As The World Turns Update Wednesday 4/25/01



As The World Turns Update Wednesday 4/25/01

By  Laurie

Hal tells Jennifer that he know something is wrong. She says not at first then she says its "girl problems". He tells her to talk to him about it and maybe he can give her some advice.

Ruby thanks Bryant for letting her stay the night. There is someone at the door and she hides. It's Lucinda to wish him a Happy 21st Birthday. She hands him a gift and then Sierra comes over and says she wanted to spend some of her sons birthday with him. Ruby peeks out.

Carly is home and realizes there's a message on her machine. She listens to it and its Craig. He says it's midnight and he wants to know where she is. He says he needs her and he is at the Lakeview. Barbara is at her door and Carly is surprised to see her. She asks her what she wants. Barbara tells her that there's not need to be cautious. Barbara smiles at her and is extremely nice to her and sees the sketch of the wedding dress for Molly's wedding. She admires it and she finally tells Carly that she knows her and Craig are close she wants to know just how close.

Bryant tells Lucinda and Sierra that he has plans for his birthday with Abigail, Adam and Jen. He opens the gift from Sierra and its a picture of him and his dad fishing when he was a little boy. He says he loves it and its the best gift he could ask for. Then he opens Lucinda's gift and its an IOU for his trust fund he will get in 60. Lucinda says that she will pay it no matter what if his father does not.

Jen tells Hal that there's another girl in Bryant's life and that she's worried about it now especially since she is Bryant's house guest. He says she should break up with Bryant or her heart will get broken. She thinks he is kidding at first and is surprised he said that. He tells her that the longer she is with him, the harder it will be on her and the more hurt she will be. Jen realizes that he is talking about him and Barbara. Hal tells her that if she really loves Bryant then she needs to tell him how she feels and what is in her heart.

Carly is surprised that Barbara might not know Craig as well as she thought she did. Barbara shows Carly the toxicology report Hal gave her on Winston Lowe. She asks Carly if she thinks Craig is a murderer.

Sierra tells Bryant to throw away the pictures of Craig and Ruby. She says Craig really loves him and not to hurt him. Sierra and Lucinda say they are keeping him from his plans, say their "I love you's" and he leaves. They are alone together in the house and don't know Ruby is there. They talk a little bit about how Byrant will follow through with the pictures and Sierra tells her that he wont because he is a forgiving son. They both leave.

Abigail, Adam and Jen talk about prom. Jen says she forgot all about it because of everything that has been going on at home. Abigail tells Jen that her and Bryant should really go. Bryant finally shows up and Jen asks him what took him so long to get there. He tells her that he will talk to her about it later. Jen looks worried.

Carly tells Barbara that nobody liked Winston Lowe. She says she is glad he is dead and is thankful to whoever did it. Barbara asks her if she thinks this wedding is a mistake. Barbara wonders also if Craig is only after her money. Carly is surprised that she is asking all these questions after how she treated her and all the nasty things she has said about her. Carly tells her that if she is worried about Craig being a killer, then maybe she needs to rethink the wedding. But if she loves him, then she should follow her heart and if she doesn't grab him someone else will. She says Craig is a great guy and he is always fun.

Jake goes to Lucinda's and is surprised that she answers the door and not Matthew, her butler. He asks what happened to her butler, and how can she manage without him. She tells him that she is in no mood for his wise cracks. He apologizes. He tells her that he loves being home with his girls, but he wants to work too. He says he wants to work for Lucinda again, but from home. She says OK. She calls for Matthew again and gets angry that she did that out of habit. She says she cant figure out why he left in such a hurry. Jake tells her to calm down.

Simon sneaks into Bryant's house after and Ruby is there. He wants to know what her secrets are and what she is up to.

Jen asks Bryant again why he was late. He assures her that he slept on the couch and Ruby in his room. He tells her that his Mom and Lucinda came by with gifts. He tells her about the trust fund and how his Mom signed the divorce papers. Jen is upset, because now Craig can marry her Mom. He tells her not to worry. Jen tells him that she is looking forward to spending the evening with him. But Ruby will be there He tells her that he will get rid of Ruby. They don't see Gabe watching them from behind.

Carly tells Barbara that that she is ready for this wedding and that Craig is like a rollercoaster. He is unpredictable and its fun that way. He is not boring and life with him will be fun. Barbara said she is worried because everyone is telling her not to do it. Carly asks her how it feels to be on the wrong side of the gossip. Barbara can relate now. Carly tells her don't listen to people and listen to her heart instead. Carly tells her to go for it.

Lucinda is worried that she can't take care of her house by herself. She was totally dependent on Matthew, plus he is her friend. She shows Jake the note Matthew left. Jake says its strange he did that. Lucinda says something is wrong and she wants to help Matthew. Jake tells her that he will look for him.

Simon tried to kiss Ruby and wants to know why she is at Bryant's. She says she can't mix business with pleasure. She will tell him later what she is up to. He kisses her this time and she kisses him back. She asks him to leave and he does. She is totally infatuated by the kisses and takes a deep breath.

Barbara decides what to do and thanks Carly for her advice and help. She asks her for a favor. Of course Carly is surprised that Barbara Ryan is asking for a favor but says OK. Barbara tells her not to tell Craig she was there. Carly agrees. Barbara leaves and Carly tells herself that Craig owes her for playing matchmaker for him.


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