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As The World Turns Update Tuesday 6/5/01

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By Kim

Rose stops by Lily and Holden's house. She heard about the shooting from Emma. She sees Margo. Rose decides that she is going to go to Chicago to help Lily.

Ben has just informed Tom that Lien has a serious illness. Tom asks what has caused it. Ben tells him that it is usually caused by prolonged exposure to toxins. Something in her past. Tom asks if it could have been caused by Agent Orange. Ben tells him that that was what he was thinking. He tells Tom that he thinks that they should try the new treatments and not the standard ones. By doing this, they have a good chance at helping Lien get better. Tom tells Ben that it is his fault that this has happened to her. He used to drop the Agen Orange on her village. Margo and John come in and Tom is upset that everyone knew but him. Margo tells him that she would have told him, but Lien asked her not to tell anyone. John thanks Ben for his help and tells him that Lien will need a great neurosurgeon. It's not going to be him though. Ben is upset at this. John tells him that Lien does not want him treating her. Margo and Tom go in and see Lien. Lien tells him that she wouldn't change anything that has happened. She never would have had him for a father.

Lily is on the dock looking out at the water. An officer comes by to check on her. He tells her that they haven't found anything yet. Lily wants to know if they are going to continue searching, they aren't going to give up yet, are they? The officer tells her that they are going to continue the search and he leaves. Rose arrives and tells Lily that she is going to be there for her. She isn't going anywhere. Lily tells her that this is all her fault. Rose tells her not to blame herself. She is going to stay right there with her until both Holden and Luke walk up the pier. The officer comes back with an item that they found. Lily opens the plastic bag to find Luke's teddy bear. They found it near the boat. Lily is really upset at this point. Rose tells her that she has got to beleive that they are still alive. Holden is probably telling Luke stories until they are found. Lily tells her that she has to keep telling her that. Rose tells her that she won't go anywhere. Lily asks why. Rose tells her that that is what sisters are for.

Simon runs into Margo at the hospital. He is worried about Katie. Could she put an APB out on her? Margo tells him that it is too early to do that. She tells him about the shooting at the Snyder's house. Simon questions Margo and tells her that he is going to go find Lily. Margo tells him to worry about his own wife.

Craig and Barbara are in their suite. Craig is trying to convince her to invest in World Wide. Barbara tells him that she wants to wait. She has to run it by Paul first. The phone rings. Will wants a ride to school. Barbara tells her she will be right there and leaves. Craig opens the desk drawer and finds Barbara's checks for BRO and her signature stamp. Simon comes out of his room and tells Craig that Cass didn't do his job. He thought that he was supposed to get off scott free. Why did he get community service? Craig tried his best. Simon is worried about Katie and leaves. Craig gets on the phone to Cass and asks him to come to Oakdale. He and Barbara are going to be making some major investments and they need his help. Craig endorses a bunch of checks from Barbara's corporate account with her endorsement stamp. Cass arrives. Craig tells him that he would like Cass to buy World Wide stock once the price drops to $40.00 a share. He would like him to keep on buying until it starts to rise again. Cass tells him that he has just given him blank checks. Did Barbara okay this? Craig tells him that her signature is on the checks, so she must have. If Cass runs out of checks, Craig will supply him with more.

Katie and Henry are on the island. Katie finds footprints and realizes that there is someone else on the island. She thinks that it is Simon who has come to save her. Henry tells her that it is not Simon. Katie tells him that she is going to find him to prove that Henry is wrong. They go off to search the island and the mystery person appears. It is the same hermit that was on the island when Simon and Lily were there. Katie and Henry come back and are being hit by Mangoes. They run off again. When they come back, the trunk is gone. Katie is upset as everything they had was in the trunk. Henry tells ehr that he hid something just in case this would happen. He runs over to where it's buried and digs up a small case. Inside the case are the makings for martinis. Katie cannot believe that that is what he decided to hide. Katie tells herself that Simon will come and rescue her.

The End


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