As The World Turns Update Thursday 5/24/01



As The World Turns Update Thursday 5/24/01

By Kim

Damien arrives at Holden and Lily's. Luke is at school. Holden tells him that they asked him there to find out why he has a gun. Damien tells him that he has already told him that it was in his things that he was taking back to Malta. Holden asks why he is here in Oakdale. What is he doing there. Damien tells them that his intentions are simple. He wants to spend time with his son. He has alot of lost time to make up for. He tells Holden that he isn't really upset about the gun, it's about the two of them.

Holden tells him that this isn't about him, it's about his son. Damien tells them that he wants to take Luke to Malta. Holden tells him no way. He asks Lily if she knew about this. Lily tells him that Damien did ask if he could take Luke to Malta, but that she told him no. Damien tells them that biological fathers do have rights and he will exercise them. Lily tells him that there isn't any way that she would let him have Luke. She will fight him with everything that she has. He tells her that he would never take him away, he just wants to spend time alone with his son. Holden tells him that any business that he has with Luke will be supervised from now on. If he wants to see Luke, he will play by their rules. Damien asks if Lily agrees with this. Lily tells him that she will stand by Holden's decisions. Holden tells Damien that nobody is taking Luke anywhere. That if Damien needs lawyers, that he can go ahead and get some. Damien leaves. As he closes the door, he makes a call on his cell phone. He tells the person on the other line to prepare the boat. He assures them that there will be two of them. He will not be leaving the country without his son.

Margo and Hal are in the interrigation room. She asks if there is anything she can do for him. He tells her that he is just waiting for the commisioner to tell him the terms of his suspension. Margo walks out and runs into Craig. She asks him if he could just drop the whole thing. Craig tells her that he can't. Hal broke the restraining order, disturbed his wedding, etc. The commisioner comes in and apologizes to Craig. Craig tells him that the apology isn't enough. They go into the interrogation room where Hal is waiting. Margo is also there. Craig tells the commisioner that the apology is not enough. He wants Hal removed from the police force, permanently.

Barbara comes into the kitchen at the house and sees Jennifer and Will. Will goes off to school. She is there to speak with Jennifer. Jennifer tells her that she is not going to school. She doesn't feel like it. Barbara is a little upset by this. Jennifer tells her that she doesn't play by the rules, so why should she have to. Barbara asks her about the pictures. (Craig gave her the pictures of himself and Ruby) Jennifer tells her that she did go in on a plan with Bryant , Hal, and Lucinda to try and stop the wedding. She tells Barbara that she is blind. Craig is a liar. If Craig cheated on Bryant's mom, then he could cheat on her too. She also tells Barbara that she was in the plan to stop the wedding since day one. Barbara doesn't think that she is sorry for anything. She tells Jennifer that at least she still has her memories. There isn't anything that she can do to erase them. She tells Jennifer about some of her memories. Jennifer is emotional and can't look at Barbara. Barbara tells her that she wanted the dress to be perfect for her. Jennifer still cannot look at Barbara. Barbara gives up and tells Jennifer that she loves her and leaves. Jennifer starts crying after Barbara goes out the door.

Ruby and Gabriel are at their trailer. They are getting a syringe ready to give to Lucinda. The police are at the door. Jack busts in the door. He looks at Gabriel and Ruby and tells them that he has warrants with their names on them. Jake and Molly are also with them and ask about Matthew. Gabriel tells them that he has never heard of a Matthew Havisham. He tells Jack that they will be free by lunchtime. They are taken back to the station. Jake and Molly stay behind and decide to look in the trailer for clues. They may find a lead. As they are looking around, Molly asks Jake what the charge would be for disrupting a crime scene. They get uncomfortable and decide to leave.

Back at the station, Craig leaves after telling the commisioner what he expects. The commisioner tells Hal that Craig has some pretty serious charges. Hal tries to explain that Craig was going to harm his daughter. The commisioner tells Hal that he is being releived of his duties permanently. Margo objects as there isn't anyone who is ready to step into Hal's position. He tells her that she had better get ready then. She is the new Chief of Detectives. Jack comes in and tells Hal that he's gotten Gabriel and Ruby. Margo tells him that Hal has just been released. He wants to know why. He also tells them that he stands behind Hal's actions 100%. He is going to move in with Carly and he doesn't care what they think about it or how it affects the department. The commissioner tells Margo she had better get him under control and leaves. Hal tells Margo that Craig has won again. Now his sister is calling the shots and nobody can stop him. Margo tells him that no-one is going to get preferential treatment. Hal tells her to give Craig some time. She tells him that this isn't about Craig. Hal tells her that it is all about Craig. He tells her that she needs to either close her eyes to everything or nail Craig. Then she will find out how ready she really is for the job. He wishes her good luck, tells her that she's going to need it and then leaves.

Barbara is at the suite when Craig comes back. He asks how things went with Jennifer. She tells him that she doesn't even know her own daughter anymore. She is so bitter. He tells her that she will come around eventually. She asks him where he was. He tells her that he was at the station. She guesses that he didn't apologize to Hal. Craig avoids the issue and tells her that it went okay. She asks him if they are ever going to have any peace and quiet. He tells her that they won't if he has anything to do with it. They kiss. Craig asks her if she feels better. She tells him that he always makes her feel better. She forgot last night, but she has a wedding present for him. She hands him a rather small, rectangular box. As he opens it, she tells him that this will express to him how much she trusts him. He opens it to find that it contains a check book. It is a joint account between himself and Barbara. He is surprised. They embrace. Craig looks at the checkbook behind Barbara's back and has a rather wicked smile on his face.

Jack has Gabriel in the interrogation room. He asks if he'd like some coffee. He tells Jack no. Jack tells him that they are analyzing the syringe at the lab. That that is the link to his daughter and what they have been doing to Lucinda. The also have a positive identification that he was the man that delivered the telegram to Matthew the night he disappeared. Gabriel tells him that he would like them to offer him a plea bargain. If they do, he will tell them the name of the person who masterminded the operation. He tells Jack to trust him. He won't be disappointed.

Ruby is handcuffed to a chair outside in the squad room. Lucinda comes in and acts concerned about Ruby. She tells her that she can get the charges dropped. Her father (Gabriel) is responsible for everything and it was horrible of him to make her do what she has done. Ruby is grateful to Lucinda for doing that for her. Lucinda opens a brown bag and pulls out two cups of coffee. She tells Ruby to drink up. Ruby starts drinking from the coffee. After she's had quite a bit of it, Lucinda's mood starts to change and she tells Ruby that she has spiked her coffee. Ruby wants to know what she put in her coffee.

Margo comes into the interrogation room. Jack tells her that Gabriel wants to cut a deal with them. Margo asks him what he has for them. He tells them that Craig is behind everything.

The End.


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