As The World Turns Update Monday 5/14/01



As The World Turns Update Monday 5/14/01

By Laurie

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Damien asks Luke all about his life. How he's doing in school, what his hobbies are. He tells him about Malta and the history of it. He tells Luke that maybe someday he can come with him. Maybe that summer. They should discuss it with Lily.

Gabe visits with Craig. Craig tells Gabe that Lucinda was not drugged enough. Next time it better be more.

Ruby gives Lucinda some hot tea. Lucinda has a bad headache. Ruby answers the door and it's John. He says he wants to take her to the hospital. She swears she is fine and only had too much to drink. He is worried about a stroke. Ruby listens. John smells her tea and says maybe she is allergic to it. He tells her she is going to the hospital even if he has to carry her.

Craig wants Lucinda totally incapacitated during his wedding. Gabe agrees. The doorbell rings and Gabe goes out the back. It's Emily. She wants to know why he asked her to come. He tells her he admires her and she says their "meeting" is getting stranger by the moment.

Luke is excited about the thought of going to Malta. Lily asks to speak to Damien alone. She gets very angry at Damien and doesn't understand why he is there. She says that Holden is the only father Luke knows. Damien tells her that Luciano is HIS son. Lily says Luke is not going to Malta.

Lucinda insists she is only hung over. John suggests that she take it easy and change her diet and her lifestyle. Maybe a vacation will do her good. Emily is talking to Craig about his business when Gabe comes in with an excuse to find his cell phone that he left. He didn't have a cell phone. Craig takes Gabe out to the hall and tells him that Lucinda hired some reporters to find Matthew. Gabe assures him that no one will find Matthew. Emily tires to find out who Gabe is. Craig won't tell her. He tells her that he wants peace with her. He wants a truce. But, he wants her to come to his wedding. She wants to know what the catch is. She says she'll be there. She wonders what Barbara will say. Just then, Barbara walks in. Craig tells Emily to ask her herself.

Jen goes to Bryants. She is worried that Lucinda is not well enough to take care of the pictures. Bryant says she's fine, just a hang over. Jen wants to take care of the pictures themselves. He says ok. They will tell Lucinda.

Lily tells Damien that Holden will not give up his parental rights. Damien says he only wants to know Luke and Luke to know him. She says she understands. He says he's jealous of her life. Luke comes back in and offers a cookie. Damien tells him its not a good idea to go to Malta yet, but they'll spend a lot of time together before he leaves. He leaves and then Rose comes by. Lily asks her about Lucinda's episode. Rose assures her that Lucinda is OK. Rose asks Luke how his day is. Lily tells Rose that Damien is back.

John tells Lucinda that she needs to get rid of the stress and needs to get a physical. He is concerned that something could be seriously wrong. She says no. She is going to Barbara's wedding. She asks John to go with her. He accepts.

Barbara tells Emily she saw the article of Jack, Julia and Carly. Barbara asks Craig why she is there and wants her to leave. Emily leaves and Craig tells her that he invited her to the wedding. Barbara cant' believe it. She tells him that if she goes, she will not walk down the aisle.

Lucinda goes to Bryant's and Jen asks her if she is OK to deliver the pictures. Lucinda says she is fine and nothing will stop her.

Damien is at his hotel looking at a picture of Luke. Someone knocks on the door. He takes out a gun and asks who it is. It's maid service. He tells her she can't come in and no one can come to his room unless he is present.

Lily is concerned that Damien is not the same person he was before. Rose says it's probably nothing, he's just been gone a long time.

Craig tells Barbara that he will uninvite Emily and says that after they are married, they will have everything they want.

Ruby brings Lucinda a natural veggie and fruit drink. She says Dr. John will be so proud of her. Lucinda doesn't want it, but reluctantly drinks it. She says it doesn't taste good, and Ruby laughs.

~The End


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