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As The World Turns Update Tuesday 5/29/01

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By Kim

Craig and Barbara are in their suite.  Barbara tells Craig that Lucinda must be completely paranoid.  Craig tells her that he isnít used to someone believing in him so completely.  Barbara found Carlyís bracelet in the bedroom.  She asks him whose bracelet it is.  He tells her that he canít be sure, but he thinks that it is Carlyís bracelet.  She tells him that is surprised that Carly just drops by when she feels like it.  Is she Craigís friend?  Craig explains that they got through some tough times together.  Barbara tells her that she isnít his friend.  He tells her that itís water under the bridge now.  Barbara tells him that Carly is a user of men.  She is dangerous.  She tells Craig that this is starting to become dťjŗ vu.  That he is defending Carly just like Hal used to when it came to Parker.  

Carly walks into Mabelís with Parker.  She tells Hal that this was the perfect time for him to take Parker.  She realizes that Hal is drunk.  She tells him that he had better sober up if he wants Parker.  Hal tells her that he intends to stay in that condition.  He tells her that Parker is better off with Carly and Jack.  Craig took away Barbara and his job.  Margo has turned against him and is using her promotion to give her brother what he wants.  Carly tells him that he canít do this to himself.  He needs to find some middle ground.  The waitress brings him another pitcher of beer.  Carly tells her to take it back and bring him strong coffee and some food.  She tells Hal that he had better eat when the food comes.  She tells him that she is going to leave.  He needs to hand over his car keys.  He tells her he isnít going to drink and drive.  She tells him that that is good to hear, but she wants the keys anyway.  How is he supposed to get home now?  She tells him that he will have to sit there until someone comes along to sober him up.  He gives her his keys and she leaves.  

Damien and Lily are in his hotel room.  Damien is explaining to her that his life is in danger.  Lily asks what he means by that.  He tells her that Grimaldi shipping has been in bad shape ever since his father died.  There have been some criminals that have been trying to take it over.  He tells her that Lukeís life is also in danger.  Lily asks him why.  He tells her that he has knowingly endangered his sonís life.  Lily is outraged and asks what he has done.  He tells her that it was never his intention to involve Luke, but he is the only heir.  Luke could die because of him.  Grimaldi shipping has been run to the ground.  He thought that if he went back it would scare them.  Instead, they gave him a warning.  He shows Lily his stomach.  They stabbed him.  He tells her that yes, Luke has been endangered, but she is the only one that can save his life.  She asks him if his enemies know that he is here.  He tells her that they donít know that he is here.  She points out that he basically just led them straight to her.  He tells her that they already know who she is and where she is.  

Molly and Jake are out driving around with a garage door opener trying to find Matthew.  They are having a hard time trying to find him, when a security guard approaches them.  He tells them that there have been complaints about them casing the neighborhood.  Jake assures him that they are investigating a story together and that they are looking for someone.  He asks if he recognizes the opener.  The security guard asks if they have tried searching by serial number.  The only readable thing on it is the letter F.  Molly asks if she can look at it, and realizes that she has seen that same letter somewhere before.  She recognizes it as the letter F at the Fairwinds gate.  She tells Jake that Carly used to own Fairwinds.  They go off to see if this is the opener for the gate. 

Lucinda is at the station with Margo.  She refuses to leave until she arrests Craig for helping Gabriel Frank.  Margo tells her that she doesnít have any proof that Craig was involved.  Craig was able to provide sufficient proof that he was being blackmailed.  Margo tells her that she has an appointment with the commissioner.  Lucinda tells her that she would like to be in that meeting.  Margo leaves.  Lucinda gets a call from Jake, who tells her that they may be able to find Matthew.  She tells him to bring him to the station if they do find him.  Margo comes back down and asks what it will take to get rid of her.  Does she need bug spray?  Lucinda tells her that Jake and Molly are out looking for Matthew as they speak and they will bring him to the station the minute they find him.  He will give her the proof that they need.  He will prove that Craig was involved.  

Holden comes home and finds Rose at the house.  He is surprised to see her and asks where Lily is.  She tells him that she had to run some errands.  She was just on the phone and he missed her.  He is suspicious and thinks that there is something that she isnít telling him.  She tells him that Lily went to see Damien.  He wants to know why.  She tells him that she told Lily about something that she found in his hotel room and Lily went to ask him about it.  Holden asks what it was that she found.  She tells him that she found a Maltese passport with Lukeís name on it.  Holden is outraged and runs out the door.  She asks what heís going to do and he tells her that she doesnít want to know. 

Carly is at Craig and Barbaraís suite.  Barbara is surprised to find her there.  Carly tells her that she has come to see her and not Craig.  She tells her about Hal and that maybe she could go and talk some sense into him.  Barbara tells Craig that she should try and help Hal.  This will give him time to talk to Carly, as he has something to say to her about her visits.  Carly gives Barbara Halís car keys.  Barbara leaves.  Craig compliments Carly on leaving the bracelet in his bedroom.  What would Jack think?  Carly asks him who would tell Jack.  She asks Craig for a favor.  He tells her that he might be able to help if he can get something in return.  What does she want?  She tells him that she would like him to get Halís job back for him.  Craig laughs, but tells her that he could probably do that for Hal.  He wants her to tell him that she has feelings for him in return.  Carly looks him straight in the eye and tries to tell him that she has feelings, but cannot keep a straight face.  She bursts out laughing.  She canít help it.  She tells him that she is going to see Jack and leaves.  

Barbara goes to talk to Hal.  He asks what she is doing here.  She tells him that she is there to take him home.  She helps him up and Hal grabs her hand.  He tells her that it should be illegal for her to have the same eyes, hands, wear the same perfume, etc.   He is really upset and tells her to just leave.   She doesnít want to, but he wonít go with her and insists that she leave.  She leaves. 

Lily is telling Damien that she wishes that she had never met him.  She wishes that Holden were Lukeís father, when Holden knocks on the hotel room door.  Lily runs to the door.  He asks her if she is okay.  She has been crying.  She explains what Damien has told her.  Holden tells him that it is just another stunt that he is trying to do.  He always does this.  Why should they believe anything different?  He assures her that everything is okay and they leave.  Shortly after they leave, Damien gets a phone call.  He thinks that it is Lily, but there is no one there.   He calls the front desk to ask them if they got a name.  He tells them that he requested that only certain calls should go through.  They had to have gotten a name.  They tell him that it was made from the house phone.  He hangs up and opens his door into the hallway and looks around frantically.  There isnít anyone there, so he goes back inside. 

Jake and Molly find Matthew at Fairwinds and bring him back to the station.  Matthew tells them that Gabriel Frank was the one who kidnapped him.  He explains the telegram.  Telling them that Gabriel found out that he fled Britain 30 years ago.  He was part of a burglary ring and fled to America.  Margo and Lucinda both tell him that there is a thing called a statute of limitations and that too much time has passed for him to be deported.  He tells them that Craig had nothing to do with it.  Lucinda takes Matthew home and tells Margo that Craig is still plotting against her.  At least she still thinks so. 

The End.


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