As The World Turns Update Wednesday 5/23/01



As The World Turns Update Wednesday 5/23/01

By  Laurie

Jack's at Carly's and she still can't believe what happened that night. She says that he proved he really loved her because he kissed her in front of everyone. She says it won't matter if they can't be married as long as he stands by her side.

Hen goes home to Hal's. Hal says he was worried about her. He tries to comfort her, but she just yells at him saying it was all his fault.

Craig is walking around his suite when he gets a visitor. It's Gabe. He says they have business to discuss. He says he wants to take Lucinda down NOW.

Jake and Molly try to talk to Lucinda about Matthew. Lucinda can't concentrate. She keeps looking at the twins and talking to them. Molly and Jake tell her that the boat guy and the delivery guy are the same person. Ruby drops Lucinda's cup. Molly offers to help her clean it up and Ruby says no, and leaves. On of the twins picks up Lucinda's spoon and hands it to the other twin. Ruby tries to call Gabe, but can't get through.

Craig tells Gabe to just continue to drug Lucinda and once she is totally incompetent, then they'll go in. Ruby calls Craig and tells him that they are onto them. They are in trouble.

Carly and jack talk about Julia and how they can't let her stop their dreams Carly says they should start a new wish list of dreams. Jack has Barbara's bouquet. Parker wakes up and Jack tries to explain to him the tradition of the bouquet toss at a wedding. He tosses the bouquet at Carly and she catches it. She is next to be married!

Julia is back at the hospital and tries to get the punch stain out of her dress. Dr. Michael's comes in and tells her that Bob says she had an episode at the wedding. Dr. Michael's asks her if she understands what she is doing by being declared legally incompetent.

Ruby talks to Craig about Jake and Molly talking to Lucinda about the cops. Craig tells her not to call him again. Gabe tells Craig that he is in it as deep as he is. They both will go down. Barbara comes in and demands to know what is going on.

Molly says whoever has Matthew is scared of getting caught and Lucinda can't understand why anyone would want to kidnap Matthew. She says Matthew always knew what to do and knew how to soothe her. She says Ruby is only a temp and doesn't care about her. Jake says that maybe the person they were after was Lucinda and Matthew got in the way.

Jen says she was left standing alone interrupting the wedding. Hal says there was no point, the pictures were lost. Jen says she is not even done. There's always tomorrow and she has only begun.

Barbara wants to know what is going on. Craig says he's been dishonest. He tells Barbara that Gabe and Ruby were the ones who swindled Bryant. He says they tried to set him up and shows her the pictures. He explains that Ruby jumped into his car half dressed and Gabe took the pictures. He says Hal and Jen set it all up.

Hal gives Jen a cup of coffee. He says maybe they should let it all go. He says he was suspended from the force that night. Jen apologizes for yelling at him. She just doesn't know what to do. He tells her he'll always be there for her and she can come to his house whenever she wants.

Lucinda says that if she was targeted she would have known. Molly says maybe Ruby is taking advantage of her. They ask how long she has been sick. The figured out that Ruby has been drugging her. Ruby is int he other room packing up the evidence and leaves. Molly and Jack also say the delivery/boat guy was helping her. But they need proof of all this. The need to have the cups and silverware drug tested. One of the twins cries. She has Lucinda's spoon. They say they can test the spoon. Lucinda calls Ruby to get one of her "milkshakes."

Dr. Michael's tells Julia that she is worried about her. Dr. Michael's leaves. Julia tells Owen that the dress is ruined, but no one has seen ruined until they see what she'll do to Carly.

Carly tells Jack she is worried what Julia will do next. He says not to worry. His phone rings. It's Jake. He says he needs his help, it has to do with Lucinda. He wants him to meet him at the station. Jack tells Carly he has to go. She says she understands.

Barbara can't believe that Hal and Jen did that to her. Craig says Bryant helped. Craig says he didn't want her wedding say ruined so that is why he didn't tell her about the pictures. He says he gave Gabe a fee to keep him quiet and that is why he was there that night. To collect more. He says he is sorry he lied to her.

Hal and Jen are exhausted and Hal gets ready for bed. Jen tells him that Craig Montgomery finally won.

Craig asks Barbara if she believes him. She says of course she does. She says Hal will probably try something else. She says she'll stand by Craig no matter what. She'll honor her vows. She won't let her family ruin everything.

Jack meets Jake at the station. Jake explains to him about Lucinda being drugged and Matthew missing. He asks Jack to drug test the spoon.

Lucinda says she doesn't know why she was being drugged and she could have died. She says there was someone else behind it all and HE must be stopped.

~The End!


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