As The World Turns Update Tuesday 5/1/01



As The World Turns Update Tuesday 5/1/01

By Kim

 Margo is at the station when Hal walks in in a very good mood considering everything that has been going on lately. Margo notices this and questions Hal on how happy he is. He tells her that he has been spending alot of time at home lately at Barbara's request. He tells her that he thinks she is still having second thoughts about Craig. Margo brings up the fact that he thinks he still has something on Craig. Hal asks her if they can just agree to disagree about the issue. Hal tells her that he has plenty of reasons, that Craig is up to something. He tells her that he is working with someone and describes Simon to her. He tells her that one of their uniformed officers who has nothing to do with the case saw them together. Margo realizes that it is Simon and tells Hal. Hal tries to pry some information from Margo. He asks her what they would be doing together. She tells him that Craig has hired him. Hal wants to know what he does. Margo tells him that Simon is a mechanic. Hal thinks it's odd that Craig needs his own personal mechanic. Margo walks away and Hal says (to himself) that they are up to somethin and he's going to find out what it is.

Barbara, Will and Jennifer are in the kitchen. Barbara tells them that she has decided to marry Craig. Will tells Barbara that he doesn't really know Craig. Barbara tells him that they will get to know each other once they are married. She looks at Jennifer and asks her if she will still be her maid of honor. Jennifer grits her teeth and tells her that she will. Barbara tells them that Hal will be moving into the house and that she was hoping that the two of them would move into Craig's suite at the lakeview with her. Will tells her that he doesn't mind moving in with them but he would like to share time with Hal too - basically live in both places. Jennifer refuses to move in at the Lakeview and will live at the house with Hal. She storms out the door and Will runs after her. He asks if she is okay. She tells him that she is and that there will not be a wedding. Will goes back inside and calls a friend to stay the night. Barbara tells him that he doesn't have to choose sides. He tells her that he knows and that it doesn't pay to worry about things. Especially when things aren't going to happen this wedding. Barbara is surprised at this and is questioning Will when Hal walks in. Will realizes he made a mistake and tells Hal that Barbara wanted to speak with him and rushes out the door. Hal is talking to Barbara and is trying to get information on Simon and then asks about Jennifer as well. Barbara tells him that she and Craig are really going to get married and that it is going to stay that way. It won't be called off again. Barbara tells him that she knows that there isn't anyone in Oakdale that is happy for her. She tells him that Craig loves her and she doesn't want to hear it anymore, or listen to the complaints any more. Hal tells her that she will see a different side to Craig once she lives with him. And that once she joins her life with his, Hal is going to make it a tight little threesome. Barbara tells him that she wants just one thing. She wants him to let go of the hurt, pain, anger, jealosy, etc. She wants them to be friends again. He tells her that he could never hate her. Barbara asks him to try. He agrees to try if she will agree to keep telling him "I told you so" in the next 50 years. He asks about the kids and Barbara tells him that Will will live with all of them and split his time and that Jennifer will stay with Hal. Hal is upset and asks her when she is going to wake up. This whole thing is a nightmare for everyone. He leaves.

Craig is in his suite talking with Simon about the photographs. Simon asks Craig if he is asking him to break into Lucinda's again. Craig tells him it's only the guest house. Simon tells him no. He can't afford to get caught, etc. Craig tells him that if he doesn't do this, he could lose the home - they'd have to go and live in the garage again. Simon mentions Craig's "on again, off again" wedding. Craig tells him that it is the crux of a much larger situation. He tells Simon about the 60 day time limit to pay back Bryant's trust fund. That he owes Lucinda the money. He tells Simon that it is worth more money than he could possibly dream of. Craig questions Simon on Ruby. Did she invite him in? He needs to get close enough to Ruby to get inside long enough to gain her trust and then they will get what they want. Simon wants to know what he is going to get out of this. Craig tells him that he will get to leave Oakdale with all the cash that he can get his hands on. Simon tells him that it sounds good to him. Katie walks in and hears them talking about Ruby. She tells Simon that if she finds him with that woman one more time, she is going to kill her. Simon leaves and Craig stops her from following him. Katie tries to get information from Craig about what he needs Simon for. They talk about Katie's marriage to Simon. She is making more out of it than what it actually is, as usual. Craig asks her if she thinks she is a marriage expert now. It's not a true marriage, it's an arrangement. She tells Craig that his will be an arrangement too, but that Barbara won't know it. Katie tells him that she is going to try and stop Simon from doing what he wants. She can be selfish too.

Jennifer meets Bryant at the mill. She tells him that the wedding is back on again. She tells him that she wants to use the pictures again. He tells her that he still has them, and that there is no turning back this time. They decide to use them on their wedding day.

Katie finds Simon at Al's. Simon wants to know how she manages to find him wherever he is. She asks why he's trying to hide from her. She is sick of wathcing people paw him. Simon interjects and tells her that she is sick of watching people because it's not her.he tells him that he is out of control and that she is not going to be there the next time to bail him out or whatever. Simon tells her that she is a spoiled kid. Katie tells him that if she is, he is making her this way. She asks him that once he's finished with Ruby if he's going to go back to Lily. Simon realizes that she has a problem with Lily. Katie tells him that she is not concerned about Lily but wants to know if Simon still has feelings for her. She saw the look in their eyes. Simon tells her no. He tells her that even if he did, she already found out about his past and wouldn't want him now. Katie is concerned about what Craig wants him to do. He tells her that it's just a job. Katie tells him that Craig will make Simon do all the dirty work. He looks out for only himself. It's what he does. Simon tells her that he doesn't need protection. She tells him that Craig is the king of broken promises and that he doesn't know what he is dealing with. Simon tells her that he will be okay. He does not want her to follow him. Katie runs after him and tells him that he forgot to give her a goodbye kiss. Simon calls back to her and tells her that it's just an arrangement. Katie tells herself that he's a silly man and that he'll come around.

Craig makes a visit to Margo at the station to tell her that their wedding is planned for May 18th. Margo asks him if he's sure about this. The last she heard from Hal was that Barbara wasn't sure yet. Craig tells her that it's on for good this time. He wants her to let him know if Hal is planning on stopping the wedding - he wants to save Hal some embarrassment. Margo basically tells him no. Craig leaves.

Craig arrives back at his suite and makes a phone call to their wedding planner to let them know that the wedding is back on. He tells them to tear up the check that he wrote for the deposit and to just charge it all to Barbara Ryan.

Hal comes back to the station and is clearly upset. He calls Lucinda and gets her answering machine. He leaves her a message to call her about the photos. They will make the perfect wedding present for Craig and Barbara.

The End.


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