As The World Turns Update Tuesday 5/15/01



As The World Turns Update Tuesday 5/15/01

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By Kim

Katie is in the suite at the Lakeview trying on an outfit for her trip to find the lost diamond. The doorbell rings. It's a delivery man with a box of more safari type gear for her. They start to check off the items in the box when Simon knocks on the door. Katie doesn't want him to see what she is doing and makes the delivery man hide in the closet. She tells him that her husband is very jealous. He hesitantly agrees to hide. Simon comments that it took her long enough to answer the door. He tells her that he forgot his keys. He left them in his jacket. Katie finds them and throws them at him just as he is about to open the closet door. Simon asks her about her outfit and she tells him that it's the latest style. "Survivor" wear. There is a sneeze from the closet as Simon heads for the door. Katie tries to cover it up, but to no avail. Simon goes to the closet and pulls the delivery man out. He asks him if he would like to tell him what is going on. The delivery man tells Simon that it's Katie's fault that he was in the closet. Katie tells him that it isn't what he thinks. Simon tells him that he had better leave or he will hurt him. He leaves. Katie tells Simon that she thinks he's jealous. Simon tells her that he is not. Katie tells him that he might as well admit that he has feelings for her. He tells her that he does. He has wanted to drop kick her across Oakdale, wring her neck, etc. Katie interjects and says kiss me? She closes her eyes and waits for him to kiss her. He almost kisses her but stops himself. He tells her that he is not going to kiss her. She tells him that he should kiss her so that they will know for sure if he has feelings for her. He doesn't really want to do this. Katie tells him that if his heart races when they kiss, then he has feelings for her. They do kiss. Simon breaks the kiss. He tells Katie that there is a winner and a loser and that she is the loser. He goes out the door. After he shuts the door, he leans against it and says "wow."

Ben, Lien, Bob, Tom, Margo, Lisa, Curtis, and Isaac are at Java Underground celebrating Lien's win in court regarding Curtis' adoption by Ben. There are toasts all around to Lien about her victory. Lien is talking to Ben, who tells her that Isaac is going to watch Curtis tonite. He has a picnic planned for them tonite and asks if she will join him. She doesn't really have a chance to respond as there is yet another toast. After the toast. Margo asks her about her tests that she had done with John. John walks in the door and Lien sees him. She tells Margo that she is going to go help Lisa with the champagne. Margo sees John and asks about Lien. He tells her that she is okay, but wants to know why she has been avoiding him (Lien, that is). Margo sees Lien come back and questions her on what she was doing. She thought that she was helping Lisa. Lien tells Margo that she had everything under control so she went to the restroom instead. Margo confronts her about avoiding John. Lien is interrupted before she can answer. John comes over. Lien apologizes for avoiding him. He tells her that no apologies are neccessary. Why hasn't she returned his calls? He has to say what he has to say in front of everyone? He congratulates her. He tells her that she should take it easy and get a good night's sleep and then she needs to call him. Margo tells him that Lien will call tomorrow morning. Lien agrees. John goes off to speak with Ben. He asks Ben if he would consult on a case. He tells him that he doesn't really know what is wrong and wants him to take a look at the MRI, etc. He hands Ben a brown envelope. Lien sees this from a distance. Ben tells John he'll look at it and let him know. Lien asks him about the envelope. He tells her that John asked him to consult on a case. Lien is suspicious of this but doesn't have a chance to check it out. Everyone decides that it is late and that it is time to leave.

Damien pays a visit to Lisa at Java Underground. She is happy to see him. They reminisce about Edwardo. Lisa tells him about Rose. Damien is surprised to hear that Lily has a sister, let alone a twin. He asks Lisa if she can help him meet her. She has a plan and will have her stop by Java Underground tonite.

Rose visits Lucinda. She tells Lucinda that it was a great party and that Lily and Holden were happy. She hints about getting an office at World Wide. Lucinda doesn't quite catch it and asks her to just spit out what it is she is hinting at. She asks when she is going to get her office. Lucinda tells her that there is no office at World Wide because there is no job. Rose tells her that she makes her mad. She throws a party for Lily and Holden and she was promised a job at World Wide, etc. Rose is upset at this. Lucinda tells her that there is a meeting with her executives in two weeks. She was going to present it to them then. Rose wants to know why she didn't tell her that in the first place and why the meeting can't be sooner. Lucinda explains that they have appointments and that is when it fit into their schedules. Rose gets a call from Lisa. She wants her to come by the club and pick up her stuff from the dance classes. Rose tells her that she will be there as soon as she can. She hangs up, says goodbye to Lucinda and leaves. Ruby comes in and gives Lucinda another health drink. Lucinda comments on how she hates being sick. Ruby tells her that maybe she should just sleep where she is. Lucinda insists at first on going upstairs, but relents and decides to stay on the sofa. Ruby gets her settled in and goes out into the hallway. She calls Gabriel to tell him that Lucinda can barely walk. He can tell Craig that everything is going according to plan. Lucinda has been asleep on the sofa for a little bit and wakes up disoriented. She thinks that it is already the next day. She walks over to a painting on the bookshelves and is trying to get to the safe behind it. She realizes that it is the wrong painting and walks over to the other one. Once there she realizes that it is still the same day. She tells "Craig" that he isn't going to manipulate her family anymore.

Rose arrives at Java Underground. Damien sees her and calls her Lily. She turns around and realizes that she sees Damien in front of her. Damien asks her to have a drink with him. She accepts. He asks her if she wants a champagne cocktail. Rose is surprised that he would know that. Damien asks for her help. He wants her to talk to Lily to convince her to change her mind about letting Luke visit in Malta for the summer. She tells him that he asked her too fast. That he didn't give Lily enough time to think about it. He starts to tell her that he doesn't have any time, but cuts himself off. He tells her that he is only asking for a few weeks. Can she help him? She agrees to help him. He leaves. Lisa stops by her table with her box. Rose tells Lisa that Damien makes it sound like it's a matter of life and death. Damien overhears and says, "it is Rose, it is."

The End.


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