As The World Turns Update Friday 4/20/01



As The World Turns Update Friday 4/20/01

By Glynis

Ben is talking to Jake. He is trying to come up with something that will help him to keep Curtis. Ben will pay whatever it takes to keep Curtis. Molly appears and invites Ben for dinner. He can’t stay that night, but he invites them out with him sometime. Lee Anne has been putting everything into his adoption problem. He is taking Lee Anne out for a night that she will never forget.

Katie is together with Simon and they have had a great time together. They are in a restaurant when Margo and Tom show up with food and provisions. Katie thinks that there is a party and she wasn’t invited. Katie goes over and shows that she is really hurt by them not inviting her to their little party. Katie says that she will go and spend time with the only family member that shows her any respect…Craig. Margo reminds Katie what a liar she has been and that is why they haven’t paid much attention to her. Katie and Simon have moved into the suite next door to Craig’s suites. The party that they are having is for Lien. Katie and Margo talk about her getting friendly with Craig again. Simon is working for Craig now and that is why they are getting special attention. Others arrive at the party. Curtis and Isaac arrive at the party. Curtis brought his cards for tricks. Jake and Molly are going to the party too and stop outside to talk for a moment. Jake is concerned that something may be wrong with Lien. Molly thinks that Adam likes Abigail a lot. Molly never saw that. Abigail doesn’t he any idea that Adam is crazy for her. Molly thinks that she should do something about it. Molly sends Adam to get them some food. Adam leaves and Molly starts talking to Abigail. She tells her daughter that Jake told her that Adam likes her. Abigail is sure that Adam doesn’t have feelings for her. They are just friends. Lien and Ben are arriving. Everyone hides and turns off the lights. Lien walks in with Ben and suddenly the lights go on and everyone shouts, "surprise!" She is delighted at the surprise. There is a cake and Lien thanks her father. She has been busy and no one has had a chance to see her. She wants to meet everyone at her party. Katie comes up to Lien and introduces herself. Lien remembers Katie as a child. Katie introduces Simon to her. They are going to have a poker game soon. Lien loves her dad and they hug. Lien meets with John Dixon. She asks about Duke and she hopes that he is not mad at her for how things turned out for her. He is not mad at all. He thinks the world of her. Ben walks up and John greets him. Lien notices the tension between Ben and John. Ben will tell her the story later. Ben gives her a present for all her trouble. She opens the gift and finds a glass heart in the box. If she doubts herself, she should look in the box and get support. The first poker gave of the night is about to take place and lien is seated. Lien shuffles and the game begins. She is standing and suddenly feels faint. She leaves the table and walks away. She is clutching her glass heart and Jake follows her. She says that she is okay and then promptly falls to the floor. Later, Jake tells Margo that something is terribly wrong with Lien.

Julia is getting dressed up. Her little friend in the institution is with her and she is telling him that the wedding that she is going to is going to be the most perfect evening for her and her husband. She has on the dress that she is going to wear to the wedding.

Ben arrives home and tells Curtis that he is going away for the evening. Curtis leaves the apartment. She thinks that Curtis should really be working on his case and getting used to being asked questions. Ben is worried about the mind games that Curtis will he played on him in court. He tells her that he has paid for information. This is terrible information. HE could seriously endanger the case. The judge that they are going to have is prone to biological preservation. They are obviously not listening to each other and she thinks that they should talk about this some other time. They are going to go for a drink. It is going to be an early night. One drink and they are going to be out of there.

Lisa is visiting Julia in the hospital. Julia thinks that she is going to see her friend get married and she really wants to be there with her husband. Lisa is surprised at her behaviour. Julia hasn’t been invited yet, but she is sure that she will be invited to the wedding. Lisa thinks that she should stay with Julia and they can have a girl’s night together. Julia tells Lisa that she is fine. She is sure that she is going to get back with Jack soon.

Carly is with Jack at her house. Julia apparently will agree to the divorce in return for one last night out. She wants to go to Craig and Barbara’s wedding. Why would Julia want to do that? Jack doesn’t have the answer. She thinks that her therapy is making her think that she needs some closure. Jack doesn’t believe that. Carly is glad to hear that. Jack was thinking that Julia was playing another game with him. He should have put a stop to this marriage from the very beginning. Carly is going to be working with him now. Julia is not going to get her way. Jack didn’t’ really give her an answer. They have come through so much and they are going to get through this as well. Carly thinks that maybe he should let her have her fantasy date and get it over with. Jack is sure that Julia has something up her sleeve. The only way that they can control her is with a lawyer. Carly thinks that Cass is the perfect one to take care of this. Craig uses this guy and that means that he is good. She is going to go to the wedding too and see exactly what Julia has up her sleeve.

Bryant is visiting with his father. Craig is truing to reason with him, but Bryant will have none of it. Craig can’t be honest with anyone. Craig thinks that he is not as evil as Bryant thinks he is. Sierra has signed the divorce papers so that he can be as happy as he can. Bryant thinks that It is too late for his father to be giving him advice. Craig wants him to protect himself. He tells him to do what he wants with the pictures.


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