As The World Turns Update Wednesday 5/30/01



As The World Turns Update Wednesday 5/30/01

By  Laurie

Carly goes to to Jack and tells him that Lucinda wants to meet with her. She thinks she is getting her business set and ready to go.

Lily is at home and Lucinda shows up. She asks her if she can go to the stock holders meeting. Lily says she can't go. Lucinda says that Craig is going to try to throw her off the board and she needs Lily there to back her up.

Simon wants his money from Craig. He says he needs it now.

Lily wants to know what she is talking about when it comes to Craig. She says Craig has nothing to do with drugging her. Lucinda tried to tell her different. She says he is desperate and dangerous. Lily says she is not going to the meeting.

Craig pulls out his checkbook and Simon is not sure it will bounce Craig says his rich wife gave him this checkbook as a present. Craig says that Simon could make more money if he sticks around for one more assignment. Simon says no way. Craig says ok, he'll be passing up a million dollar haul. Simon is curious about the million dollars.

Lucinda wants to know why she is siding with Craig. She says she is not, but her family is more important. Lily says that she could take Rose. Lucinda says no. Lily says that Rose could pretend to be her. She says it's a great idea. Lucinda is not too sure. She wants to know why she doesn't want to go to the meeting. Lily doesn't want to tell her. The doorbell rings. It's Damien. Lucinda wants to know what he is doing there.

Jack says it's great and wishes her luck with her meeting with Lucinda. Jack is served with court papers. Julia is suing him for divorce. Carly says it must be a trick. Jack says that Julia's mother is Julia's guardian. He is being accused of adultry and verbal and physical abuse. He says it's going to take his cars and house and everything he has. Carly and Jack can't beleive that Julia is doing this. Jack says that Julia can have everything as long as she is out of his life. He asks her if she is worried that he can't support her or Parker. She says that is what Julia is thinking. She thinks that if Jack has nothing, then Carly will leave him. But she says she won't. Carly says that he needs to talk to Dr. Michaels. Tell her what is going on and asks what to do. She leaves for her lunch with Lucinda.

Craig tells Simon that all he has to do is get someone to talk to Gabriel Frank in jail to offer money to shut him up. He says that Simon needs to get arrested so he can talk to him, without anyone getting suspicious.

Lucinda wants to know if Damien is there for Lily. She is worried that Holden will get jealous. Lily says it has nothing to do with her and he is there for a visit, only. Lucinda says ok, and says she will talk to Rose and leaves. Lily asks Damien what he wants. He says he is there to say goodbye. Lily tells him to come in. He says he decided to leave Oakdale last night. He says that he will defued his situation in Malta. He says that Luke is still in danger. She says she doesn't know what to believe. She is confused. She says he has lied to her before and she doesn't know if she can believe him. He says he is only asking for 10 minutes to say goodbye to his son. He begs her to not listen to Holden for now and let him see Luke one last time. He says to defy Holden this one time and he will leave for good.

Jack goes to the hospital and talks to Dr. Michaels. She says Julia has changed a lot since she's been there. She helps out with the other patients. The doctor says he can't see her. He says he is there to talk to her, not Julia. He wants to know why she had an incompency hearing. She says she didn't know. The doctor says the whole thing smells fishy.

Lucinda meets Carly for lunch. Carly is thrilled. Lucinda says Carly looks so cute and Carly says that she made it herself. She wants to show her her portfolio. Lucinda says not now. Carly says she thought they were going to talk about her future. Lucinda says that she needs her help. She says Craig is going to distrupt her stockholders meeting and she says she wants Carly to follow him and let her know if he gets too close to Worldwide and she will make it worth her while.

Simon doesnt want to get arrested. Craig says he will pay for any fines. Simon still doesn't wnat to. Craig says that he'll take care of everything. Then he will pay him a million dollars for a couple of hours in jail. Says to get arrested for public drunkeness. Craig says he has to pass Frank the note. Simon says no way. He doesn't know what it is and doesn't want to get into trouble. He says it's just a note with details on how to get out of the mess they are in. Simon is still not sure.

Lily doesn't know what to do. She says he has the right to say goodbye to his son. He thanks her. She says she is not doing it for him, but for Luke. She says that Holden will not know about it. She says that it will have to be tonight. She says that there are rules. He can't mention Malta and a trip that will not happen. She says then this will be the last and final goodbye. She says also, she wants to be in the room with them. He is not to see him alone.

Carly says she does not spy on her friends. Lucinda hands her a thousand dollars cash. Carly puts it in Lucinda's water and walks off.

Jack wants to know if Julia is competent to make her own decisions. Dr. Michaels says she can't tell him anything because it's confidential. Dr. Michaels says she is wondering why Julia's mom brought other doctors in without talking to her first. Jack says it's all a scam and he needs to prove it. He says that maybe he can talk to Julia again and tape their conversation. All of a sudden all the patients start yelling at the door, calling him a cheat and a baby killer. Julia stands by and smiles. Dr. Michaels says Jack should leave.

Simon is still not sure what to do. He says he will. He wants the money. Simon says if Craig double crosses him, he will pay. Craig says he won't fail him and hands him the envelope. Simon asks for another drink, then throws it in Craig's face and then punches him. The bartender says he will call the cops.

Carly goes back to the station and she tells him that Lucinda could care less about her future. She asks him about his trip to the hospital. He says that the whole thing is a scam. Dr. Michaels says so too. He calls Julia's Mom. The person on the other line hung up on him.

Damien says he has to go by her conditions. He says ok, and says goodbye and kisses her cheek. She talks to herself and says it better not be a trick. Damien is outside and looks at Luke passport.

The police officer asks Craig is he wants to press charges. He says no, just put him in a holding tank for a while. Craig says to himself, "Oh Lucinda, we are going to have fun tonight."

~The end


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