As The World Turns Update Wednesday 5/16/01



As The World Turns Update Wednesday 5/16/01

By  Laurie

The commissioner talks to Jack about the situation with the tabloid story. He reads parts of it to him and then asks if he ever met Carly on company time. He orders Jack to stay away from Carly.

Carly and Molly talk about how wonderful Jack is and that everything will be fine after Barbara and Craig's wedding. Carly receives a package. She looks it over and says that woman is a monster.

Barbara makes last minute touches for the wedding and Craig comes in. She apologizes to him for getting mad about Emily. Craig assures Barbara that no one will stop the wedding.

The doorbell rings at Lucinda's. She has a very hard time getting up and walking to the door. It's Hal and he wants to check on the photos. Lucinda tells them that they are in the safe. He asks her if she is OK. She says yes and then collapses. He catches her.

Barbara is worried Hal will make a scene at the wedding. She takes Jen's dress to her. Simon comes in and asks Craig if he made sure Lucinda wont come in and ruin the wedding.

Hal helps Lucinda to a chair. She insists she has the flu. He suggests he takes the pictures himself and she says she will do it even if she has to crawl.

Barbara finds Jen downstairs. Jen looks at the dress and loves it. Barbara tells her that she made it for her. Jen is touched by the thought and can't believe her Mom did something so nice for her especially because of her behavior lately. Barbara tells her that she understands and that they dot always have to agree on things. Jen apologizes for her behavior. Barbara tells her that just being there for her is all that matters. Barbara leaves to get ready and Jen wonders to herself how she can hurt her Mom.

Hal is worried about Lucinda being able to deliver the pictures. She says she'll be fine. She wants to personally deliver the pictures herself. Hal leaves and Ruby comes in. She offers to get Lucinda a drink. She says no, but maybe Rosa can make her a fresh salad.

Jack tells the commissioner that he loves Carly. The commissioner said he couldn't care less how he feels about Carly or Julia. He tells him that he is ruining the reputation of the Station. He leaves. Jack gets a call from Carly. She says she needs to see him. He tells her he cant- his career is on the line. She tells him that she got a delivery and she is very upset. She tells him it involves tractors.

Katie and Henry go over their plans and look at a map. She thinks she knows where the island is at. She says she has the plane chartered and they will leave after the toast at the wedding. Henry reminds her that he gets half the diamond.

Jack gets ready to meet Carly. Hal comes in and says he is going to the wedding. He has a very special wedding present for the groom. Hal asks Jack how the meeting went with the commissioner. He says he can't wait for the nightmare to be over.

Rosa brings Lucinda a salad. She thanks her. Ruby comes in and asks Lucinda if she wants some salad now. She puts the drugs in the dressing.

Jack shows up at Carly's. She shows Jack what Julia did to "Carly's Prize". Julia bulldozed the whole thing. The land and oak trees are gone. Carly tells Jack that she has had it and that she is going to kill Julia.

Hal talks to Jen about the wedding. Hal says Barbara loves her and she needs her today. Hen says Barbara only want her to be happy. Hal tells her that Lucinda will deliver the pictures so she wont know that Jen had anything to with it. Hal tells her everything will be OK.

Barbara tells Craig that Jen is warming up and that makes her very happy. Hal comes in. Barbara is not happy to see him. Craig tells him that they are busy. Hal's just wants to talk to her. Barbara agrees. She tells him that she doesn't want to hear anything about Craig. He just tells her that he'll always be there for her. He leaves and she goes to get dressed.

Jack can't believe that Julia did that. Jack says they will find other land. They will get on with their lives and Julia will sign the divorce papers that night.

Katie gathers last minute things for their trip. Henry reminds her again that he gets half the diamond. Simon comes home and sees Henry there.

Jack tells Carly that they will be together. Their love is stronger. Jack takes the pictures and leaves.

Simon asks why Henry is there. They say Henry was helping her with her dress for the wedding. Simon doesn't believe it. He asks Katie what she is up to.

Jen tells Bryant that their plan is wrong. She loves her Mom too much and she is feeling guilty. She doesn't want to ruin her wedding day. Bryant tells her that they have to, they have no other choice. Lucinda will take care of it.

Lucinda takes the pictures out of the safe. She drops them and goes to pick them up. She gets ready to leave- still in her robe.

Barbara comes in dressed in her wedding dress. Craig tells her she is absolutely beautiful. Craig says nothing is going to ruin their day.

~The End


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