As The World Turns Update Wednesday 6/6/01



As The World Turns Update Wednesday 6/6/01

By  Laurie

Carly is at home and she is talking about how she is going to set up her business with Craig using Barbara's money. She doesn't think it will work. Craig shows up at her door with the Intruder. He shows her the pictures of Lucinda.

Ben is talking to Lien and he wonders why she didn't tell him she was feeling sick. Even after everything they went through. He wants to know why she went to John and not him. She said that she asked John to keep it a secret. She says that she didn't want Ben to know because she says that he can't be just his doctor.

Lily and Rose go to Emma's house to tell her about Holden and Luke. Joe is there too. Lily comes in and Emma knows there is something wrong. Emma asks where Holden is. Lily tells her about how Damien took Luke and that Holden went after him. Rose cuts in and tells them that there was an explosion and that Holden and Luke are missing. Emma doesn't believe it and asks her how. Lily says that all the divers found was the teddy bear. She says it's all her fault because she couldn't protect Luke. Emma starts to cry and says it can't be true, they can't be gone. Then she hugs Lily.

Carly says that she doesn't want to go anywhere with Craig, because she doesn't want to see Pink Elephants. She asks him if he had anything to do with it. He doesn't says yes, but says that all the stock holders will be selling and he will be cleaning up. She says she doesn't need his money or him. He sees her sketches and says that she must be serious about his proposition than she is letting on.

Lien says that she doesn't want Ben to be her doctor and her boyfriend at the same time. She says what if he was her doctor and the treatment failed? She doesn't want him to deal with that burden. She says she could die with her condition. She talks about leaving Oakdale and going back to DC to a hospital there.

Emma asks if there was anything found. Rose said no. Lily blames herself. Emma says it's not her fault. Lily says she needs to see Faith. Emma says for her to calm down first. Joe says he will call the family. They both go upstairs to see Faith. Rose holds Luke's bear and Joe talks to her about it. He says that it's good she is there for her sister. She says who is going to help her? She loves Holden too. Joe hugs her and says he is there for her.

Lien thinks maybe Ben only loves her and wants to help her because she is going to die. He says she is not going to die if he treats her. He says that she only wants to run away. She says she is not. She says they need to make a deal. Either he can be her doctor or her new boyfriend. Which is it going to be? He asks her if she wants to go bowling and kisses her.

Craig says that Carly's sketches are good. She says she is not going to work for BRO. He says that she can if she goes under a different name and he will be the middle man. There's a knock at the door and it's Hal. He says he wants to talk to Jack. He sees Craig. Carly tells Hal that Jack is not there, he is in New York. He tells her that Holden and Luke are missing and they are probably dead.

Rose makes phone calls and talks to Iva. She says that she needs to call Lucinda. Joe tells Rose that there must have been a reason why she went to Oakdale. He says it was a big plan for life. That family needed her when they really needed her. Someone with a lot of strength. That is what she is doing now. She says she won't run out like she did when her Mom died. She wants to be there with them. She asks him if she can talk about Holden because she really loved him and Luke too.

Abigail and Adam tell Jake that they are going to the farm because Holden is going to get a filly for her. Jake gets a call from Molly. She tells him about Holden and Luke. He says he will tell Abigail. He tells Abigail to sit down. She asks if Molly is OK. He says it's not Molly, it's Holden, and it's bad.

Hal says that Margo told him about the explosion. Craig is shocked. He is concerned about Lily. Hal explains that Damien was being sought after and they blew up the ship. Carly says that she couldn't get a hold of Jack. She says she can't believe what Lily, and Emma are feeling. Craig says that he is going to call Sierra. Carly says she is going to the farm. Hal says that he will take care of Parker. She agrees. Hal asks if it's a good idea if she goes to the farm. She says that Jack would want her to go.

Jake says that he went through the same thing with Vicky. Abigail asks how Molly is. He says that she is OK, but she needs to do an emergency program about the accident. Jake says he will take Abigail to the farm to see Emma. Adam tries to console Abigail. She is too stunned to cry. She says she can't make any definite decisions until they call off the search or find something. She says that she asked Holden to teach her everything he knew about horses. She says she thought they had more time.

Lien and Ben are going over her menu of things she can and cannot eat. Lisa has something for Lien. Coconut candy. Ben excuses himself and leaves Lisa and Lien to talk alone. He leaves. She says she is glad he is gone. She says that they have business they need to take care of. Lien apologizes for not telling her about how she felt. Lisa says that is not what she is talking about and she pulls out a silk robe for her. Ben sees John outside and tells him to put him on Liens case as an assistant. John says that Lien doesn't want him to. He says that John can make it so she won't know. Lien tries on her robe and loves it. Lisa tells her that she loves her and asks her what she can do for her now. Lien says that she wants her to ask Lisa to talk to Tom. She says that Tom thinks he is to blame for her being sick because she was exposed to a chemical in Vietnam. Lisa promises that she will talk to him. Lien says that she's decided she is going to live. Ben says that he wants to treat Lien. He is asking John not to tell Lien. A nurse comes in and tells John about Holden being killed in an explosion. They ask her if she is sure she heard right. She says she saw it on the news. Ben tells John that there are no guarantees in life. John says that they will work on it together, Ben agrees. John picks up the phone and calls Nancy.

Rose says she can call all of Holden's brothers and sisters. Emma says she will do it herself. Lily is sitting with Faith. Lily tells Rose that Faith asked for her father. Lily didn't know what to say. Emma says that they need to go grocery shopping. Carly comes in and says she can do that. Emma asks Carly to leave. Rose says hi to Carly and asks her if she is Molly's cousin. Emma says to leave. Carly says that she cares about Holden and she can do anything she needs her to do. Cook, clean anything. Abigail sees her and hugs her. Rose says they can use all the help they can get. Abigail hugs Holden and Lily asks her if she'd like to go to church with them. Jake says that he only wanted to tell them that he is sorry. He says that WOAK is running a story and he didn't want the family to find out that way. Carly tells Lily that she couldn't get a hold of Jack and Lily says Jack and Holden were closer than cousins. Nancy comes in and says that she is there to help. Iva comes in and runs to Emma. Emma says that she is better now that she is there. Iva hugs Lily and then hugs Rose. Emma says that the chores need to be done. Iva says she will do it. Nancy and Carly get a menu together so they can go shopping. Emma says that she needs to call. Jake says he will help her. Lily tells Rose that Holden would have loved to see the family working together. Rose grabs Lily's hand.

~The End


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