As The World Turns Update Monday 5/28/01



As The World Turns Update Monday 5/28/01

By Laurie

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Lien and Ben are having dinner. She picks up his mail and sees an envelope. She has another one of her spells.

Margo tells Craig that she is in charge. They want to know what is going on with Lucinda and the Franks. Lucinda says that the Franks told them everything, and he is going down.

Rose sees Luke's Maltese passport. She figures out that Damien is going to kidnap Luke. She gets ready to leave, when Damien comes in with a map of Chicago. He says they are going to have a blast in Chicago. He goes over the plans of the day. Says it will be a surprise that he shows up. She has the passport in her hand, and cant let him see it. He says after the day of the museum, they will take Luke to the Navy Pier to watch the boats. She keeps her distance and he says she is acting strange. She puts the passport down when he is not looking and she says she needs to write down all their details, saying she will get confused with all the streets. He says it is really important that they do this, because he doesn't know when the next time he will see Luke. She says she has to leave immediately to get soap for Emma. She leaves. He finds the passport.

Lien says she is OK. Ben is concerned. She doesn't want to tell him what is wrong. She says she just lost her balance. He asks why she is having pain and that she is stressed out. He says he is always in Doctor mode, because he is scared to be alone with her. She agrees. He hopes that they will have a future together.

Craig says he can't get a hold of his lawyer until the next day. Margo says that the Franks statement is very detailed. Lucinda wants to know what happened to Matthew. He says that he didn't do anything to Matthew. Lucinda says that Margo is not doing her job correctly because Craig is her brother. They take Craig into the interrogation room. Jack tells him to start talking. Margo wants to hear Craig's side of the story. Craig says he needs to call Barbara. He calls her and tells her about what is going on and he needs her to bring the pictures of he and Ruby. Craig tells Margo and Jack that Lucinda is trying to bring him down, not the other way around.

Abigail and Adam meet at Al's and talk about the prom. She says she is looking forward to getting dressed up and taking pictures, she is not looking forward to dancing. There will be an orchestra. Adam tells her that he knows all the ballroom dancing moves. His parents made him go through dance lessons. She laughs. He says he can teach her.

Lily is at home talking to Luke about sharing with his sister, when Rose barges in and says that she needs to talk to Lily NOW. Luke goes out of the room and Lily asks Rose what happened at Damien's. Rose tells her that she found the Maltese passport with Luke's name and picture on it. Lily says that Damien is planning on kidnapping Luke.

Barbara comes into the station. Craig comes out and gets the pictures from Barbara. He shows them the pictures and explains everything about the set up to try to ruin his wedding. Craig says that Lucinda can explain and asks her to. They asks Barbara if she had seen them. Barbara says she did and she found out late last night when Gabriel was there to threaten Craig. The say that Lucinda had them and was going to destroy their wedding. Margo asks Lucinda what she knows about the pictures. Lucinda says the kids took them. She says Craig tried to kill her. Craig says that Ruby was staying at her house and it seems that the evidence is pointing to her.

Ben says he thanks her for helping getting custody of Curtis. He says that maybe with the stress of all that, she is uncertain about their future. She says yes, but she'll let him know. He goes over to kiss her and she has another episode and collapses. He catches her.

Rose tells Lily about all the plans in Chicago. He say away at the museum and then going to the marina to watch the boat. Lily can't believe it. Rose says that Damien wanted her to help him kidnap Luke. Lily says that Damien can't take Luke out of the country, because it is really hard to get a child out of another country. Lily asks her to baby-sit, because she is going to talk to Damien.

Adam talks about his dance classes and Abigail laughs. She says she can't wait for her lessons to start. Adam says they can do it right now at Al's. A slow song comes on and he says it's perfect. She begs him not to, and she finally agrees and they dance.

Margo tells them about the toxicology report that came back with the drugs on Lucinda's spoon. Margo says that Ruby did it and she was staying at Lucinda's. Margo says they don't have anything to hold Craig on and lets him go.

Damien is talking to someone on the phone saying that he and his son will be on the boat at 7pm. There is a knock on the door and he answers it. It's Lily and she is not happy. He lets her in. She tells him that she knows that Rose was there. Lily says he used Rose. She says that her and Holden refused Luke to go out of the country and that is exactly what he plans to do. Damien plays dumb, and she says that he plans to steal Luke. She says that she knows about the passport. He says that he didn't know that she would refuse him to let him take Luke to Malta. He says he has it just in case. She wants to know why he was going to smuggle him into Malta from Chicago. She wants to know what he is planning to do. He says that he'll tell her everything.

Adam and Abigail continue to dance and he twirls her around and dips her. He asks her if they are ready now. He says yes. And he dips her again then asks if he did it too fast. She says now. They almost kiss and then sit down to finish eating. She talks about a dance she went to before and how it was horrible because her date was clumsy and she was uncomfortable in his arms, but with him, she is very comfortable.

Lien says she is sorry she lied to him. She says she has pain everywhere and she is burning everywhere. He says he is going to take her to the hospital and she says she can't feel her legs. He says its OK, he'll carry her. She says she is scared.

Lucinda can't believe that they let Craig go. Craig thanks Margo and she tells him not to leave town. He asks for the pictures back and she says no. He tells Margo to take care of Medusa. Lucinda says to have fun with Barbara's bank account. Barbara gets angry and reminds her about the time Lucinda stole Barbara's business. Lucinda says she forgot all about that. Craig and Barbara leave together arm in arm.

Damien tells Lily that he was going to take Luke to Malta for his own good. She doesn't understand. He says Luke is leaving the United States immediately, because his life is in danger. ~The End


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