As The World Turns Update Friday 5/25/01



As the World Turns Update Friday 5/25/01

By Laurie

Katie and Henry are in their chartered plane. Henry is worried that they won't find the island and complains that they will die in the middle of nowhere. They finally see the island that they were looking for.

Damien is in his room and orders room service for him and Rose. He sets up the pastas and sauces.

Rose gets ready for her date with Damien. lily asks her why she is not excited. Rose tells her that her date is with Damien. Rose thinks maybe Lily won't like the idea of her dating her ex-husband, but Lily says it's a great idea.

Barbara gives Craig her checkbook as a wedding present. She says she is ready to spend her money and fulfill all her dreams. She leaves to go shopping with Lisa. Carly comes to the door shortly after.

Ruby is at the police station and she demands to know what Lucinda put in her coffee. Ruby freaks out saying she was poisoned and she is going to die. Lucinda laughs at her. Margo and Jack are talking to Gabe. They tell him that Margo is Craig's sister. They asks him where the evidence is and they tell him that the spoon that came from Lucinda's has the mushroom mixture on it. They also found the drugs in their mobile home. Gabe says that Craig set up the whole thing, and he is willing to make a deal.

Rose thinks Lily is jealous. Lily assures her she is not. Lily says Damien is up to something. She wants Rose to go on the date to find out what he is up to. Rose doesn't want to but she does.

Lucinda asks a freaked out Ruby what happened to Matthew and why she drugged her. She said Gabe did it all.

Gabe says Margo would protect Craig and he'll make a deal to keep everything quiet, so Craig won't have a bad rep.

Carly and Craig are talking and he says that Barbara gave him her checkbook. Carly tells him that she and he got everything they want. He says no. He thinks Carly is there for him. She says that she only came to tell him to stay out of her life.

Katie and Henry try to land. He wants to land but doesn't know how without a landing strip. Katie tells him to land on the water with the pontoons. He asks her what pontoons?

Rose goes to Damien's and he says he has everything for dinner, but want her to cook it for him. She agrees and then he sweet talks her.

Carly tells him that she and jack are putting their old baggage away. He says she could have ignored him and not returned any calls, but she came to him there. Carly said she only went there because he kissed her and she wants to set him straight. He tells her that she will want to kiss him again and moves closer to her.

Lucinda comes in while Margo talks to Gabe. She says that he is the same man she met int he airport a while back. She says that Ruby told her everything. Gabe says he won't say anything else until he gets a lawyer. He says his partner, Craig Montgomery will get him one. Lucinda says she wants Craig's head.

Damien eats Rose's food and says it great, the best food he's ever eaten. He talks about his family and ask her where she been. She says she's never been to Europe and she asks him why he is there. He says he is there for his son. Says Holden is stopping him from getting to know his son. Damien says he only wants to spend one day with Luke. He says there's a museum in Chicago and he'd like Rose to take Luke there then meet him at the marina.

Gabe says Craig had vicious plans for Lucinda. Margo tells Jack to take Ruby and Gabe out of there. Lucinda asks Margo if she is being a cop or a sister. Margo tells Jack to bring Craig in for questioning.

Carly tells Craig that she is married and Craig tells her that she doesn't want him to leave her alone. She says she won't tell Jack she was there. There's a knock at the door, it's Jack.

Henry says hey can't land. She says they can, all planes have pontoons. He says not their plane. She tells him to land on the beach. He isn't sure they can. He tires to turn back, but she grabs the steering column and says they are landing no matter what.

Carly hides and Craig answers the door. Jack says Craig has to go down for questioning for poisoning Lucinda. Craig says they are harassing him. He thinks Hal was behind it.

Damien tells Rose that she doesn't have to tell Lily and Holden about her taking Luke to Chicago. He sweet talks her again and tells her that she is enchanting then kisses her neck. She says she knows he is only trying to sweep her off her feet just to get close to Luke. He says no. But she says she'll take Luke to the museum in Chicago and will meet him at the marina. Damien goes out of the room and Rose finds Luciano Grimaldi passport. She knows now that Damien wants to take Luke to Malta.

Katie and Henry fight over getting plane down. Katie screams.

Carly comes out and sees that Jack and Craig had left. Carly wants to get back at Craig and leaves her bracelet on Craig's bed.

Craig shows up at the station. He says Hal called him in. Margo tells him no, she did.

~The End


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