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As The World Turns Update Tuesday 5/22/01

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By Kim

Jake and Molly are at the airport with the twins.  They want to see if Matthew got on a plane to London.  Jake goes up to the ticket counter to get some information.  He shows his press ID for the City Times.  The ticket clerk isnít impressed.  Jake tells him that he would like to know if one of their passengers actually got on a plane and arrived in London.  The ticket clerk is rude and Jake tells him that if he doesnít cooperate that he will do an article on the rudeness of airlines.  He will check and see what kind of information he can get.  Jake goes back to Molly and they are talking about things when the clerk comes over to Jake.  He tells him that the ticket was paid for in cash.  Jake thinks that itís pretty odd that Matthew would put 20.00 on a credit card and then pay cash for an airline ticket.  Molly wonders if someone else could have bought the ticket for him.  The clerk tells Jake that he cannot divulge any more information.  Itís confidential.  The clerk then recognizes Molly from In Your Face and also as anchorwoman at WOAK.  She tells him that she will give him her autograph and even a tour of WOAK.  She asks if she could get some information in exchange.  She wants to know if Matthew boarded the plane and arrived in London.  The clerk tells her that there were 126 tickets purchased for that flight, but that only 125 people boarded the plane.  Mr. Havisham never boarded the plane that day.  Molly thanks him for the information and gives him her business card.  She tells Jake the news.  They go over what little information that they have.  The only hard evidence that they do have is a firing pin thing.  She tells him that she has buried it in the bottom of the diaper bag as it is sharp and she didnít want the girls playing with it.  Jakes face lights up and he tells her that she is a genius.  They leave. 

Julia is trying to get out of the punch bowl.  Jack dropped her in it.  Jack and Carly are laughing and they kiss.  Everyone else is trying to get Julia out of the punch bowl and dried off.  Julia is surrounded by people and is calling out to Jack.  She sees him kissing Carly and tells him that she is going to get him back for this.  Carly looks at Jack and asks him if they should be making their escape.  He tells her that they are not going to run.  He doesnít intend on hiding from anyone.  He loves her.  Julia comes over to them and tells them that she is going to exploit both of them and tell everyone the kind of woman that Carly is.  Jack kisses Carly.  Emily sees the entire scene and is snapping pictures.  Jack grabs Emilyís camera and takes the film out.  He smashes it on the table and then drops it into the punch bowl.  Emily is outraged at this.  Bob, Lisa and Nancy pretend that they didnít see anything.  Emily threatens to sue Jack for this.  He tells her that she can do whatever she wants to to him, but she had better not hurt Carly again.  Julia tells them that ripping up a few trees was nothing compared to whatís in store for Carly now.  She will bury them both.  Jack asks Carly if she is okay.  She tells him that this is the most fun she has ever had at a wedding.  Carly asks him what his plan is now.  He tells her that he is going to take her home.  He was hoping she would ask him in for a nightcap.  He could even stay for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and breakfast again, etc.  Does this mean he is going to move in?  He tells her that he wants to marry her.  He knows that they should be discreet with Parker and all, but it could be years before Julia gives him the divorce.  Carly tells him that she wants him to move in with her.  It doesnít matter.  They kiss.  

Craig carries Barbara over the threshold of his suite.  He puts her down and they see the mess that Jennifer left for them.  Barbara sees Jenniferís dress lying on the desk.  She picks it up and she looks at Craig.  They hear splashing and run to the bathroom.  They find Jennifer and Bryant in the bathtub.  Barbara tells Bryant to go into the other room with Craig.  She is going to talk to Jennifer.  Bryant tries to explain what happened to Craig.  Jennifer comes out of the bathroom and tells him that he doesnít need to cover for her.  Barbara tells her that she canít leave without being dressed.  Donít do this.  Jennifer tells her that that is what she told her.  Donít divorce dad, donít marry Craig, but she did it anyway.  She tells Barbara to enjoy it while it lasts.  She storms out the suite door. Bryant follows.Barbara tells Craig that she has to go after Jennifer.  He tells her that she can if she wants to, but it wonít work.  He tells her that Jennifer loves her.  Sheís just acting out.  Barbara tells him that everything that she has done in the past few months has just pushed her farther and farther away.  She tells Craig that she needs a little time to collect herself and goes into the bathroom.  

Hal and Margo arrive at the station.  He comments that they didnít make him wear handcuffs.  He tells Margo that she had to admit that the donkey was pretty funny.  Margo tells him that he is in a lot of trouble.  He tells her that he will handle it.  He doesnít really think that it will be that bad.  Margo tells him that what he has done is going to cost him his job.  Tom comes in and asks Margo what the commissioner said.  She tells him that she hasnít called him yet, that they donít need to call him.  Tom tells her that if she doesnít, they will both be fired.  They talk to Hal about his options and they think that he should resign.  Hal tells him that he will not do that.  Margo tells him that he should ask his lawyer what he should do.  Tom tells him that both he and Margo saw him hit Craig.  It was Hal who threw the first punch.  Hal tells them that Craig was going after his kid.  Tom advises him to resign, or they are just going to fire him anyway.  Donít force them to throw him in a cage.  He tells Hal that itís really about how he walks out the door.  Margo tells him that Tom is right.  Hal talks to Margo about the oath they both took.  He tells her itís hard knowing where to draw the line.  He also took marriage vows.  How do you choose?  He realizes that itís his fault and tells Margo that he broke the rules.  He takes his gun and his badge and lays them down on the table.  He tells her itís no contest.  He signs his resignation letter.  Margo tells him that she will call the commissioner in the morning.  Hal tells her that she might as well book him now.  Itíll be easier for her in the morning.  She tells him that she wonít do it.  Tom objects to this.  Margo tells Hal to go home.  He walks out and takes one last look around the station.  Margo calls after him and tells him to have a good night.  Hal leaves.

Emily calls Craig.  She tells him that everything is ruined.  Jack threw her film in the punch bowl.  Everything that he had up his sleeve has just gone up in smoke.  He asks her what happened.  What happened to the pictures that she had of Lucinda?  She had what he wanted, but then Jack threw Julia in the punch bowl.  She couldnít pass up the opportunity.  He tells her that that means nothing.  He will have plenty of opportunity to get Lucinda.  Emily asks him what she is going to do about a story for the morning edition.  He tells her that it is her problem and hangs up on her.  Barbara comes out and asks him what Emily wanted.  He tells her that things got worse downstairs after they left.  She asks about Julia.  He tells her that she will be all right.  She wants to go downstairs.  Itís too much for Julia.  Craig tells her that this is their wedding night.  She tells him she canít stop thinking about Jennifer.  He tells her that he will give her whatever she needs to be distracted, etc.  She tells him that she needs him, and only him.  Craig tells her that he has found one last bottle of champagne.  Barbara asks if it would be all right if she takes a long soak in the tub to collect herself.  She promises to think about him.  He tells her to take whatever time she needs.  She goes into the bathroom.  He goes to the fireplace and pulls out the pictures that Lucinda had.  He is just about to burn them when he realizes that he might have a use for them and stops.  He calls out to Barbara.  When she doesnít answer, he goes out the suite door.  

Jack and Carly are kissing.  Craig sees them.  Jack tells Carly he will go and have them bring the car around.  Once he leaves, Craig walks up to Carly.  He tells her that it looks like she got lucky.  She tells him that she got the last dance.  Why isnít he upstairs?  He has Barbara and she has Jack. He wanted to check on things.  He ask her what happens to the two of them now.  They make a toast to each other that it will only be handshakes from now on.  Carly tells him that he has finally gotten what he wanted.  She hopes that he enjoys it.  Jack comes back and they leave.  

Bryant and Jennifer are at the pool house.  She is upset that Craig and Barbaraís wedding actually happened.  Bryant was just trying to protect her and she is upset that he backed down when they were in the bathroom.  Bryant tells him that it doesnít matter.  He will get his trust fund in a few weeks and she will be 18 soon.  They can be a family.  Doesnít she want that?  She tells him that her family was perfect before her mom married Craig.  She canít accept that.  She has to see their plan through to break up their marriage.  They can come up with something else.  Bryant tells her that that isnít like her.  She is upset and tells him that he has changed and that they basically shouldnít be together if they donít want the same thing.  She leaves. 

John brings Lucinda home.  He tells her that she really should be in the hospital until he gets the results of her tests.  Lucinda tells him that she has blown her chance to give Craig what he deserves.  Ruby is worried that John took Lucinda to the hospital.  John gets the preliminary tests back that she does not have Mono or Hepatitis.  Lucinda asks if that means that everything is normal then.  He tells her that itís not and he wants to get to the bottom of it.  He really wants her to check into the hospital.  Lucinda refuses.  He shouldnít expect her to work out of a hospital room.  He tells her that her health should be her first priority.  He leaves and runs into Jake and Molly outside.  They ask him how Lucinda is.  She isnít feeling good.  They show him what they found and ask him if he knows what it is.  John tells him that it looks like part of a syringe.  Jake was afraid that heíd say that. 

Ruby checks on Lucinda.  She brings her some tea with the powder in it, of course.  Lucinda tells her that she can plan on leaving tomorrow.  Her job is done.  The doorbell rings.  Ruby answers the door and finds that it is Jake and Molly.  She tells them that Lucinda doesnít want any visitors right now.  Jake is insistent that they see her.  Ruby is also insistent that she doesnít want any visitors.  Molly has one of the twins sneak past Ruby.  They get in the door.  Lucinda tells Ruby to fix tea for Molly and Jake.  Ruby leaves and listens in the doorway.  Jake tells Lucinda that they have a few clues, but itís not much.  They thought that they could put their heads together and that they might figure out something together.  

Barbara walks out of the bathroom in a negligee.  Craig is speechless.  They go to bed. 

The end


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