As The World Turns Update Thursday 5/17/01



As The World Turns Update Thursday 5/17/01

By Kim

Lucinda has the pictures in her hand and is trying to see which handbag they will fit in.  She is having a tough time figuring it out due to the powder that Ruby has been giving her.  Lucinda is given a salad by Ruby.  Which she managed to sprinkle with the powder that is making her sick.  Bryant and Jennifer come in and ask her if she needs a ride to the Lakeview.  Lucinda tells them that John is her escort to the wedding and that he is coming to pick her up.  They tell her that they will see her at the wedding and leave so that Jennifer can get ready.   John arrives shortly after they leave.  Lucinda has finished her salad by this time and Ruby has collected the plate.  She is seen wiping the plate with a napkin.  John tells Lucinda that she should really stay home.  Lucinda insists that she should go.  They leave.  Lucinda almost forgets her handbag with the pictures in it on her desk.  She remembers just in time and practically stumbles back to John. 

Barbara and Craig are together at the Lakeview and ready for the ceremony.  Barbara tells Craig that she thinks that Hal has accepted that they are going to be together.  She tells him that everything is perfect.  Carly comes in and tells them best wishes.  Then excuses herself.

Simon is suspicious of the trunk that Katie has.  He asks her where she is going.  He wants to know what she and Henry are up to.  What are they planning now? She tells him that she is going to her brotherís wedding.  He wants to know where she got the trunk.  She tells him that she got it at a secondhand store.  He tells her that he doesnít want it in their suite.  He wants her to get rid of it.  She tells him that she will get someone to take care of it.  After he leaves, she calls the front desk and asks for someone to come and pick it up and have it sent to the Oakdale airport.

Julia is getting ready for Jack to pick her up.  She is talking to Owen.  And asks him if she looks okay.  He smiles.  She tells him that he is perfect.  He doesnít speak.  She wishes for a mirror.  A lawyer stops by to give her that papers that she requested.  She takes them and puts them into her purse.  She comments that now Carly can never get her hands on Jack again.  Jack comes to pick her up.  He is upset with her.  He canít believe that she sold the land that he and Carly were going to build their home on to a logging company.  Julia tells him that itís just dead wood.  That it isnít anything to get upset about.  He asks her about the pictures that Carly received.  Was that included in the price?  She asks if he could blame her if it was her that sent the pictures.  Look at what Carly did to them.  She asks what he wants from her.  He tells her that he wants her to sign the divorce papers right now.  She tells him that she canít sign them, at least not yet.  He tells her that if she wants to play hardball, fine.  He can play hardball.  He starts to leave.  Julia asks him where he is going.  He tells her that he has a wedding to go to.  She tells him that she will sign, but after he escorts her to the wedding.  He tells her to forget it.  She tells him that all she wants to do is make sure that he holds up his end of the bargain.  She just wants a night with her friends, sipping champagne and sharing the latest gossip.  He relents and takes her to the wedding.

Hal is at the Lakeview and tells an old man that he will need him in just a minute.

Jennifer tells Bryant that she feels bad. Her mom made a great dress for her after everything that she has put her through.  Bryant tells her that they have to do this.  Otherwise, Barbara will be miserable the rest of her life.  She reluctantly agrees and goes to speak with her.  Bryant is stopped by Hal, who asks him if he will do him a favor.  He wants Bryant to distract the Hotel manager for a minute.  Bryant asks if he has something planned for Craig.  Hal smiles mischievously and tells him to do this so that he can do what he needs to.  Bryant agrees and walks over to the manager.  He tells him that he is interested in having a party at the Lakeview and wants to know if they can do that for him.  He tells Bryant to come back tomorrow.  Bryant mentions that his aunt is Lily Snyder.  The manager tells him that he will be right back to help him.  

Bob and Nancy greet Barbara and Craig.

Jack and Julia arrive.  Julia tells Jack itís just like a dream.  Jack sees Carly and goes over to speak with her.  He tells Julia to wait there for him.  She asks where heís going and he just leaves to talk to Carly.  Emily sees Julia.  She tells Julia that she has received letters all asking about her.  Julia canít believe that they would want to know about her.  Emily tells her that she could print a story about the happily married couple celebrating at Craig and Barbaraís wedding.  Julia tells her itíll be their little secret right?  They pinky swear.  Julia goes over to Jack and Carly.  Carly asks Julia if she cares for a nut.  Then tells her that she forgot that she brought her own.  Jack pulls Julia away from Carly.  Julia tells him that if he even looks at Carly, their deal is off.  Jack tells her that he is not going to stand there and let her lie about their non-existent relationship. 

Simon finds Craig and asks him if he knows what Katie is up to.  Craig tells him that it doesnít really matter what she does.  He asks if he will keep Lucinda away from their wedding.  He tells him to make sure that she doesnít get in.  Simon agrees to help.

With the manager distracted, Hal tells the old man to go ahead.  He brings a donkey into the room where Craig and Barbaraís wedding is being held.  Barbara and Craig are outraged and tell him to get rid of it. The man asks if she is the bride to be.  Barbara tells him yes and he hands her the reins and a note.  She opens the note and it reads:  Sorry about Flashdance.  Hope this makes up for it.  Hal.  The hotel manager comes in and sees the donkey.  He tells Craig that this is not a petting zoo.  Craig tells him to take care of it then.  The hotel manager takes it out of the room.  

Margo and Tom run into John and Lucinda in the Lobby.  Tom and Margo think that she has lost it.  She is definitely acting strange. 

Simon sees Lucinda and tells her that she is not invited.  She is not allowed on the premises.  John tells him that he was invited and Lucinda is with him.  Simon tries to keep Lucinda away, but he sees Katieís trunk being pulled through the lobby.  He goes over to it and sees that it is being delivered to the airport.  He wonders what Katie is up to now.   He sees Katie and tells her that he noticed that Katie was not dressed for the wedding, she was stocking up on safari gear.  Why the trunk and why was it going to the airport?  She tells him that it has already started and there is nothing that he can do.  She has secrets of her own. 

Carly is outside and Craig finds her.  He hands her his handkerchief.  Carly tells him that he doesnít have to say, ďI told you so.Ē  She is not in the mood.  Craig quotes lines from Gone With the Wind.   He also makes some rather bad comments about her relationship with Jack.  Carly gets upset with him and tells him that he has no right to talk about Jack like that.  He asks what will happen when Jack gets Julia to sign the divorce papers.  She tells him that they will live happily ever after.  Craig tells her that if he were Jack, he would send Julia off to Rangoon.  He thinks that the two of them could cause a lot of trouble (meaning himself and Carly).  He kisses her and she tries to fight back.

Lucinda enters the room and sees Craig and Barbara.  She is having a problem focusing on the two of them.  It is rather blurry.  She decides that now is the time, tells everyone to stand back, itís going to get ugly.

Jack makes Julia sit down and tells her that she has to sign the papers.  She questions him and asks if he is going to make her do this right now in front of their friends. 


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