As The World Turns Update Monday 5/21/01



As The World Turns Update Monday 5/21/01

By Laurie

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Luke is in Damien's hotel room and finds his gun. Damien stops him. Luke asks him if he is in trouble. Damien says he shouldn't play with guns.

Holden looks for Luke. Katie talks to Simon. She tells him that he is going out of town with her lover. Henry comes in dressed to leave. Simon laughs.

Jack and Carly talk to Julia. She wants to tell them that she is going to be committed completely. She says it will help her with her treatment. Jack tells her that he will take her to the hospital. She says wait, she has something to show them first.

Jen screams out when the minister asks if anyone object to the marriage. She says it's all wrong. Barbara pleads with her to not do this on her wedding day. Craig grabs Jen by the shoulders. Hal gets angry and punches Craig. Hal wants to fight him, but everyone steps in and breaks it up. Barbara yells at Jen in front of everyone that she ruined everything. Jen runs out.

Simon mocks Katie about her choice of men-Henry. Jen runs out to the lobby and grabs a set of keys from the desk. Then she goes to the elevator.

Lily and Holden look for Luke. Lily says Luke knows the hotel like the back of his hand. Then she realizes where he went. To Damien's. Damien sits Luke down and tells him about gun safety. Damien gives Luke a soda. Damien tells him that he hopes he'll never have to use a gun.

Carly wants to know what Julia wants to show them. She shows them a paper saying that she is not legally competent. She can't make any legal or personal decisions on her own. So, the divorce is not legal. Julia is very proud of herself. She says she will be married to Jack forever. Carly can't believe it. Julia tells her she'll only be his whore. Carly storms out.

Katie says Simon caught her in a little white lie, not a big deal. She tells him that they are going camping. Katie and Henry go back upstairs. Simon doesn't know what to think.

Hal says no one touches his daughter. Margo walks Hal out. Craig says good-bye. The minister asks if he can continue. Barbara says yes.

Jen goes into Craig's suite, rips off her dress and cuts it up. Then she trashes the suite. She breaks the vases, and throws glasses. She grabs a bottle of champagne and has Bryant called up to the suite.

Damien tells Luke that he was taking the gun to Malta because there's a lot of snakes to shoot. He asks Luke if he was supposed to be at the wedding. Luke says that he followed him upstairs. Luke tells him that the maid let him in. Damien says Lily will be worried that he's gone. Luke says no. There's a knock on the door. It's Lily and Holden. They were worried about Luke. Damien tells them that Luke came up on his own. Luke tells Holden and Lily that Damien has a gun. Holden is upset and takes Luke out. Lily tells Damien that Luke can't wander around the hotel by himself.

The minister continues with the wedding. They say their vows and Hal gets arrested. There was a restraining order. Bryant gets a message to go to Craig's suite. Hal gets handcuffed and taken away Craig and Barbara are man and wife.

Jack thought Julia was faking her sickness, but now he doesn't know. He says her behavior lately is truly sick. She says she did what she had to do in order to protect herself. She wants to leave to the hospital. He says he is not taking her anywhere. He says the only place he is going is downstairs to Carly. He walks away and Julia screams out that he will regret it. Then she chases him.

Katie and Henry grab last minute snacks and Katie writes a note to Simon saying good-bye. She leaves the note on the bed, but it falls to the ground.

Bryant goes to Craig's suite and sees it a mess. He calls out to Jen. He finds a trail of her underwear to the bathroom. She's in the tub and very drunk. She tells him to take off his clothes and come in. He tells her that it is not a good idea because it is Barbara and Craig's honeymoon suite. He tries to help her out, but she pulls him in instead.

Nobody really wants to celebrate the wedding. Craig and Barbara say good-bye to everyone. Carly comes in and Barbara is not happy to see her. Asks where Julia is. Carly tells her that She is talking to Jack. Carly walks to one of the tables. Jack comes in after Carly. Julia is yelling after Jack. Julia jumps on Jack's back. Carly watches amused. People can't believe what they are seeing.

Damien calls Rose. He wants to know if she talked to Lily yet about Malta. Rose says she hasn't yet. They still have a dinner date the next night. She'll be there. He says not to tell Lily or Holden about their date.

Simon goes back into his room and the maid comes in to clean up. She picks up Katie's letter off the floor and asks him if it's important. He goes to look at it, but hears his door. Craig comes to his door and tells him that the wedding is over and thanks him. The maid puts the letter in a magazine.

Henry and Katie are in their chartered plane. Henry jokes about not knowing where they are going. Katie looks at the map of the islands.

jack takes Julia off his back and sets her down. Then he picks her up and she thinks he chose her after all. She says she knew he would pick her. Then he dumps her in the punch bowl. She is furious and Bob helps her out. Jack goes over to a laughing Carly and kisses her.

Bryant and Jen kiss. She wants him to make love to her. Barbara and Craig come into the room and see it a mess. Barbara see's Jen's cuts up dress and can't beleive Jen did all that. But, what Craig and Barbara don't know is, Bryant and Jen are in the tub together in the next room! ~The End


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