As The World Turns Update Friday 5/18/01



As the World Turns Update Friday 5/18/01

By Laurie

Molly and Jake look inside the boathouse for Matthew. It's dark and they wonder why Matthew would go there in
the first place. 

Lily is getting ready to go to Barbara's wedding. Rose is there to baby-sit. Holden comes in the room with Luke,
both dressed for the wedding. Damien is supposed to spent time with Luke, but Holden insisted that Luke go
with them. He doesn't want to Damien to see Luke. 

Damien is in his room at the Lakeview and housekeeping comes to the door. Damien pulls out a gun and tells
her to go away. 

Simon asks Katie what the trunk is for. She won't tell him. She says that she is going out of town with a man she
just met. Simon runs off to stop Lucinda from ruining the wedding. 

Jack tells Julia to sign the papers. Everyone is listening. He tells her that he can't believe she bulldozed "Carly's
Prize". She reluctantly signs the papers and he walks off. 

Lucinda is having a hard time focusing and takes a drink of champagne. She makes her way to Barbara, but
Simon stops her. 

Craig and Carly are outside kissing. She finally pushes him away. He says he wanted to kiss her since Hong
Kong. She thought he hated her and he tells her no. He tells her that she is beautiful. She reminds him that it's
his wedding day. She stomps on his bad foot and goes inside. He chuckles. 

Emily talks to Lucinda with a tape recorder. Lucinda takes the tape recorder and makes noises in it. She acts
like she is very drunk. 

Julia talks to Katie. She wants a favor. Katie says she doesn't have time right now. Julia says she doesn't feel
well and wants to lay down. Katie says she can't help her. Julia fakes like she is going to pass out and Katie
takes her to her room. 

Lucinda doesn't want to talk to Emily. She walks away and Craig grabs her to stop her from talking to Barbara. 

Holden wants Luke to go with them. Says it's a family thing. Luke wants to see Damien. He doesn't want to go to
the wedding. Lily calls Damien and tells him that Luke will be going with them to the wedding. She asks him if he
can come by tomorrow. He says ok, but he is not happy about it. 

Molly and Jack can't find anything. They look with flashlights and she finds something on the ground. Gabe sees
them through the window. He says that he will have to do something about them. She found a button and they
think it's Matthews. Gabe comes barging in using a different accent and asks them what they are doing there. 

Damien goes to Lily's. He knows she is not there and when anyway. He tells Rose that he knows that she is
baby-sitting and he wanted to see her. 

Craig wants Lucinda to go home. Lily comes up and takes Craig off to the side. Carly comes in and Craig sees
her. Jack goes up to Carly and shows her the divorce papers that Julia signed. Carly tells him that now that they
are signed she is scared. He tells her not to be. He goes to look for Julia to take her back to the hospital. 

Barbara sees Emily. She tells Craig that she can't believe she is there. She though he uninvited her. Lucinda
goes up to Barbara and says she has a present for her. She yells that she has something to show everyone.
Lucinda all of a sudden collapses and Bob and John run to her. She yells out for them not to kill her. She drops
her purse and Craig sees it. Emily takes pictures. Craig picks up the purse and takes it. He takes the pictures
out and hides them in his jacket. Lucinda tells Bryant to find her purse. 

Julia lays down on Katie's bed. She asks Katie to get her some water. While Katie is gone out of the room, she
takes a paper and puts it under the pillow. Katie comes back and Julia asks her if she can get Jack and Carly,
because she wants to talk to them. 

Gabe continues to use many different accents. He tells Molly and Jake that he saw the guy they are looking for
with another man. He says that they were talking about going to the airport. 

Rose talks to Damien. He says he is lonely and tells Rose that he could probably love her. She tells him to chill
out. He wants a favor from her. He wants her to talk to Lily about letting Luke to Malta with him. She says she will
talk to her, but can't promise anything. He asks her out to dinner. She accepts. 

Jake and Molly leave the boathouse. They don't believe Gabe and know he is a phony. They think that he is the
same man who was the delivery man at Lucinda's. 

Craig continues to hide the pictures and smiles to himself. Lucinda finds her empty purse and can't believe they
are gone. She asks him to take her home. He tells her he is taking her to the hospital. 

Katie finds Jack and Carly. She tells them that Julia wants to see them in her room. They go up to see her. 

Hal is outside smoking his cigar and sees Lucinda going home. She tells him the pictures are gone. 

Bryant and Jen talk about Lucinda losing the pictures. Barbara comes up to them and tells them the wedding is
about to start. 

Molly and Jake go talk to Rose. She tells them what the delivery man looked like. The say its the same guy. Jake
says that maybe Matthew got in the way and the real person they need to look at is Lucinda. 

Damien goes back to his room at the Lakeview. Luke sees him and can't catch u p with him before he goes to
the elevator. He watches to see what floor he goes on and takes the stairs. 

Simon tells Katie he doesn't want to her leave with some stranger. She thinks he's jealous. 

Jack and Carly go to see Julia. She fakes sick, but they don't believe her. They want to know what she wants

Damien goes to his room. Luke finds the floor and asks the maid if she can open his dads door for him. She
does. He goes in and looks around Damien is in the shower. He finds Damien's gun in his open night stand.
Just when Luke is going to grab it, Damien grabs Luke hand. 

Barbara and Craig's wedding start. The minister asks if anyone objects. Jen, Bryant, and Hal all look, but no one
says anything--Yet. 

~The End 


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