As The World Turns Update Monday 4/23/01



As The World Turns Update Monday 4/23/01

By Laurie

Lily and Holden are enjoying an inside 'picnic' with the kids and the door bell rings. It's Rose. She comes in saying she got the kids late Easter gifts. She tells them that she is so happy and Lucinda offered a deal of a lifetime.

Lien tells Molly she is OK and she is just tired. Margo asks her if she is OK too. Lien said that she is worried that Ben will be mad because she broke his gift to her.

Craig and Simon go to Gabe's mobile home and barge in. Gabe wants to know why they are there, and Simon grabs him from behind. Craig tells him that he wants to know what he wants from his son.

Jennifer goes over to Bryant's house and seduces him. He says that he is embarrassed because he wanted the house to be clean, because he wants the night to be perfect for her. She tells him that it doesn't matter and they talk about Craig. Bryant tells her that his father knows all about him trying to set him up with the pictures of Ruby. He said that Craig was not upset and told him to be careful with these people.

Simon has Gabe in a hold and Craig tells him to stay away from his son. Craig then pulls out a knife and holds it up to Gabe's face and tells him that he will protect his son anyway he can. Gabe tells Craig that he will tell him anything he wants. That it was all Bryant's idea to set him up.

Rose talks to Lily and Holden about how Lucinda has such big plans for her. But she doesn't know what they are yet, because Lucinda wants to meet with her in person. Rose leaves and Lily, Holden and the kids continue their picture perfect picnic. Rose leaves with a very sad look on her face.

Lien insists she is fine. She tells Molly that Jake is not a doctor and that doesn't know what he is talking about. Molly leaves and Margo comes up and asks her if the reason she came back to Oakdale was because she has health problems. She tells her that she is a cop and Lien is the only daughter she will ever have and she loves her. She said she will find out sooner or later what is wrong. Lien tells Margo that she came back to Oakdale because she realized that there people loved her and respected her. Something she didn't get in DC. She makes Margo promise not to tell Ben anything. Margo makes Lien promise to make an appointment with John. Lien says OK. She asks Ben to take her home, she's tired. She thanks everyone for the nice party and they get Curtis and go home. Before they leave, she has a small "spell" but doesn't say anything and nobody noticed. Margo tells John that Lien is going to make an appointment and if she doesn't do it within that week, to let her know.

Rose is back at Lucinda's. Rose tells her that she is a hard worker and is very responsible. Rose wants to work for one of Lucinda's companies. Lucinda tells her that she will help her, but she has to first pass a test.

Bryant wants to know why Craig is being so nice to him. Jen reminds him not to forget all the things he has done to them and how they don't want him to marry her Mom.

Craig threatens Gabe and wants to know what he wants with Bryant. Craig says that Gabe knows that he is marrying a rich woman, maybe that is what he wants. Gabe gives Craig the negatives of the pictures of Ruby and him. Craig then realizes that the Franks' want to scam Lucinda Walsh out of her money. Gabe denies it and says he didn't know Lucinda had money.

Lily and Holden talk about how happy Rose seemed talking about her new job. Lily hopes that Lucinda will keep Rose busy enough where they wont have to see her very often. Luke comes down and asks them why they don't like Aunt Rose. Lily explains that adults need time from eachother sometimes in order to remain friends. He accepts that answer and goes back to bed.

Rose asks Lucinda what kind of test she is has to take. Lucinda says that she wants to make sure that Rose has enough "character" for the position at her company. Lucinda wants to have a party for Lily and Holden and she wants Rose to be CO-hostess. Lucinda says that she wants to know if Rose can be loyal to her sister. Lucinda says this is a way for Rose to make amends. She says that Rose has to give the party or else she won't help her. Rose said she will not do it.

Bryant and Jennifer kiss. He says that they are the only ones who matter and that night is their night. She says that it will be perfect. He says the only birthday present he wants is her. They go over to the couch and lay down and kiss some more. The door bell rings. Ruby is on the porch.

Lien is at Ben's house and he puts Curtis to bed. She has another "spell" but he doesn't see it. He asks her if she had a good time at her party. She said she did, but now she is tired and wants to go home. Ben says that he wants to spend time with her alone. She said meeting him was the best thing that happened to her in a long time. He wonders why she was so distant at the party. She shows him the broken heart (the present he gave her) and he says it is OK and kisses her.

Bryant answers his door and Ruby comes in and says she can't do what Gabe wants anymore and she can't go back there again.

Craig and Simon talk about how Gabe is after Lucinda's money. He tells Simon that he wants Gabe out of the picture and he sends Simon to go see what Ruby is up to.

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