to her. Hal says he will drive her over to Abigail's and they will pay their respect together. She hugs him and they go.

Carly says that she can't believe Jack didn't stand up for her. He says that if Craig hadn't been there, then nothing would have happened. Jack says that he doesn't want Craig around ever. She says that this is her apartment, and Craig is her friend, and he is not going to make the rules. She says that no one is going to tell her what to do, ever.

Julia says that she can't take it anymore. She can't breath and Dr. Michaels says she needs to breath and take a deep breath. She says she'll be right back. Julia says she has nothing left. She has nothing to live for. She gets up and hugs Owen and tells him to keep in touch.

Craig says it's not going to happen again. Barbara tells him that the honeymoon is over. She says that if he doesn't want another divorce, then he needs to rethink everything. She says she is beginning to believe everyone when they said he was a liar and a cheater. He says what they have is real and that they will get through it. He grabs her and wants to hug her. She says she wants to know if he really loves her. She walks away.

Carly is mad and Jack says he didn't mean to sound like a bully. She says nothing happened and that maybe he should leave to his house. He says he doesn't have a house anymore or a car. He gave it all to Julia. She can't believe he did that. He says he gave up everything for her and the only thing that asks her is that she stays away from Craig. She says that he doesn't have faith for her or respect. He says that Craig is not welcome in his home and if she can't handle that, then maybe he shouldn't live there. She doesn't say anything and Jack leaves.

~The End


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